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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. The TOP THIRTY (minus one)!

    If This is Love
    Chasing Lights

    Forever is Over
    One Shot

    Missing You

    All Fired Up
    My Heart Takes Over
    Get Ready, Get Set
    White Lies
    Last Call
    Move On U

    What About Us
    Disco Love
    Not Giving Up
    30 Days

    What Are You Waiting For?

    Not That Kinda Girl
    Turn Myself In
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  2. And that's how you do it, @DJHazey . Take notes!
  3. What the fuck?! Issues' elimination has broken my heart. Fuck you all!

    Jokes..... sort of.
  4. Trust me I am.
  5. Oh it's all so fitting.
  6. 30 Days outlasting Issues AND Gentleman is a crime against humanity. SOMEONE WILL PAY.
  7. I just checked my commentary, I do not shade her at all anymore (and I only did in 3 songs from my count) and I've spoken positively about her the other times, including at least three more times in this countdown. I'm even impressed with some of my work yet to be revealed...even if it's a bit out there. You'll see.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Ummmm....those are 3 of their best singles, so I hope they're all top 10 to spite you haters.
  9. '30 Days' is such a loss. Probably in my Sats top 5.
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  10. I hope there's something as good (filthy) as "[ I ] feel tingly all over when Mollie finishes me off like that".
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  11. These songs need to leave soon, and it's genuinely hurting me that they outstayed Issues.
  12. Nothing will beat "Lowered blinds and a few rays of the setting sun; so sensual, so physical".
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  13. Did not expect the likes of 'Move On U' and 'Turn Myself In' to get this far.
  14. The scene I describe in "One Shot" and more so "Get Ready, Get Set" is pretty hot.
  15. 30 Days didn't even cross my mind, wow.

    On Your Radar material needs some culling. Two singles and a fan-favourite.
  16. 30 Days going at #30 is brilliant.
  17. Obviously, but Midnight is another completely different story...

    I'm glad for 'Turn Myself In', but I do think 'Move On U' has to go now surely? I mean, it's amazing, but it made the top 30, it can leave now. Same goes for 'Wordshaker'. Hell, even 'Denial' (which I score high, that's not even the question) seems a bit odd.

    Consider me perched.
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  18. Wordshaker and Move On U still being in is so baffling. So sub-par.
  19. My next 10 ideal eliminations would be:

    Forever is Over
    Missing You
    My Heart Takes Over
    Move On U
    Not That Kinda Girl
    Turn Myself In
  20. Move on U for top 10.

    808, Wildfire, One Shot & Up need to exit immediately.
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