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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Everytime you say 'heathens', I keep on reading "kittens", and I'm always like "Oh my, aren't you the little adorable one, thanks!".

    What a nice word. 'Heathens'. I might just start using it.
  2. Ina's shrieking during the chorus certainly leaves me frosty.
  3. How dare you besmirch the honour of the Fifth Saturday.
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  4. I wonder whom of the actual five girls you're shading right now.
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  5. You mean there are people in the band not named Mollie Elizabeth? The former Fallen Angelz lead vocalist is the only star.
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  6. I'm cursing it like I did with Forever Is Over. Guilty.
  7. I'm surprised you haven't yet. It sounds like it would suit you perfectly as you sit people down left and right.
  8. Take your witchcraft elsewhere. Burn heretic.
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  9. What's it gonna be, are you willingly walking away from this?
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  11. You know we have tried too hard to let this thing.
  12. You guys better burn me at the stake, 'cause I won't stop cursing it until it's over (over OVEEEER).
  13. No need to burn you. Clearly you started a blaze yourself and there's no putting down, you'll go like wildfire, wildfire.

    (Okay, that was bad.)
  14. Goodbye Wildfire, Denial, 808 and Missing You.

  15. DYING!

    I stopped reading there and now I am dying. Such an amazing post.

    "Faster" >>>
    That shining quirky synth is the best beat they've had in their discography. The instrumental alone is brilliant.
  16. The only thing Faster needs to do is leave this rate fasterfasterfasterfaster.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Faster is amazing guys. Come on now.
  18. It feels like we could've had it all...

    26. Last Call


    Score: 7.839

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (Sweet Music), 10 x 12 (munro, GhettoPrincess, Pim-Em-Elle, Mr. Humes, Vixen, Call My Name, Jacket, SophiaSophia, MollieSwift21, Guy, leewallace19, Blob)
    Lowest Score: 4 x 4 (Shockbox, 2014, ankh, VivaForever)

    On Your Radar takes a loss here, but it still has the most songs left. The girls (or, just Una) wrote this with singer-songwriter Lucie Silvas, and Frankie has said this is her favourite on the album, saying it’s a “proper, good, heartfelt ballad”. This was performed live on the All Fired Up! tour.

    Mr. Humes thinks it’s the girls’ best ballad: “Definitely their best ballad to date. All of them are amazing in this, but I got to highlight Una's verses and adlibs - It never fails to give me chills,” and GhettoPrincess thinks it’s “beautiful,” adding: “The vocal arrangement is perfect too. Vanessa & Mollie stand out,” and Philllll liked Mollie’s emoting too: “Mollie absolutely shines on this. The simplicity of this song is refreshing”. Jacket likes that the girls put their personal stamp on the song: “I love this. Balladdays are my favourite. I’m proud they had a writing credit,” and Pim-Em-Elle is very touched by the songcraft: “gorgeous emotive ballad that I adore so so much. I loved this right from the moment I heard the snippet. I was glad beyond relief that there were ballads in the album when it first came out. And this ballad just stood out to me because it's brilliantly crafted, from the piano bits and the girls vocals and to the lyrics. I swear I cried at times when I'm listening to this particular song”. Aww.

    Guy is another that holds the song close to their heart: “I am so emotionally attached to this song. Everything about it is just so haunting. It was super kind of Frankie to make an appearance too! I was a tad disappointed when I realized the lyric 'last call' literally meant their last phone call at night. I had always assumed the concept of the song was much more deep and poetic. Oh well. It's still up there as arguably their best ballad,” and Deborux also thinks it’s a great ballad: “the better of the ballads on this album. Vanessa sounds amazing,” with munro also praising Vanessa: “this perfectly shows off that the girls actually have great vocals, mainly Vanessa,” while Mikey1701 likes it despite it being a bit of an outlier on the record: “Stripping it right back, another piano led ballad that is simple and beautiful. Like with My Heart Takes Over, the heartbreak feels real and while it may feels a bit out of place on an album of dance music, it shouldn't be held against it”.

    Vixen gets totes emosh as well: “Ugh. I love, love, love, love that one. I can relate to that song so much and as simple at the track sounds, it really hit home with me. The first few lyrics kinda give me « 3rd grade poem » vibes, but the girls sound surprisingly good throughout and Una’s verse is a standout in my opinion. It’s quite catchy as well, somehow???? It’s just such a gorgeous and heartfelt ballad. All the girls sound good and it was nice to hear Vanessa go for it since that time was far from being her peak. Mollie sounds beyond adorable in that little "hear your voice say I love you". You go King,” and MrJames calls it “Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, gets better with every listen”. Lovely!

    Entropy isn’t nearly as impressed, however: “Meh. I remember being really excited about this when I read that it was written with Lucie Silvas but it did not live up to my expectations. It’s just a bit boring really? That chorus does absolutely nothing for me. It’s supposed to spark some sense of sadness inside but it just doesn’t. Soz girls,” DJHazey calls it “average,” and Totto rambles about Rochelle: “Cute adorable and just like the other ballads, quite average. I wished Rochelle's live harmony over Vanessa’s chorus was also present on the studio version , It would’ve been an eight then. It’s probably one of Rochelle’s most controlled moments vocally. This song used to irritated me, because Vanessa’s voice was in a really awful state and they still chose her to lead it over Rochelle and Una, hell even Mollie was a better choice”. Watch it there, sis.

    Lastly, Midnight gives me masochistic teas: “The most depressing composition in their discography. I like it. The melody leaves me sad. Perfect for grey and rainy days. I had once thought that the person singing is about to commit suicide, but this idea was clarified on the forum once. Still, all I get is an ultimate heartbreak and mental breakdown vibes. Every vocal piece is amazing, but Una's line and Rochelle's outro are just something else. Also, I like that the production is pretty much kept at minimum. A nice change”.
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  19. Last Call is utterly stunning and deserved top 15, if not top 10.
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