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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. And the poison reached its destination... Such a pity!

    What is it with the love for Denial and Wildfire?
  2. I've been asking this question since before I even opened this thread.
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  3. You need to do me a favour and get rid of it.
  4. Mollie was totally in her element in Ladykiller and it's my favorite vocal of hers..

    My personal average for B Sides:7.342
  5. Oh yeah, I'll be posting some stats up for the b-sides (overall average, most 10s, etc.) when "Wildfire" is eliminated, because ~technically~ it is one too.
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  6. I hear it!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Thank fuck Ladykiller is gone. Shame it had to be at the expense of Flashback and Turn Myself In, but godddddd....that song is so dull.
  8. I can't believe Widlfire is considered the best b-side.
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  9. I'm upset that Last Call is gone already. Such a fabulous listen.
  10. 'Last Call' missing the top 20? and being beat by FUCKING FLASHBACK. Are y'all for real? Y'all need to lay off Vanessa's vodka because y'all are drunk. I mean the lyrics in 'Last Call' are EVERYTHING.

    " I can't move on without you and I've lost myself "
    " Just the thought of you before I close my eyes, It's too late I can't take anymore "
    " All that i'm left holding is my regret. It feels like we could have had it all "
    " I have tried all that I can but I can't break free, there's no denying you're a part of me that I can't throw away"
    " The last thing I Say, the last thing I do is hear your voice say I love you"

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  11. I like Last Call's placing on the album. You go through all these clubby songs and I before I got to it, I thought Last Call was gonna refer to last call at a bar or club. It was a pleasant surprise
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    You guys are dumb as fuck for letting Last Call miss the Top 20.
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  13. Everyone who gave a 10 to Last Call has taste. The rest.. I guess Neon Jungle is out there for you.
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  14. Horrendous.
  15. I trust @IMHO will be thrilled.
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  16. CURSE you people those who don't see the beauty of 'Last Call'. Apparently you people have no emotive prowess to understand the magnificence that clearly emanates from the song. Curse you emotionless sociopaths... Curse you all... *sobs*

    And don't get me started on Flashback.... that one hurt like an operation and being sewn right back afterwards without any anesthesia.

    Last Call still hurts the most. MY HEART TAKES OVER for the win just to spite all of you (It's not even my 11). Eugh.

    I'm starting to regret giving WIldfire a 10 now.
  17. Wildfire is the best b-side? Wildfire?!

    LadyKiller was a 10 for me; the On Your Radar bsides were so on point and far superior to Wildfire.
  18. Ladykiller too?!?! OMG what is going on with you guys?!?!

    Wildfire is such a pile of wankfest! There is no way it is the best b-side, because it was a b-side before being tagged onto Living For The Weekend as a deluxe bonus track.
  19. Wildfire is in my Top 10. Sorry about it.
  20. It's not their best b-side for sure. It was quite embarrassing on the tour.
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