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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. YAAAS. I wish more of their music was produced like Issues.
  2. Really surprised that Issues is already gone (and even more that it did before My Heart Takes Over).
  3. Issues should have been Top 15, Top 20 at least.

    Keep Her and Karma did well enough.
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  4. I'm late to the party (and didn't vote..) but I am shocked and appalled at 'Why Me Why Now' languishing at #68!!?!
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  5. And I thought not liking "Issues" was an unpopluar opinion. Good to know I'm not alone in disliking it and I'm very happy "Missing You" and "My Heart Takes Over" outlasted it.
  6. My poor, wasted 11.
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  8. "Issues" is quite average. It isn't exciting anymore. It's dull, and it did it's job. It isn't horrible, but it's fitting to see it exit earlier than the others.
  9. You and @Philllll are always so perched!

    32. Walking Through the Desert


    Score: 7.509

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 (Sweet Music, Pim-Em-Elle, runrocketboy, flapjack-, Guy)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (VivaForever)

    The first of the three new Finest Selection songs to leave, this was performed live on the Greatest Hits tour. Some of you thought this should have been the single instead of “What Are You Waiting For?”, like Deborux: “I prefer this to What Are You Waiting For and think it would have made a better greatest hits lead single,” Shockbox: “I would have gone with this as the single, it's different enough from everything else they've done to get radio support,” and CasuallyCrazed: “should have lead the Greatest Hits, one of their most original”. GhettoPrincess, however, thinks the opposite: “This one has grown on me but it's the weakest of the 3 new tracks on the Greatest Hits. I like the harmonies. Vanessa stands out vocally and I like Una's adlibs,” as does Jacket: “The title is apt because there are absolutely no hooks in sight here; it feels like traipsing through a desert to finish this track. Has no place on a Greatest Hits. Bye”.

    Philllll also must be glad it wasn’t released: “How could you possibly want this as a single? Boring does not even cut it,” but tylerc904 would have liked to see it happen: “Would have been my choice to follow WAYWF if it hadn't flopped massively, though I know 808 was probably lined up instead,” Mikey1701 really wanted it to happen: “I'm so pissed at this not being released a single. This is amazing. The melody, the production, and that anthemic chorus. Slay,” and Mr. Humes also likes that chorus: "One of the most pleaseant melodies on their discography. The chorus, even with almost no lyrics at all, is contagious. Frankie is amazing in this".

    MrJames liked that it was a bit of a change: “I love that this was a little bit different for them,” and Totto wants more like it: “I really would like more of these kind of songs. They’re really something less than dancy and just good pop”. 2014 likes the influences: “I love the 90s sound to this. Amazing,” and DJHazey also thinks it’s amazing: “First time hearing this song and it's amazing!”. runrocketboy is another big fan: “how are these throwaway greatest hits tracks better than album tracks on their previous studio album? Seriously, this song is amazing,” but WhenTheSunGoesDown overlooks it: “This song is sandwiched between so much amazingness that I always think of it as a mess. It's actually pretty good! Shame on me”. Midnight also enjoys the it was a bit of a departure: “The most interesting and atmospheric song among the new tracks from GH. A few highlights, particularly Vanessa's delivery in her verse, the chorus and the middle-8. The melody has been already famous and the lyrics could be better at places, but they can't take away much from the magic in the track. Not the style I would have wanted the girls to follow, but it's a nice song nevertheless”.

    Vixen expected something more, but still gives it a very good score: “That instagram clip with the demo singer’s voice sounded better. The final product isn’t bad at all, but I guess I kinda expected a different delivery from the girls on a song like this. Instead, they pretty much just sang the song like they would sing their upbeat and glossy pop tracks, when truly ‘WTTD’ deserved a bit more than that. Shame, but nonetheless it’s still a solid 9. I love Rochelle's verse and especially "Loved you underneath the stars and we almost got caught" which is both clever and brilliant. Frankie and Una sound great singing in their lower register during the bridge as well,” and Pim-Em-Elle comments on the vocals too: “The piano intro is absolutely lush. Mollie and Frankie's(I think) harmonies during 'nii-iiii-night' part are lovely. Middle eight high note is pretty damn good, although I'm not sure who is singing it. Una's ad-lib towards the end are awesome.”

    Lastly, Guy perhaps likes it a bit too much: “I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW THIS ISN'T WORSHIPPED BY EVERYONE WHO HEARS IT. I truly believe this song could have been their breakthrough international $ma$h hit. I feel like it would appeal to so many different audiences. I seriously considered giving this my 11. It is their best album track. No wait, it is the best album track from any album ever”.
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  10. Aw, I love 'Walking Through The Desert'! It would have been nice to see it snatch the #30 spot so it could be top 30, but #32 seems fitting as well.

    God knows it took me forever to understand that they were saying "i feel weaker than ever, a lost soul walking through the desert at night".
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  11. I wanted this to be Top 30 at least. How about we have Forever Is Over going next? Yes? (No, I won't end this campaign).
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Walking Through The Desert should've outlasted What Are You Waiting For, and in an ideal world it would have been the song they actually released from Finest Selection.
  13. Yes we are @Daniel! (this rate is just too good thanks to you)

    AND FINALLY, now if only 808 can follow suit...
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  14. I'm hoping that's the single that's departing tonight.
  15. Hmm...


    31. Puppet


    Score: 7.554

    Highest Score: 10 x 5 (munro, Pim-Em-Elle, DJHazey, Vixen, Jacques)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Sweet Music)

    The final Headlines album track leaves now, this was performed on the tour and saw the girls doing a puppet-inspired dance routine. Pinocchio, ha impact. It bears distinct similarities to a song of the same name by Mollie’s old girlband, Fallen Angelz, which features the lyric “I’m your puppet on a string, make me dance and make me sing” in the chorus, sung with a strikingly similar melody to the Saturdays track! Could writers Brittany Burton, Griffin Bolce, and Claudia Mills have taken some inspiration from The King’s pre-Saturdays endeavours when coming up with this song? I think so.

    runrocketboy thinks so too: “The version by Fallen Angelz(?) was good with Mollie's amazingness, but it becomes even better with the Sats. **** ME QUEENS,” and Mollie gets quite a bit more praise. phily693 quickens my heart rate: “The Mollie-heavy “lalalalalalalala” of the post-chorus is enough for me to be interested in a potential Mollie solo single,” even the thought makes me dizzy with pleasure! MrJames also likes her hypnotic hook: “Go on Mollie. I absolutely love her 'la la la' motif,” and Entropy basically finds it to be all that’s worth hearing: “Meh. This song is just meh. I like Mollie’s part. Apart from that I don’t have much else to say really,” as does Guy: “The La La La's and Frankie's verse is all I really take away from this song. The rest of it is pretty basic and throwaway,” and Vixen stans for her life: “One word : Mollie. What a force to be reckoned with (well, in this.) Also, Frankie and her verse in which she sounds phenomenal (Yasss, gurl!) Another standout in their discography, even if I’ll admit the lyrics could do with a bit of a more mature rewriting as it's quite 'Disney-light' as it is now. I won’t blame them, though, I know exactly what they were trying to do with Headlines, so it’s all good. And I would find it hard to hold it against them when the song in itself is just so good, you know? It's just beyond catchy, isn't it? Those "lalala"s get me everytime, damn it! I live for every single Mollie's moment in this and I'm glad she gets a chance at singing during the chorus as well”.

    Midnight is another to highlight Mollie’s iconic la la la-ing, and likes the more sinister feel of the song: “Naughty... The darkest corner of Headlines! welcomes us with a moody production. The 'la la la' hook just showcases how laid back the person singing is; how confident, how reserved. Pulling strings with no sentiments? Yeah, they pulled it off rather good,” and Mikey1701 likes that too: “The darker atmosphere of the production makes a nice contrast to the rest of the mini album,” and Jersey says it’s “crazy and twisted, just like me. How could I not appreciate this one?”.

    Totto also finds the track a bit familiar: “This is that song that you think you’ve heard before. Good song, needs more Rochelle,” but Deborux hasn’t the foggiest: “I always forget how this one goes until I hear it,” which would perhaps be a problem if munro’s dream came true: “This should've been a single, it’s so catchy Ii demand they release this”. A bit late now, darling. imaduck says: “This song is all over the place,” and Red Coat calls it “a bit shit,” and Call My Name thinks it’s aged a bit: “I used to love this, but it doesn’t sound as good in 2015. I used to imagine them performing it in a similar sort of style as Little Mix performed ET on X Factor,” while Philllll thinks the actual performance is the best thing about it: “The performance of this was pretty good, the song itself is not so good”. Pim-Em-Elle, however, is more positive, and won’t hear anything against it: “another perfectly good pop song. If you're going to (say otherwise) talk back, pack your bags!” and WhenTheSunGoesDown likes the girls’ swagger: “Such a confident song. Love me and do everything I say or get the fuck out. "Buy me fancy things"! How great is that lyric?” as does Jacket: “The chorus and middle 8 are amazing but the verses fall just a little bit flat. The Attitudedays are incredible”.

    But back to Mollie, I’ll leave you with DJHazey, yes, even he, being entranced and bewitched by her otherworldly perfection: “I was 100% signed, stamped, and sold within the first two minutes of play #1 here. The song captures the invisible power that beautiful women have over men so perfectly. Case and point: The girls literally have me as their puppet when they put out songs like this and I will stan for them as hard as they'd like me to. Mollie wins me over in this song, because I wish I could listen to he go "la la la la la la la" all freakin' just puts me under her spell. I can't describe the feeling here properly, because after I've had every sweet-craving fulfilled by that chorus I find it hard not to feel tingly all over when Mollie finishes me off like that”.
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  16. I can't believe Forever Is Over is gonna make top 30. Foul.
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  17. I just kinda hope it isn't Forever Is Over or If This Is Love which are both so underrated... Although, I'm surprised and happy they have managed to get this far (literally thought I was basically the only one to like these two), so there's that, I guess.

    (If 'Missing You' is the one to go and it would make my night.

    Let me pray a bit.)
  18. Aw, I love 'Puppet'! But missing the top 30 seems fitting, again.
  19. Guy


    I never post here, but I'm just catching up on the results so far and I think this rate is proving to be too traumatic for me. How could the likes of 30 Days, Forever Is Over, Missing You and 808 out last some of what's been eliminated so far??¿¿¿? My heart can't take this. I'm just a boy.

    I might be able to forgive you all if Not Giving Up, Higher, Ego, All Fired Up and What About Us make up the top 5. Please don't let me down anymore than you already have.
  20. I couldn't figure the lyric for the LIFE of myself and I had to ask Adam~ on tour and he said he'd ask Rochelle (even though I suggested Mollie would know and he acted like she didn't sing the line!!!) Still a nice man."Walking Through the Desert" is top 10 for me. Such a fantastic song that doesn't slip into tacky, but has more creative direction and experimental sounds for them. "Puppet" should've gone out before it.

    "I feel weaker than ever a lost soul walking through the desert at night"

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