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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Ha, brilliant.

    I hope you emptied out your plate until the food was all gone.
  2. As long as "Not That Kinda Girl" gets the highest placing b-side for being horribly cut from "On Your Radar."
    Even though they fought the label for it to be on. God bless.
  3. I'm actually ashamed for everybody, how can I Can't Wait not make the top 40 when shit like Wilfire, 808, Walking Through the Desert, Puppet & Karma are still in.
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  4. Hmm... Did the one for Ladykiller also get a side-eye?

    Wildfire might be the next B-side to leave, but there's more offensive audio remaining.
  5. Missing You doesn't even deserve a Top 70 placing, let alone a Top 40.

    Shame on those that have given it a high score.

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  6. Just leave now. GO.
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  7. What's this story?
  8. I wouldn't mind that one either, if I'm honest.
  9. Jam


    I Can't Wait is for me easily a 'should-of-been-on-the-album', such a shame to see it go. There are a few tracks I'd have like to have seen it beat.
  10. @Fascination, the black sheep within the fanbase.

    (Love him to bits, though.)
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  11. Issues needs to go, but I don't think it will. Maybe If This Is Love will be the next single to leave.
  12. I Can't Wait is weak and Frankie sounds terrible.

    That's basically it.
  13. I can't deal with people continually calling out Lose Control, Puppet, Karma, and Forever Is Over. That's literally 40% of my Top 10!

    Also whoever keeps thinking "What About Us" is going anywhere soon, better not play lottery or get into any kind of gambling...that's money flushed down the toilet.
  14. I doubt What About Us is leaving soon but it's not a very good song anyway so it probably should get the fuck out of here.
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  15. Reported.

    This is it. I don't love you anymore.
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  16. What About Us will clearly be TOP 5 at the very least.
  17. I'm not crazy about What About Us.

    I Can't Wait is gorgeous.
  18. Another 10 of mine falls before the Top 40. You came so near...

  19. I Can't Wait definitely deserved better than a #41 placing... It's one of their best B-sides.

    It's so incredibly lush, but sweet at the same time. Rochelle/Una/Vanessa are very good in the verses (though the latter's ad-libs tend to ruin the song's general 'feel' at the end), Mollie's middle 8 isn't my favourite, though she sounds good, I guess, but Frankie really shines on this one. Her bridge, the chorus, some of those lush harmonies... It's all her and I'm very glad she got to do this one.
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