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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Ready to say goodbye to these songs:

    Chasing Lights


    My Heart Takes Over
    White Lies
    Move On U


  2. I'm okay with people dragging me for my opinions on All Fired Up, but the other ones you have an issue with...please.

    All Fired Up is my 'this is an incredibly overrated track'...everyone has one.
  3. Turn Myself In not being the highest B-side is a joke.
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  4. Last Call, Faster & Chasing Lights are an 8 minimum...I respect your opinion though. I find it hilarious how people are so divided with their songs!

    and what is with the Move on U hate from everybody, that track is near perfection.
  5. Denial, Flashback and My Heart Takes Over need to go. Wordshaker shouldn't survive much longer, too. Then Missing You and Move On U.
  6. It will always be Golden Rules in my heart.
  7. Jam


    Yes, to try and get people to buy bloody Gentlemen...
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  8. But they already had the milk, why would they go buy the cow???????
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  9. How the FUCK is Move On U still in.
  10. I fear for my 11 with every new page. I was surprised to see it make the top 30, can we take it to the top 20?

    (Probably not.)
  11. I'm more surprised about 'Missing You' and 'Wordshaker' remaining, to be honest.
    'Denial' as well. I feel like everytime it was brought up as "their best ballad!11!!" everyone felt the need to say it wasn't or that it just wasn't good enough, but it has pretty much managed to perform better than most if not all (do we consider 'Missing You' a ballad or ? ...)

    Wait, I've completely forgot 'Last Call' and 'Chasing Lights' were still in. Seems like there's a couple of ballads left afterall.
  12. I gave Last Call a 10. It's by miles their best ballad.
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  13. It will be interesting at the end of the rate to have some stats and numbers, such as the song with the most 0s, the most 10s, 11s, etc.

    (Are you taking notes, @Daniel! ?)
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  14. Just link us to the spreadsheet afterwards, please @Daniel!
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  15. Correct.
  16. 808 is a jam, but I feel it will be out soon. Top 25 would satisfy me.
  17. I can see '808' beating a few singles so we'll see.
  18. I'm pretty sure it says somewhere in the bible that those who do not believe in the power of 808 will go straight to hell after they die. Right next to the mixed fabrics thing. You are all darksided heathens!
  19. Wildfire is so, so overrated. I think it just gets special praise because it was a b-side to their worst single, from their worst album.
  20. Uncultured heathens coming for My Heart Takes Over again. Let the winter ballad in. Let the frost in. Realise the incredible and repent.
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