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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. That artwork is amazing.

    The song is great, but that place feels justified to me.

    I still can't believe 'Lose Control' is still in.


    Oh my god, I can't breathe.
  2. Do What You Want With Me is out but shit like Issues is in?

    Y'all have terrible taste.
  3. I hate you all.

    Do What You Want With Me is magnificent! It's 'doing something different' done right *side eyes Gentleman*
  4. This is an absolute disaster.

    'Do What You Want With Me' dropping out before 'Forever Is Over'. No Popjustice No.
  5. I will lose my shit if 'Last Call', 'Faster', 'White Lies' or anything decent is eliminated before the satin of lead singles

  6. This elimination has been the most devastating yet, it was almost my 11.

    Never. Forget.
  7. I forgot that was even still in. Another that should've gone well before Open Up and Wish I Didn't Know.
  8. I will lose... control.
  9. Do What You Want With Me is messy, glad it's out.
  10. Do What You Want With Me is not appreciated enough, when will ever get a slut jam like this again no ? If I had someone like Marvin, Ben and Gary, I would also sing "do what you want with me" !
  11. I am stunned. I thought it'd be a shoe-in for the top 20. The number of shit singles still here though ugh.
  12. I should have given this song a 10. I can't believe anyone could give it a 0?!
  13. Only one more tonight, but something tells me many of you will be satisfied…

    I wanna lose control!

    Let it go!

    Lose control!

    Let it go!

    Lose control!

    36. Lose Control


    Score: 7.313

    Highest Score: 10 x 9 (tylerc904, DJHazey, ankh, phily693, SophiaSophia, leewallace19, VivaForever, Seanie, Jersey)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Vixen)

    Originally a Wordshaker track, this was performed live on the Headlines tour after being featured on the expanded version of Headlines. The song is a bright and brash uptempo with an infectious “oooooooo-oooo-oo-ooh” hook, and is about loving yourself and having a good time no matter what anyone else thinks. It was also on the St. Trinian’s II soundtrack, and is their second best selling album track!

    Some of you really don’t like this. “Not today Satan. Not today,” says Vixen, and Deborux also doesn’t want it today, or any other day probably: “I loathe this song. The verses give me second-hand embarrassment, especially the lyrics. Una doesn’t deserve to be dragged down by this”. Jacket calls it “So.Fucking.Annoying,” GhettoPrincess agrees: “Annoying and vocally it doesn't suit them at all,” and Totto is unintelligible: “I Lose Shit, diarrhea and stuff”. Entropy is more measured: “Never really got the hype about this one. It took me a very long time to come around to it, I think I had originally deleted it from my iTunes for the first few months after release. It’s not too bad now, I probably wouldn’t skip it if it came on shuffle. I quite like the “I should be the face of every fashion magazine” line,” but Midnight goes in for the kill: “It's not even a guilty pleasure. It's just shit. Irritating and loud; like kids screaming into your ear. It makes me uncomfortable. The instrumental on its own sounds good, but Vanessa's vocals literally murder it. The lyrics are mostly embarrassing, so that's another loss. The best moment happens probably during the production drop, when "IIIIII have always gone my OWN WAY" sets in. Get that paper crown, honey, and reign at the bottom…”

    Others were much more positive, however, with Guy admitting: “This song is actually a guilty pleasure of mine. I was obsessed with their performance on the Headlines! Tour DVD back when I first discovering them. Such a silly, addicting little track,” and tylerc904 says: “What a huge track. Undeniable chorus”. Blob calls it “a low key bop, nice enough album track,” and Mikey1701 is also bopping along: “Another certified bop, in the vein of Open Up. A rather brilliant companion piece, production wise. Rediscovering Wordshaker has been the highlight of participating in this rate. Slain once more,” and that boy is a monster can’t resist it: “Okay I was quick to write this off as "kidz bop" nonsense. But that chorus is a shot of pure sugar, straight to the heart”.

    Shockbox says: “Radio would eat this up,” and Call My Name notes that TV at least has: “The Snog Marry Avoid theme tune is a song!?” phily693 thinks it’s all about Una: “This is Una’s song through and through. The whole opening verse just sounds like she wrote it, I don’t even know why. The whole “who’s that boy?” bridge is properly amazing too,” WhenTheSunGoesDown thinks it just falls short of perfection: “The verses and pre-chorus are perfect pop to me, the final chorus is a little shouty,” and runrocketboy thinks one of the lyrics is much ruder than it really is: “this song is nice, but should’ve been left off of the Headlines! re-issue in favor of Denial. And I always sing “who’s that whore” instead of “boy”. Sorry not sorry.”

    A few also highlighted one lyric in particular… “"I should be the face of every fashion magazine". A perfect ten, obvi. The chorus is too much of a rush to not deserve full points,” says Jersey, while imaduck just shouts it at me, Philllll has this to say about the whole affair: “A little cheesy, but does the trick. I should be the face of every fashion magazine,” and Pim-Em-Elle reveals their inner narcissist in saying it’s “relatable”: “I would have given this a 10 when it first came out but my love for it has dwindled some. But very relatable lyrics indeed. But I will always love the 'I should be the face of every magazine!' part. I do love it totally at times when the mood is right, like I could give it a 10. Sometimes it becomes too happy when I'm feeling moody”.

    Lastly, I’ll leave you with DJHazey absolutely LIVING for it: “I first really got into this group around the Headlines! era and so when I went back to dig up this buried treasure...I could not believe it wasn't a single. Vanessa absolutely soars during the chorus and everywhere else she utters any words...what a queen! The beat is fucking ridiculous and turns this into a "would you like a song with that sugar?" level of bubblegum pop that I love and crave eternally for. Stop denying this song from being a major player in your Saturday life just because it's "too basic and 13 year old diary material" and learn to hang onto to your youth if you have to. Own your love for this song and don't let anyone stop you from "losing control" on occasion. "I should be the face of every fashion magazine" is the line that first comes to mind by the way, which is perfect because I'd love see Una on every fashion magazine I look at for the rest of my life. GODDESS CHANTEUSE!” My, oh my.
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  14. I do not understand Sats fans that don't like this one. It's an undeniable pop bop! The only downside for it is the 'fashion magazine' line, which makes me want to claw my eyes out in cringe.
  15. There's a place in heaven for any fan of Lose Control.
  16. Flawless Bianca reference. So I've set our wedding date for two weeks tomorrow @Vixen is that okay?
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  17. Considering I was worried for Lose Control's life about 25 places or so ago...this will do just fine. It made a bunch of you squirm for a long time and I enjoyed every second of it. Kind of lost control with my comments too. Una is a goddess to me though.
  18. The faster we get married, the better!

    I couldn't more glad this is finally out. I can't believe it managed to go as far as #36. It's so offensively shit.

    Nor can I believe I was the only one giving it a 0. Oh well, at least now all of my four 0s are gone. This should be good from here on out.
  19. Also :

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  20. The Lose Control chorus and middle eight are amazing. I'm still pressed that Vanessa couldn't do the ad libs live.

    Also, I'm pretty sure the royalties from being regularly played on Snog, Married, Avoid kept the girls' heating on during the winter of 2011 so don't be so quick to drag, guys.
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