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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I'm getting mixed up with the girl band rate. I thought Last Call left ages ago.
  2. I don't know her.
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  3. All eliminations were ages ago in that rate, so it's easy to get confused.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    DJ Shady - I live.
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  5. Let's clear some points:

    - I can't understand the hate towards Last Call, it's everything My Heart Takes Over fails to be.
    - How in this world, by the way, both My Heart Takes Over and Denial are still in?
    - Even though Last Call is gone, I'm pretty satisfied with Forever Is Over and the b-sides out.
    - Wildfire and Faster haters: I'm taking names. There will be some serious santeria going on around here.
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  6. Oh, and:


    Wildfire is already the highest b-side. Cheers, bye.
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  7. It baffles me how LadyKiller, Last Call and Walking Through The Desert are out yet absolute crap like Wildfire, 808 and What about Us are still in. Shame on you all.
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  8. Are we losing a single tonight, @Daniel!?

    One can only hope that the passion to hate may not have reached its climax.

    Oh. One can only hope that, at this very moment, some others put their boots on... and that they will take their résumé somewhere else. They may not have made up their minds completely, but the door is already shut. Despite the awful weather, they'd be like 'whatever' and so, we could find them applying for a new job. In a club. Disco club. There's no more love, though, but dirt. A rather smelly venue. They're not giving up, however, and they have to make it through, somehow. Well, at least they still have their First Choice towels to wipe away their tears...
  9. Hmm.
  10. Send "Ego" home if it's a single. Every other single that's left is pretty much better than it.
  11. I don't think you know where your head is...
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  12. Ego will be top 5 for sure.

    My Heart Takes Over absolutely has to go next. It flopped for a reason.
  13. The sun is setting on this song’s final day…

    23. 808


    Score: 7.929

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (WhenTheSunGoesDown), 10 x 12 (munro, GhettoPrincess, lalaclairi_, Utopia, Vixen, Call My Name, flapjack-, Lindsay Lohan, elektricblue, Jacket, Totto, that boy is a monster)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 2 (Sweet Music, VivaForever)

    The second of the Finest Selection tracks to go, this was co-written by Camille Purcell, known for also co-writing “What About Us”. Rapper Angel Haze was featured on the official remixes, sparking rumours that this was being prepped as a single, but that came to nothing. It was performed live on the Greatest Hits tour.

    Some think it should have been the lead single instead of “What Are You Waiting For?”, like GhettoPrincess: “I wish they chose this as the Greatest Hits single, it's so catchy. It makes me wanna go on a holiday, it's so feel good. Rochelle and Mollie really shine here,” and munro: “They should've released this before the greatest hits, this is everything I want from The Saturdays”. 2014 also thinks it would have done well: “Really like the chorus, would have been a big hit for them,” and DJHazey is probably one of the song’s biggest fans: “This is like their signature song, based on the song title and the sound. Everyone gets a little piece of the action, while the atmosphere stays super-charged and the synths tickle your senses throughout”.

    Vixen likes that it’s something of a sister track to “What About Us”: “Ugh, still love that one. What a stomper. It would have been a perfect follow-up to What About Us, it is built in a very similar way afterall. Una and Mollie’s pre-choruses are everything that you need in your life to be happy, believe me. Rochelle is an highlight as well in '808', but that was obvious. I low-key stan for that moment when Mochelle """""rap""""" together. More Mochelle, please!” but unfortunately CasuallyCrazed is put off by any similarities: “bop and half but too much of a rehash of past glories”. Midnight also gets that sense of familiarity, but isn’t so keen on the song as a whole: “The synths remind me of What About Us. The first verse is a champion. The bad news? When the first minute is gone, that letdown of a chorus reveals itself. It doesn't get better later, unfortunately... Well, Una's ad-lib and the outro make for a nice exit from this limpy experience. That's about it”.

    Jacket likes Rochelle on the song: “What an absolute jam. Rochelle on the second verse is incredible,” and Guy kind of agrees: “I really don't get the love for this song. The verses are banal, Roch's pre chorus is annoying as shit, and the production isn't anything remarkable. I'm awarding a 5.5 for this one because its chorus is pretty decent and Roch's solo on the second verse is actually incredible”. Entropy also isn’t feeling the track as much as others, but is amused by a misheard lyric: “I don’t get the love for this song, it’s rather basic isn’t it. All of the new songs for the greatest hits are really. My favourite part of this song is that it sounds like Rochelle is saying “fuck like an animal”,” and Pim-Em-Elle also had some trouble deciphering that particular line: “a quite kind of amazing. A cool kind of song that makes you dance but not as dance-y and complicated (think beach vibe versus club vibe). 'Good vibes' kind of song. I actually thought that Rochelle was singing "bang like a cannibal’”. The Sats aren't that edgy!

    Philllll is thankful this didn’t get pushed up to single status: “It tries to be good and fails miserably. It lacks punch and effortlessness that the girls have. Thank god this wasn’t a single,” and Deborux also: “completely forgettable,” but tylerc904 thinks it at least earns its place on the album: “Solid enough to be on the Hits album,” and Totto thinks it’s a hidden gem: “So many hooks, gosh there are really saving the best for album tracks”. We’ll finish with WhenTheSunGoesDown giving it their 11, and here’s what they have to say: “I'm not eloquent enough to explain why I love this song so much. Just everything about it works for me. The beat, the chorus, the way it builds - take my 11 points!” Quite right!
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  14. I'm still waiting for What Are You Waiting For's head to be chopped off.
  15. MY BABY!

    This is worse than when Mufasa died.

    I read that as Daniel! and I was like "that's weird and rude."
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  16. I really don't understand how 'Missing You' could potentially manage to be top 20.
    That's terrifying.

    But sad to see '808' goes. I've lost quite a few 10s recently and still have a few 6-9s scores in there, I believe. Shame.
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  17. What an utter disaster...
  18. Ugh! How is "What Are You Waiting For?" still even in?!? "808" is so much better. Also better than "What About Us," which is nothing like "808." In fact, "808" is so good, because it is not like "What About Us."

  19. Poor 808. "Fuck like an animal" is one of my favourite misheard lyrics from them.
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  20. 808 is a jam, glad it did well in the rate. Can we please eliminate My Heart Takes Over? It's so dull.
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