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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. @Vixen
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  2. But would you help maintain her Mollie King shrine though?
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  3. Oops, yeah let me make sure I'm heard properly.

    I suppose in that situation I'd have to start saying that she sounds amazing in all Saturdays songs and stray away from saying "I just love her for her looks" because yeah that's not exactly how you win brownie points.
  4. The shade is seeping out of that text post.
  5. But I've been shading Mollie's vocals the entire rate, this is no secret. If I was in a relationship with a woman, I'd rather not sit there and keep saying "Mollie looks so hot" all of the time.

    Moral of the story, sometimes you have to utilize white lies and pray they don't turn into shades of grey.
  6. A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl to find. Clearly.

    The real question here is...Do you look like Jensen Ackles?
  7. I am a gentleman, honestly. It's all about looks isn't it? ~

    I don't even know who this Jensen is, but I'm sure I have no chance against him.
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  8. Yes for "White Lies!"

    The bop that needs to make it's way to the top.
  9. Shut up and read my lips...

    'Cause boy, you make me sick!

    35. Keep Her


    Score: 7.357

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 (Shockbox, Jam, Totto, Blob, imaduck)
    Lowest Score: 3.5 x 1 (munro)

    This song was apparently at one point planned to be the second single from Chasing Lights before the album was released. It was performed on The Work Tour, during the girls’ support slot on the Tangled Up tour, at Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2009, and also at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2010. The thought of this ever being a single sends a chill down my spine, it’s a fine album track, but nowhere near good enough to be anything more than that.

    Some disagree with me there though, with CasuallyCrazed calling it “the single that never was from the Chasing Lights era,” Shockbox saying it “Should have been a single. I love the darker electro production,” and Jam was desperate for it: “alongside Up, this was the other song I couldn’t wait to own back in the early days”. Vixen though says it’s “overrated, but alright,” which I would agree with, and adds: “The vocal layering and the production is very pitiful. Shame. 'Shut up and read my lips because you made me sick' is a nice lyric, though”. It doesn’t make Mikey1701 feel much either: “This just doesn't excite me. It's just kind of there and it's pure filler. The instrumental irritates the hell out of me and the melody is absolutely nothing to write home about,” but tylerc904 has grown to like it: “Used to write this off as filler, but with time I've come to enjoy it”.

    Jacket says: “Let me a bop a biT,” and finds that it’s actually underrated, and MrJames says: “I absolutely adore it. I find it so cool and sassy”. Blob is catching the sass as well: “I cannot say enough about this song. I like to walk around the house in heels lip-syncing to pictures of my former crushes,” and Midnight cites it as a fave: “One of my early favourites from the debut. The chorus and its friendly melody can mask these lyrics quite well and it makes me feel so cheerful! I love the slightly distorted vocals on the verses. Gotta adore Frankie's cute, little ad-lib. And that middle-8? So good,” as does Jersey… kind of: “I wish I loved this one more but I liked it enough to rate it over most of the album!”

    Many thought the chorus was a winner, such as 2014: “The best album track on CL. You can hear actual emotion (anger) in their voices, especially in the chorus, which I think makes it work well,” and Pim-Em-Elle: “chorus is an absolute dream to listen to. It was kind of a grower for me. I was kind of not liking it much when I first heard it now I adore it”. “Suitably big chorus on this one,” says that boy is a monster, and Deborux says: “the verses are a bit weak but the chorus more than makes up for it. This is the sort of song Wordshaker tried to do throughout. Vanessa is particularly awesome in this one”. DJHazey thinks it’s the only good part of the song: “The only strong part of this song is the chorus, which is as classic and powerful as it gets. I wish the production was miles better though, because that grindy thing we have is a complete mismatch in my eyes. Good thing they drown that misfortune from my ears when "Boy, you've got me wrong" rushes in to provide another dose of euphoria,” but phily693 thinks it’s actually the song’s weak point: “I love the intro and verses, but the chorus is a little bit limp”.

    Entropy is another one that likes the chorus though, and would have seen it as a single: “I don’t know how well this song is perceived on this forum but I absolutely love it. The opening bit just gets me every time and Rochelle sounds fierce in this. Again, another shouty chorus but I like it as ever. I think I would have liked this as a single,” and Totto loves it too, but can do one for the last bit of his comment: “I love this song so much, especially the Frochelle verse and ad-libs. The Sats should’ve done more songs like this, where every girl can shine on the same song bar Mollie of course”.

    Lastly, Guy takes us on a journey of discovery: “I absolutely loathed this one when I first discovered the girls. I literally thought it was their worst song. Ohhhhhh, how times have changed. No matter how many times in a row I play it, I just can't seem to get bored of it. The vocal layering throughout truly is what dreams are made of. I took off half a point for the fade out, though. After introducing this song to my cousin, she started singing "shut up and suck my d*ck, 'cause boy you make me sick". And to this day, I still cannot unhear that. It really does fit the song much more smoothly”. How uncouth.
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  10. 35?!?!? 35?!?!?!

    You people make me sick.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why did I bracket anger? Cringe.

    But yeah this shouldn't be out yet, booooo!
  12. This Top 20 is going to be a BLOOD BATH.

    Keep em' coming.
  13. You said you only needed time to breathe...

    A little time alone...

    So who the hell is SHE?!

    34. Karma


    Score: 7.384

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 (Pim-Em-Elle, DJHazey, Fascination, runrocketboy, Jacques, Seanie)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Sweet Music)

    The second Headlines track to get cut. This raucous banger was written by Sats dream team Ina Wroldsen and Steve Mac, and was performed on the Headlines tour. The girls were shown rehearsing the rather violent choreography in one of their Behind the Headlines video diaries.

    “What a racket- I love it!” says JamesJupiter, confusingly, and Red Coat calls it “a bit of good fun”. Vixen says: “Nice, but whatever. The chorus grates me at times. Nice middle-8/bridge, however,” and GhettoPrincess also finds the chorus a bit much: “Absolutely love Vanessa's intro/outro for this but the rest is cheesy and dated but still somewhat enjoyable. The Frankie & Una chorus is grating,” and Totto simply can’t: “I never listen to this song, I can’t remember how it goes. I remember though that’s worth a 2, maybe even a 1”.

    The coffee lyric caused some controversy among voters, some hated it, like Call My Name: “I love the Sats when they’re fired up. 0.5 of a point was taking off for the hot coffee line,” and tylerc904: “The hot coffee lyric couldn't prevent this from being a bop and a half,” some loved it: “THE COFFEE LINE. Done. 10. Yes, Una, yes. And throwing broken heart pieces at someone’s karma is just a strange image…” says runrocketboy, “This gets most it's points for "I hope you choke on some really hot coffee”,” says that boy is a monster, and some just found it peculiar, namely Jacket: “So juvenile but I can’t help bur low-key bop to this. “Man I hope you choke on some really hot coffee” is serving Bridget Mendler bizarre lyrics realness”.

    Others picked up on the lyrics as a whole, Pim-Em-Elle says: “a perfectly brilliant pop song. Despite it's angst-y lyrics it's quite fun to listen to,” Guy is not keen: “Some of the lyrics from this one are absolutely abysmal. The Fruna chorus and the group middle 8 more than make up for all its low points, thankfully,” Philllll thinks they are key: “The lyrics make the song, they are a mix between clever and hilarious. The squeakiness of this song is bizarre,” Mikey1701 is bemused: “The lyrics are a bit "wtf?!" in places, but I really enjoy this regardless. A sassy bop that works,” and DJHazey is amused: “This song is full of lyrics that will stick with for the rest of my life, because they are just so damn crazy! A little "mis-heard lyrics" situation: I used to think it said "I hope that girl's got a real bitch in the family" but then always wondered why it would say "all the different qualities" after it. The seemingly lazy "what goes up" middle-8 gives me life and the horrible "hot coffee" lyric makes me smile effortlessly. I also anticipate each and every "SO WHO THE HELL IS SHE!" and often forget other people can hear me as I scream along with my headphones on”.

    phily693 just needs to lick a donut to complete his comment: “Sonically it’s very them, but lyrical it’s crap and not them and very American. It wouldn’t be out of place on Living For The Weekend. Frankie sounds good here, especially in the chorus, unless that’s Ina again,” and Deborux is also annoyed by how OM-US-G the song is: “such a pedantic comment but the heavy American accents really put me off this one. It’s especially noticeable in Una’s “men ah hope that goorl’s gatta great personalidee”. A bonus track if ever there was one. Mollie’s “ohhh” sounds like a malfunctioning fax machine”. You wrong for that. Mr. Humes isn’t taken by the lyrics either, but enjoys Frankie’s vocal contribution: “Frankie is amazing in this. The lyrics are kind of childish (much like Lose Control and Open Up, it sounds a little bit Disney), but my love for the chorus blinded me about it,” although imaduck isn’t as convinced: “Would be better if Frankie wasn't on it”.

    WhenTheSunGoesDown enjoys it all: “This loud dumb beat makes me happy. So do the sassy lyrics and basically everything else about it,” and Entropy likes the sass to, but could do without the song, unfortunately: “A sassy, fun and punchy song. I quite like it. Sometimes I find the production a bit lacking. It could probably be erased from the album though and I wouldn’t mind”. Finally, Midnight takes a pop at one of our dearly departed: “It used to be one of my favourites. A cup of a bittersweet juice. The middle-8 is one of the most ethereal moments in The Sats' discography. The production is rather dynamic, cheerful and loud, yet still it makes for a pleasant listen. Take notes Lose Control…”. Too soon!
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  14. I didn't even realised 'Keep Her' was still in.

    It's just such a...meh albumtrack. The production and the vocals layering makes The Jam seems like top producers.
    Definitely did not deserve to be as high as #35.


    Okay, I'm not gonna lie. To me, 'Karma' was always the less good one between it and 'Puppet', so I'm glad it's out before the latter - especially as I thought this was an unpopular opinion!
  15. Very happy that "Karma" got this far, extremely amused that everyone suffers with "Puppet" even longer! My Headlines! combo for the ages is causing so much chaos and I love it!
  16. I like 'Puppet', but I can't see it go much further either. It would be somehow fitting if it was to go next as I always associate it so much with 'Karma'. I do wish it could at least make the top 30, though. But otherwise, top 35 is still great.

    I'm still surprised most of their singles are still in. I mean, most of them deserve to, but I genuinely thought some of them got lots of hatred and would miss the top 30 altogether to "albumtracks that should have been singles!11!1!!".
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  17. Glad to see Karma out, even though it's an earworm of a song I've always resented it for featuring so much Ina. Like really Ina? There are already 5 girls scrambling for a line here and there and you have to sing the entire chorus?

    Cannot believe Puppet is going this deep though. I thought it would be first out from Headlines for sure. It must be the Mollie stans keeping it in.
  18. Keep going in Flashback, Ladykiller and Turn Myself In!

    B-Side justice!
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  19. All of the remaining Wordshaker tracks should have been eliminated before Keep Her. And I like Karma, but I might have been too generous with it.

    Same. Just like Keep Her / Lies, One Shot / Wordshaker and Denial / Not Good Enough pairings. There's a strong chemistry between the respective tracks. I cannot explain it.
  20. One Shot deserves to stick around.
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