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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I don't get the Fall love it sounds like a unfinished demo the lyrics are good but the production is awful. Just Can't Get Enough is fun though I prefer the Depeche Mode version and Set Me Off is amazing it shouldn't have left now.
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  2. Yes, Sophia, yes.
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  3. Fall is horrendous. Gutted that I never got to vote
  4. Very good elimination! Can we get an update of the songs that are still in, please?
  5. If This is Love
    Keep Her
    Chasing Lights

    Forever is Over
    Here Standing
    One Shot
    Open Up
    Lose Control

    Missing You
    Died in Your Eyes

    All Fired Up
    My Heart Takes Over
    Get Ready, Get Set
    The Way You Watch Me
    For Myself
    Do What You Want With Me
    Wish I Didn't Know
    White Lies
    Last Call
    Move On U

    What About Us
    Disco Love
    Leave a Light On
    Not Giving Up
    Lease My Love
    30 Days

    What Are You Waiting For?
    Walking Through the Desert

    I Can't Wait
    Not That Kinda Girl
    Turn Myself In
  6. As much as I love 'On Your Radar', it could use a bit of a cull, you know to trim a bit of fat.

    Just a bit.
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  7. I'm not even sorry for giving Fall a 1, that was me being very kind really.

    And y'all shouldn't have got rid if Not Good Enough so early!
  8. Still feeling pretty miserable about Just Can't Get Enough being out 30 spots too early.
  9. The right 5 B-Sides remain.

    I'm proud of us for that alone.

    Do What You Want With Me, For Myself, White Lies and The Way You Watch Me can totally take a fucking walk though......through the desert.
  10. Beginning with White Lies for them calories.
  11. I only see pitch black lies here.
  12. Erm, the total stain that is 'For Myself' in their discography is the one that needs to go first.
  13. Not with my score, hunti.
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  15. Hopefully my big fat 0 (and Mollie forbid, I would have given it even less if possible) will counter that lack of taste.
  16. Move On U, Karma, Puppet, Died In Your Eyes, For Myself = bye please.
  17. MOVE ON U ?!?!!?! Are you out of your mind. Almost nabbed my 11.
  18. Fall getting knocked out is a travesty. There's a certain single that I would really like to see the back of soon.
  19. Two of my Top 10, so hell no.
  20. There are no words.
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