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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I didn't destroy any of them. Think scores in the 4-5 range. Nothing from their entire discography is offending to my ears except "Gentlemen"

    *Blows a kiss*
  2. *heavy breathing sounds*

    *breathing gets heavier*

  3. Howling. I'm sorry their sound is perfect to me in general and no matter how basic their music can get I still enjoy most songs too much to mark them low. Anything I scored in the 4-6 range usually means I find the song boring.

    Calls paramedic for @Vixen
  4. People aren't truly happy unless they can enjoy "Gentleman." Facks!
  5. You're giving me


    teas right now.
  6. @Daniel! the Don't Let Me Dance Alone artwork is FAB.

    I'm a little at a loss for words with what HASN'T gone out yet.
  7. There's been some great injustices to their b-sides - Ready to Rise, Crashing Down, Golden Rules all should still be in. Meanwhile dirge like Wordshaker is surviving?

    Praying that Forever Is Over can at least hang on longer than My Heart Takes Over.
  8. You all need to take several seats at this My Heart Takes Over shade.
  9. My Heart Takes Over for Top 3
  10. How the hell is 808 still here?!?!
  11. Please tell me Here Standing isn't still in.
  12. I'm expecting 808 to be Top 15 at least.
  13. It better not be!!
  14. That's actually one I found rather than made (and now can't find the source...) and I couldn't not use it, it's so wonderfully ridiculous.

    On that note, thank you to anyone I've yanked cover art from!
  15. Noooo at So Stupid leaving. I think that's the first of my 10s to go.

    Y**S at Not Good Enough being out. I might have been generous and given it a 3 if it didn't include that awful grammar which could have been easily rectified.
  16. YES! I inspired a mention of La La Love! Daniel! read my mind.
  17. Gentleman one of their catchiest songs.
  18. Of course there was Seanie. I don't love every bit of their songs, I just happen to like some.
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  19. Because it's incredible, that's why.
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  20. I'm torn between 'Turn Myself In' and' Flashback' to be the last b-side standing. I absolutely adore the two.

    And 'My Heart Takes Over' can wait it out until there's one or two songs left.
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