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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I'm expecting some unexplained deaths pretty soon. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Say Mean Things About Set Me Off)
  2. Oh... It still managed to grab a 5 from me, so it's hardly a true low. It's just average and I didn't develop a strong bonding with it.
  3. ...and that's a privilege.
  4. What the fuck. Set Me Off already?!

    I don't wanna but my fuses are about to blow.
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  5. How on earth is 'Just Can't Get Enough' out already? You poor souls.
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  6. It's crazy, I'm always in control
    But baby with you I'm good to go
    Take caution, I'm about to blow my top
    Come closer baby set me off, just set me of-OF-OOOF-OOOFFF (YEAH!)

    You guys are monsters.
  7. Issues to win please
  8. Not with my score, hunti.
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  9. I'm disgusted that first, fucking Anywhere With You is out and then Don't Let Me Dance Alone?

    Hopeless. All y'all.
  10. Sad about Set Me Off, but Just Can't Get Enough is not a big loss. Is Lose Control still in? Ugh. You fellas better not eliminate Fall or Last Call.
  11. You and me both, honey. You and me both.

  12. Not Good Enough is my biggest loss so far, y'all did that far too wrong.
  13. My apologies on the Mollie shade boo, but we can take solace in the fact that I am 150% behind you on this. I fucking stan for this song sooo badly.

    Not @Daniel! leaving out my commentary masterpiece for "Just Can't Get Enough" which I gave a 9.5 to. Come on now, I saw some people saying "No thanks" and yet they were included. Sigh.

    Here it is for all of the other fans of this song to take with them to bed tonight:

  14. Sorry @DJHazey, I must have missed it when I was sorting out the document, I've added it in now!
  15. The vocal production on Set Me Off makes it really difficult to listen to.
  16. I am done.

    I've had enough.

    *brushes away tear*


    48. Fall


    Score: 6.83

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 (Pim-Em-Elle, Deborux, Robsolete, MollieSwift21, Remorque, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (Blob)

    That tumbling melody in the chorus, the mounting drama, those beautifully crystal clear vocals, and that enrapturing finale. Curse anyone who denies how gorgeous and devastatingly simple this song is! It is their third best selling album track though, so I’m taking that as my consolation.

    Some uncultured swine had the nerve to call it boring, with CasuallyCrazed saying: “puts me to sleep with those Xanax vocals,” that boy is a monster adding: “Una and Vanessa sound flat on the verses of this. That and the basic GarageBand production. Just blegh. Points for the harmonies at the end,” at least you got that last bit right, as did phily693: “Well this is boring. The choir of “Falllllllllllllllll” towards the end is rather lovely”. And noted “Fall” HATER Vixen……… I can’t: “I wanted to give it a 0 because seriously it’s just so poor. It has pretty lyrics, sure, but…that’s pretty much all there is to it. There’s absolutley no production value to it. And don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the appeal of understated production, but that is not even the case. It’s just produced in the cheapest way possible. It’s like they had a deadline at midnight and the song wasn’t even remotely close to be done at 23:50, so they had to throw everything at the wall, hoping it would stick. Usually shit does stick (I think?) Overall, it’s a shame because Una and Vanessa both sound good and the emotion is more or less there, I guess…”. I suppose you weren't too brutal, but still.

    The rest of you got it right though, with many complimenting the vocals. munro likes Vanessa in particular: “This shows off the how good the girls vocals are, Vanessa shines the whole way through,” as does Guy: “This is probably their best ballad. Vanessa and Una's vocals are unreal on this track, the emotion put into this translates so well. I think I prefer the more stripped demo version without all the clapping sounds, though,” and imaduck thinks it’s Una “at her best” and tylerc904 also says it’s one of the rare occasions that he loves Una’s voice on a song. Entropy still gets the feels, although just not as many as before: “This broke my heart the first time I heard it and I think I still love it. Has faded in quality a little bit other the years but it still has a punch to it. Una’s opening is so fragile and lovely. One of my original favourites, but not my favourite Saturdays ballad anymore,” but Midnight has rightfully fallen in love with the song: “The only proper piano moment on the album. This track had a tough way to my heart. Having suffered a serious neglect and even hate, meandering and meandering, it finally found its home. It is this track when we can encounter Una's most emotive moment ever. Oh, Una... It doesn't get better than "You'll be sorry that I'm not around". The choir-like background, subtle guitar sounds and a cappella singing at the end of the track are another highlights.”

    Deborux also thinks Una did a fantastic job, and does some top notch stanning for this heavenly song: “truly the moment Una became my favourite. I adore Vanessa but she very slightly, slightly oversings this one and takes away the vulnerability of it. Una’s just perfect for this. The bridge into the chorus are incredible. The harmonies on ‘faaallllll’ just before the final chorus are heavenly. One of my favourite ever Saturdays songs and a frontrunner for my 11,” and DJHazey has nothing but praise for it as well: “This song is just beautiful with every finger-snapping, let me clap along, scripture of letting go that Una delivers like an angel. I've always had problems with that last minute or so where the song just loses me and I forget why I loved it in the first place”. Totto is another who highlights Una: “One of their best ballads. I really liked Una’s voice more on this track than Nessa’s. But it seemed Nessa does a better job live though. I love Frankie’s Hmmm ad-lib,” but WhenTheSunGoesDown makes the mistake of scrolling down past a Youtube video: “I have nothing interesting to say about this. I enjoyed the rude Youtube comment "to much una" from someone with a Rochelle icon”. Never do that.

    Pim-Em-Elle gets so emotional baby: “the fourth song I heard from them and it was a ballad at the time where I was going through an emotional phase and it just kind of fit in with my depressive mood that I loved it in an instant. I still love it until now it just sounds so good,” Jacket is right and wrong all at once: “The lyrics are a bit clunky in places but this is so stunning. How anyone can come for The Saturdays ballads is beyond me. Points off for the half-assed ending though,” and Mikey1701 finishes us off: “I do enjoy a piano ballad and this is a perfectly lovely one. The mention of dollars in the first verse annoys me slightly since they are a British/Irish group, but that's a minor gripe on a lush, stripped back track that works much better at adding diversity than Set Me Off. Plus, I am always here for swelling string sections”. Your idea about “Set Me Off” and this is now proven, and you can rest easy.
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  17. NOOOOOOOO! I can't believe it! I'm cursing y'all.

    Edit: Just realised I gave it a 8.5. Why? Now I'm cursing myself too.
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  18. [​IMG]

    How could you?
  19. I honestly feel like I just sat through Fall's funeral. Can't believe it's out already!
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