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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Yay! Disqualify all the heathens! (I want to be the only one left so 808 can claim its rightful place as winner)
  2. Ouch, Turn Myself In going really hurts.

    Not My Kinda Girl is good but I'm okay with it leaving.
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  4. Nearly all the songs left are between 8s and 10s, with the exception of one... *side eyes Missing You*.

    I do think Not That Kinda Girl (my score: 9) shouldn't have left before Wildfire or a number of other songs left *cough If this is Love*

    Turn Myself In (my score: 8) was not such a big loss, I agree, I do prefer the live version. I forget which single they trolled us by saying that it's a pre-order b-side or something and we ended up just getting a live recording of it instead.

    Ladykiller to win the battle of the b-sides please!
  5. I don't think that happened?
  6. when this is all done I'm going to have to check out those highly rated Sats tracks I don't know
  7. Ah excellent thanks.

    30 days at #30???? Really?? spooky... and also wrong!
  8. Oh my mistake. I was thinking about the time they were teasing us about giving the track out but instead released a live video of it from the Headlines! tour as an "exclusive".
  9. Yes drag it !!
  10. So what's left?

    All Fired Up better not win. Incredibly overrated.
  11. If This is Love
    Chasing Lights

    One Shot

    Missing You

    All Fired Up
    My Heart Takes Over
    Get Ready, Get Set
    White Lies
    Last Call
    Move On U

    What About Us
    Disco Love
    Not Giving Up

    What Are You Waiting For?

  12. Flashback, Denial and Faster should leave.
  13. Turn Myself In should have left at the start of the rate so glad it's finally out.
  14. Wildfire and the two B-Sides need to go. Wildfire is cheap rubbish and one of their most overrated recordings. There's a reason it was a B-Side to Gentleman.

    As for Flashback and Ladykiller, both are decent enough to listen to for a few times but again, they're B-Sides for a reason. Let's kick them out so we can focus on the 'proper' songs.

    Denial is shit as well. So is Move On U and Last Call.

    My ideal winner would be Not Giving Up but it's probably going to be All Fired Up isn't it?
  15. Songs left that are below an 8 and can leave at this point:

    Chasing Lights (6)
    Wordshaker (5.5)
    Denial (7.5)
    All Fired Up (7.5) [I know...never going to happen]
    Faster (6)
    Last Call (5)
    Flashback (7)
    Ladykiller (7.5)
  16. You forgot Missing You (-1).
  17. Oh I'm sorry Missing You (8), but if it would make you really happy...then it can go too.
  18. Lack of common sense.
  19. This is wrong on SO many levels.

    Wildfire needs to die.
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