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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Flashback needs to outlast Wildfire.
  2. Unfortunately this lot of heathens axed that song a long time ago.

    'Not That Kinda Girl" is amazing! That "Noonemanwoman" is so killer!
  3. A cracking B-Side but for me LadyKiller is their top trumps B-side. They were on fire during the On Your Radt era though.
  4. 'Wildfire' is as overrated as it gets, but that's already miles above 'Flashback', so I'll take that I guess...

    (Although, secretly I'm hoping 'Turn Myself In' beats them all, but that feels so unrealistic. I mean, the fact that it's already just in the top 30....Mindblowing.)
  5. Do I have a controversial elimination to come clean with now, possibly?

    Does anyone else hear sirens?

    27. Turn Myself In


    Score: 7.777

    Highest Score: 10 x 13 (Midnight, GhettoPrincess, Pim-Em-Elle, runrocketboy, phily693, Vixen, Call My Name, Jacket, Lost In Japan., Jam, Remorque, TheAlmightyAloud, Markus1981)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 (imaduck)

    Performed live as a brand new song on the Headlines tour in early 2011, this became something of a fan favourite, causing disappointment when it didn't make an appearance on On Your Radar’s tracklist. The elusive song was finally released more than a year after the Headlines tour as the b-side to “30 Days”, and was featured as a Popjustice Big Song!

    First off, let’s tackle one very pressing issue… “Imagine performing a really good song live at a concert and then sucking all of the life out of it for release as a b-side. This would be the outcome. The skeleton for a great song is there but the unneeded ‘electronic’ influence ruins it immensely when compared to the version they performed on the Headlines! Tour, which is unfortunately the only way I can hear it – as a lessor to the live version,” rants Fascination, and Shockbox agrees: “Sounded so much better live on tour”. Guy was also let down somewhat, but is ultimately a fan of the song: “The eventual studio version we got is quite a step down from the live version we saw on the Headlines! Tour, but I still regard this as one of their best b-sides. The lyrics and melody are so amazing,” and Jam maps out the “Turn Myself In” saga… and actually prefers the studio version: “my second choice for my 11. I remember the wait from hearing it live to finally getting a studio version. Notorious b-side? Nope…All Fired Up?...My Heart Takes Over…well it will be on the album just like One Shot and Worsha…oh…nope… of course to some the final version was never going to live up to the youtube video of the live recording that we had for ages, but for me it did”. Hallelujah!

    GhettoPrincess agrees: “Their best b-side by far, so beautiful. The background vocals are glorious. I know many people prefer the live version but I've really fallen in love with the studio version,” and tylerc904 also doesn’t moan on about the live version, thank God: “One of their very best b-sides. I think it is actually better in studio form but I know the live version got a lot of people's expectations too high”. Entropy is blissfully ignorant: “I didn’t ever listen to the live version of this so luckily I didn’t have the disappointment that most members seemed to experience when they heard the final version. The lyrics to this are quite cool and I love Mollies part, the “just like a criminal” bit. She sounds so emotional in it. Lovely stuff,” while Vixen luckily has come around to the released version: “I used to be so disappointed with that song when the chorus didn’t have those gorgeous harmonies the girls did when they performed it during the Headlines! Tour, but suddenly it hit me. There’s just a vibe throughout the song that really needs that sort of cold production. I think it’s their best b-side and could have made a decent 3rd single for an album. Frankie sounds great, but I have a soft spot for Rochelle's verse”.

    Can I just say that I have never, ever seen the fuss about the supposed huge disparity between live and studio with this song. They are virtually the same to me, apart from the live version having more drums, like, you know, every other one of their songs when it’s performed live, and that wobbly, grinding baseline underpinning everything in the studio version, which is a welcome inclusion. Oh, and that helicopter in the middle eight is such an inspired touch, Rihanna could never.

    Anyway, back to you lot. Deborux says it’s a “decent bop with a great, understated chorus,” and runrocketboy wanted it to be a single: “The middle 8 in this song is absolutely heavenly, and literally every one of the girls sounds incredible. This so deserved to be a single, and absolutely **** the charts,” though Jacket doesn’t quite agree on that, but loves the song regardless: “Y’all better not do this wrong. This was runner-up for my 11. Would’ve never worked as a single, but something in the lyrics gets me. Let me weep a tad”.

    Pim-Em-Elle is another fan of the middle eight: “LOVE this from the first note until the end. LUSH, SMOOTH and everything in between. I especially love the 'criminal' part and the 'hooo, hooo, hooo, hoo-ooo-ooo'. And the middle eight is all kinds of feels,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown likes the human siren action as well: “Love them imitating really gentle sirens. Reminds me of Hilary Duff's heart going *whistle sounds*,” while DJHazey credits it for making him stick with the song: “The "sirens calling" part made me want to give this song more time to grow. The piano production is very easy latch onto as well”.

    Philllll is caught in the song’s web: “I once listened to this song for 5 hours straight on the way to New York City,” but Blob is very much not: “I DO NOT get the love for this AT ALL”. Mikey1701 is simply unbothered: “It's okay. Not really got much of an opinion on this. It's inoffensive fluff,” but Midnight has quite the opinion: “Wow, this one is just something else. I specifically remember it not clicking with me at all on the beginning. But boy, did it click... Ha, it's such a magnificent body of work that even the producer couldn't help but throw in his own vocals, too. I can't blame Chris, really. Such a captivating song, beautifully layered throughout. The upbeat sensual feeling, the enchanting 'oooh's, lots of lovely ad-libs and harmonies, a great concept and nice lyrics. What could possibly go wrong?” Nothing, that’s what. Now let’s never speak of the live version ever again.
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  6. I was JUST about to post that I hoped Turn Myself In would be their highest rated b-side! One of their best songs but I knew it would underperform because people think it doesn't live up to the live version.
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  8. Can I just say the past two artworks are possibly the best shots they've done.

    Also I cannot with Turn Myself In beating Not That Kinda Girl.

    Literally, what have you all been smoking/snorting and pass it to me.
  9. I'm in denial. Seriously, I didn't see that coming... Feels like it left too fast. I don't believe it. I don't want to believe it...

    My last ten and my precious eleven are still in, luckily.
  10. Flashback and Ladykiller need to annihilate some of these singles...
  11. Seriously who has this kind of generally loved quality at around the #30 mark of their rate? When will your favs?
  12. I'm one of those Turn Myself In puritans. It sounded amazing on the tour and I was thrilled when we finally got a studio version. And then you listen to it. The gorgeous melody is still there but the electronic touches are far too heavy-handed. I like it but everything about the live version showed more promise.
  13. Yes, every song was rated. The leaderboard is here if you want to catch up!
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  14. Jam


    Two of my favourite b-sides. Turn Myself in is one of my favourite Sats songs overall, was hoping it would hold out for a little longer. Never had an issue with live vs. studio.
  15. What?! No.

    I DENY.

    (Watch 'Denial' fucking go now.)
  16. Flashback is so shit.
  17. The only good thing in 'Flashback' is that middle-8 because Frankie sounds so lush there (Well, so does Una until that "wooooh-yeaah").
  18. "Flashback" is amazing and you're both disqualified.
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  19. [​IMG]

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