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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Karma's chorus is its big downfall, I can't believe Keep Her was kept in for so long.
  2. I always mistake Lose Control and Karma for one another, I cant tell the difference.
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  3. These last few eliminations have not been good for me Lose Control did well to get this far.

    My scores from the last batch:

    34. Karma - 7.384 - 8.5 (I'm not fond of the hot coffee lyric and I'm not fond of the vocal delivery at parts other than that it's a fun track)
    35. Keep Her - 7.357 - 8 (My second favorite album track from Chasing Lights I'm surprised it lasted so long)
    36. Lose Control - 7.313 - 10 (Still don't get the hate, questionable lyrics aside that chorus is so catchy and feelgood and the song is a bop)
    37. Do What You Want With Me - 7.295 - 10 (Wish this had made the top 20 love everything about this)
    38. Died in Your Eyes - 7.25 - 8.5
    39. Wish I Didn't Know - 7.214 - 9
    40. Open Up - 7.205 - 8
    41. I Can't Wait - 7.196 - 8.5
    42. Here Standing - 7.188 - 9 (The middle 8 is heavenly)
    43. Lies - 7.17 - 6
    44. Lease My Love - 7.125 - 9
    45. Leave a Light On - 6.902 - 8
    46. For Myself - 6.884 - 8 (A bit too generous with my score but I like the chorus)
    47. The Way You Watch Me - 6.866 - 7
    48. Fall - 6.83 - 6.5
    49. Set Me Off - 6.804 - 7.5
    50. Just Can't Get Enough - 6.759 - 8
  4. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I kind of hate you all for this.

    You’ve done this one so wrong…

    Or should I say…

    So… wong?

    33. Issues


    Score: 7.429

    Highest Score: 10 x 6 (Daniel!, Pim-Em-Elle, runrocketboy, Call My Name, Lost In Japan., MollieSwift21)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (Shockbox, Jersey)

    Our third single to leave, and it’s “Issues”, my poor baby! This was the third single to be released from the debut, and the girls were actually forced to re-record a line of the chorus after radio stations threatened not to play the song due to a certain murderous misheard lyric. Thankfully it was then played, got to number four in the singles chart, and spent four weeks in the Top Ten, going on to sell over 260,000 copies, making it their second single to gain a Silver certification. It also prompted Chasing Lights to reach a new peak of number nine on the album chart, bettering its release week position of number eleven. It has been performed on every one of their headlining tours, and was also performed on the TV series Myths in which the girls made a cameo as 'The Syrens’, accompanied by some horrifying acting from Una. This song is so gorgeous, how dare it not even make the top thirty! So warm and beautifully melodic, and in my opinion one of the best ever girlband ballads, but let’s see what you thought…

    “Kill it with fire,” says Shockbox, sending a stab of pain to my waning heart, and Jersey can’t even dignify his 0 with a reason: “I fucking detest this. I don't know why but I do and I'm not bothered. Hmph”. Evil people! Blob calms me, calling it “One of their best ballads,” and tylerc904 also helps: “A lovely track, with really good vocals”. Vixen is liking the vocals too, and Rochelle’s odd enunciation: “One word: chinese (jokes!). Love the harmonies on the chorus ; they are gorgeous. Vanessa obviously sounds out of this world throughout the whole song,” as is GhettoPrincess: “Nice but dull, Vanessa sounds beautiful and I love Una's parts too but Rochelle's chinese impersonation just makes me giggle,” but shockingly, Totto slags off Rochelle: “Lame. And Rochelle’s voice on the studio version really bugs,” well, well, well. munro highlights Vanessa’s performance: “Vanessa leads this song to such a high score, she really shines in this song!” and WhenTheSunGoesDown thinks it’s their best ballad too: “My favorite ballad of theirs, despite ending in a lazy fade out”.

    Call My Name gives it a lovely 10: “I’m not sure of the general consensus about this song, but I love it. I preferred the more violent version with the stabbing controversy though,” as does runrocketboy: “Issues is amazing, and Vanessa and Una’s voices have never been more gorgeous than here,” and 2014 is all kinds of right: “The way Vanessa sings on this is gorgeous, and I still think this is their best ballad. The chorus is so bittersweet as well and easy to sing-a-long to,” and Midnight likes a sing-song too: “Lots of 'sing-along' potential. A light-hearted, not-so-serious ballad. It's even verging on a comical side at times. A pleasant single and the song they always 'nail' when performing live. Good for a few listens every now and then”.

    Plenty of you weighed in on the slapping and stabbing, with that boy is a monster finding it all quite funny: “The slap/stab """controversy""" when this was released was hilarious. Issues is a pleasant enough slowie and the middle 8 pushes it to above-average territory,” and Jam offers an interesting take on things: “In the whole ‘slap you’ ‘stab you’ issue I’ve always heard ‘slab’”. How would that work, I wonder. Jacket loves the song, and also the lyric change: “Gorgeous. Vocally, they all kill it. Still living for how they changed the lyrics because “slap,” sounded like “stab”,” and Mikey1701 seems to think it is “stab”: “I just love this. It's sweet but with a bite- namely the original “stab you” line. This proved for me that they could do ballads and do them very well. It was also the perfect counterpoint to Up, going from a poppers o'clock anthem to a heartbreak ballad. Plus this is where I fell for Kween Mollie,” (y***s) and imaduck just says fuck it and decides to write all new lyrics themselves: “When I worked in Waitrose café I re-wrote this song about our resident bin, I could never change the bin bag without making a terrible mess, I felt this song had the emotional clout to bring that struggle to life”.

    DJHazey gets the lyrics right, but gets his opinion so, so wrong: “Vanessa's verses are acoustic-pop, soothing, and sweet enough... but something about the chorus is just way off. Everything about the song seems to flow quite nicely and then it all comes to a screeching halt right here. "Can't decide if I should slap you or kiss you" is a perfect way to describe my relationship with this song,” and Entropy needs to sort themselves out too: “This has aged horribly in my opinion. At the time I completely loved it, I thought the lyrics were brilliant but I remember being so used to the acoustic version that the final version took a while to get used to. Now to me the production just seems a bit cheap and blah. Really not that great anymore, but not too bad”.

    Pim-Em-Elle would probably stick this on the Pim-Em-Elle: The Movie soundtrack: “the second song I heard from them. It was the perfect song of my life when I heard it. I was like 'OMG, this song basically sums up my life'. It's an emotional ballad what more could I want. Definitely one of their best ballads if not one of their best. I adore it to the high heavens. And I've just got to say I loved that they kept the colour theme (umbrellas) going on somewhat on the video,” but Guy relates to the song’s lyrics in a different way: “Not sure where to begin with this one, but I'll give it a stab. Me and Issues, we got issues. Can't decide if I should give it a 5 or a 10. As cheesy and dated as it is, it's The Sats' signature ballad. The vocal mixing on the chorus and Vanessa's verses really are heavenly. I wish there were more group choruses with all the girls' vocals on tracks post Chasing Lights, because their voices mesh together so, so beautifully. They've always really nailed this song live, too”.

    Deborux is kind of wrong, but I can’t really complain: “definitely the weakest of the slow songs on this album but it’s still a solid bop,” and Philllll has only seen some of the light too: “This song sort of clicked during this process, it’s pretty. Not the best ballad of theirs though,” while phily693 is correct in opinion, but wrong in action: “Probably one of their best ballads. It’s really lovely, but I can’t really listen to it anymore”. Why deny yourself pleasure?

    Lastly, I’ll have MrJames teach you all the TRUTH: “Absolutely bulletproof third single ballad. I can totally see why this did so well at the time and why the girls still love it now. It's very special”.

    Me and this rate, we got issues. *cries*

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  5. NO

    Truly one of their best singles, a great ballad. Now I'm worrying that My Heart Takes Over is not long for this world!
  6. I thought Issues was a dead cert to be top ten I'm baffled it's out now.
  7. Y'all are the fucking worst.
  8. That's kind of ridiculous, what is going on?!
  9. I knew it would be one of the next singles to go, personally?

    I don't mind its elimination. #33 is good and they have in fact more than 30 songs better than this one, so....
  10. Haha. Hmph.
  12. It's absolutely ghastly that Puppet is still in this with some of the songs we've lost. I didn't know anyone even liked it.
  13. What I love about 'Issues' chorus is that you can really hear the five of them singing all at once and appreciate their distinctives tones and all. This is so rare for them, studio-wise at the very least. Even when they have group choruses, it's usually between two or three girls at most (+ good old Ina, of course).
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  14. Issues deserved better.
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  15. My Heart Takes Over wishes it was Issues. This rate has completely ceased making sense.
  16. I'm listening to the top ten to steady myself after that. Don't worry, it's brilliant.

  17. Issues, Wish I Didn't Know and Lose Control out? You all have disgusting taste
  18. Yeah, agreed.
  19. There couldn't be another single out tomorrow... could there?
  20. 'Issues' is actually rather charming, I find.
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