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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I'm surprised it is as well. I have dragged that dated letdown to hell and back in my commentary.
  2. It's a 11/10 at the very least.
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  3. A bit of a Headlines! talk, eh? Leave Missing You alone and think of a nice ballad instead.
  4. Pretty much everything said in the last page I disagree with
  5. This actually survived quite a bit longer than I thought it would...

    When I'm with you baby...

    I go outta my head!

    50. Just Can’t Get Enough


    Score: 6.759

    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (phily693, WhenTheSunGoesDown, Totto)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (Jersey, imaduck)

    For the official 2009 Comic Relief single, The Saturdays were chosen to record their own version of this 1981 Depeche Mode song (fun factette: Vince Clarke from the band actually remixed “Issues” prior to this track even happening). It reached number two in the charts after a brush with the Number One spot in the midweeks was lost to that pesky menace Flo Rida and his first hit “Right Round”. It is certified Silver, and has sold over 285,000 copies in the UK, placing it tenth on the list of the best selling Comic Relief singles. There are two versions of the track, the video mix, which sounds more like the original ‘80s song, and the radio mix, which is more of a banger. It was also featured as a Popjustice Song of the Day, remember that!

    Lots of you liked the girls’ bouncy and boisterous version of the song, with Totto saying it’s “better than the original” and “such a joyful song live,” and CasuallyCrazed thinks so too: “Fantastic cover despite popular opinion. This song featured some of their best live performances as a band”. munro also thinks their version is superior, calling it “much catchier than the original,” that boy is a monster “can’t help but love their take on this,” and tylerc904 likes that they didn’t go for a ballad as their charity single: “Great cover choice. Very happy they didn't go down the I'll Stand By You route”. Call My Name also makes reference to Girls Aloud, and likes the video: “A good cover, something the Sats don’t have many of in their discography – they’re a bit like Girls Aloud in that respect. The video was fun and quirky, it sold the song to me,” while 2014 agrees with it being “one of their better covers,” and adds that it’s “so much pop fun-ness, it always puts a smile on my face. And Vanessa’s ad-libs at the end, I live!”

    phily693 too thinks it’s fun, and prefers the radio mix: “I feel this needs championed as it’ll get slaughtered somewhat on here. I think it’s fun, catchy and it’s actually them. The radio version is much better but it’s still good,” but WhenTheSunGoesDown doesn’t care about which version because MOLLIE: “Should I score the video edit or the album version? Eh, doesn't really matter. At the Greatest Hits tour in Brighton Mollie aimed her microphone at my face during this song and had me shout the chorus at her so it gets an automatic 10 from me either way”. Pim-Em-Elle is a bit put off that it’s a cover, but still bops: “Well being a cover knocks it down a few, but don't mistake my love for it. It's absolutely fun and gets me on my feet (the part where it comes on shuffle when I'm walking and I can't help but add a spring in my step kind of song). Another one of their 'feel good' songs,” and Entropy gets a buzz from it too: “This song is so infectiously happy and I was massively obsessed with it when I first heard it. I probably listened to it over 200 times within the first month. My Saturdays love fully ignited when this came out. Still bitter about Flo Rida robbing the number 1 position from this”. Aren’t we all honey, aren't we all.

    runrocketboy finds something memorable: “those damn boob cut-outs during the promo for this song…iconic. Loves it,” and Mikey1701 also loves the song: “Absolutely incredible. I still stan for this. It's so happy and so fun and it just (to paraphrase La Kylie) “goes off like frogs in a sock” (no me neither). I never not got all my life to this and I love that Depeche Mode approve of this cover,” and DJHazey stans for his life: "What an amazing way to close an album! Since so much of the latter half doesn't live up, this is perfect way to reward the listener. I LOVE Rochelle's "burninglove" line to pieces! The synths areall over the fucking place, but so craveable all the same. One might try to come with "this is so repetitive" but I can't, and I'll hand that person a bottle of Listerine. I have no freakin' clue why I love the moans in the background of the final stanza, but I live for them every single time! This is an amazing bop, but I'd be careful...someone could bop so hard it'd lead to a cardiac arrest rather quickly. It just pushes the envelope, no actually tears the envelope into a million pieces because it slays so violently".

    Not everyone is as thrilled. imaduck (“Oh dear.”) and Jersey (“Hell to the no. The original sucks and this isn't any better.”) both give it a 0, and MrJames also gives it a “no,” but then remembers to be polite: “No thank you”.

    Guy finds himself enjoying it with a hint of shame: “Urgh, I think I have a love-hate relationship with this cover. It can get quite annoying when I listen to it all the way through, but this is still definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I love Frankie and Una's opening lines,” and Jacket gets a bit annoyed with it too: “Wholly necessary for their career, and I like it, but it’s so repetitive and feels as if it goes forever”. Vixen says it was “nice at the time,” and Midnight agrees: “Oh, but I can... I can't stand it nowadays. And I used to like! It got tiring and boring so fast,” while GhettoPrincess says she “never liked this,” but Deborux thinks it’s alright, and comments on Mollie’s stellar acting: “I’m not particularly keen on the original which is probably why I don’t mind this version at all. Decent pop bop. Una slays as always. Irrelevant to my score but Mollie’s attempt at “sexy face” when scrubbing the floor is a sight to behold”. Indeed.

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  6. I think #50 is a good position for that one to go, so good job everybody.
  7. I would've rated it higher if the Wideboys Remix was on the table.
  8. This rate is causing me so much pain. Gentlemen, Golden Rules, On The Radio and now Just Can't Get Enough already been eliminated. Excuse me while I weep.
  9. Mollie's hilarious attempt at "sexy face" that I mentioned is at 2:47 in the video. You're welcome
  10. Not an atheist coming for God-ollie..........................

    I suggest we eliminate 'Missing You' now to punish @Deborux for their sins.
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  11. Can people not slate If This Is Love? It's a pop gem and Vanessa's ad-libs do not deserve to go anytime soon.

    Good riddance to Just Can't Get Enough.
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  12. Take caution.

    I'm about to blow my top.

    Come closer baby...

    49. Set Me Off


    Score: 6.804

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 (Sweet Music, Vixen, Jacket, Guy, that boy is a monster)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (TheAlmightyAloud)

    Chasing Lights loses its third track (sans “Just Can’t Get Enough”, naturally) and this time it’s the jaunty, slightly manic “Set Me Off”. The song was given away as a free download by Woolworths (*sob*) before the album came out, and was later performed on The Work Tour. The best bit is obviously Una sounding her most murderous in the middle eight.

    Many of you found it too unremarkable to really enjoy it, with runrocketboy saying: “this song has always and will always be average. Nothing more,” “I’m bored,” says Philllll, and Mikey1701 explains: “This just doesn't work. It stands out as an oddity against a sea of shiny electropop, and while it's commendable they made an effort to be a bit diverse on their début, it wallows in mediocrity. I really wouldn't have bothered with this again if it wasn't for this rate”. Midnight says it’s the lowest point of Chasing Lights, but highlights my favourite part: “Probably my least favourite track on the album, though I could appreciate it a bit at times. Una's middle-8 is probably the most insane moment on the debut. It used to make me laugh,” imaduck calls it “a complete mis-step," and DJHazey can quite frankly fuck off: “The most memorable part of this song is whenever Mollie chimes in during the verses. That right there should tell you how average-at-best this song is”.

    that boy is a monster disagrees, though: “Set Me Off always felt like Up's older, sexier and hugely superior sister for me. My instant favourite from when I first listening to the album and remains a high point in their discography today,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown also says it’s the peak of Chasing Lights: “Awesome. Best song on the album. I assume tracks like these are why they got known as not-quite-Girls Aloud?”. Guy thinks it’s among the best on the record, too, even thinking it would have been a good single: “I used to listen to this song every single day on the way to school. "I don't wanna do it, I don't wanna gooooo" was so anthemic within my carpool. I would have loved to see this as a single, but the Chasing Lights era went so well for them, I can't really complain,” and Jacket thinks the same: “The single that never was. I am stanning for this”.

    Vixen saw the light with this song: “Definition of underrated bop. I had a revelation to that track about five years ago I think. It’s just just so uplifting somehow? Rochelle has never sounded so sultry, light and nonchalant than during THAT verse. I kinda miss that tone these days, it seems like it changed a bit. Una’s bridge is brilliant, as well. It's husky, but not high-pitched. I do wish Mollie’s bits were sung in a full and proper lower register (like she did live) instead of sultry whispers, but you can’t get everything, can you? It’s another gem in their discography, that's for sure. Fruna s-laying that chorus like they should”. Entropy found it to be a grower: “Really didn’t like this one at first but it grew on me a lot. It seemed a bit… bare. Now I think it is quite good and Unas middle 8 has such pep to it. Chorus is a bit too shouty for me though,” as did Deborux, a bit: “It disappointed me on first listen but it’s really grown on me over the years. Definitely a weak link in the album though”.

    Finally, phily693 slips on his red gloves for a bit of speculation: “There’s something very Rachel Stevens about this. Now normally that would be the best compliment I could give on PJ, but this is just a little flat. You could find that it was sitting in the vaults and meant for Rachel’s album #3? Or a reject from one of the first two albums?”. Everything comes back to Rachel Stevens on this forum.
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  13. OH FUCK OFF.

    I hate you all.
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  14. Ooh, that feels like its leaving earlier than it should have. The last good song on Chasing Lights (tracklist-wise). I played it a lot when it originally came out early.
  15. My first proper big loss and it hurts.

    I literally can't.

    So many duds left and this is the one to go now.

    I wanna scream (and shout).

    I'm writing all these names down from that first paragraph of pure total unjustified shade. Ya'll dead (and deaf) to me. How am I not surprised @DJHazey ?
    And, of course, Midnight would say it's the lowest point of 'Chasing Lights', of course.

    Let me seethe a bit. I'm fuming.
  16. I had planned to do one more tonight, but you know what, I don't want to see it go just yet. Tomorrow morning.

    And maybe I want @Vixen to wallow in sadness for a bit longer. No reason...
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  17. Reported.

    It better be what I think it is. Gosh, it better be.

    Do it, now.
  18. What do you think it is Vixen? I wanna see some Mystic Meg powers come through.
  19. I'm not accepting this from my fave.
  20. She doesn't think, she knows.
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