Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

I did mention a single was going, didn't I?

You take me back in time…

To 1982…

We hear the DJ playing “Situation” by Yazoo!

22. If This is Love


Score: 7.946

Highest Score: 10 x 8 (GhettoPrincess, tylerc904, DJHazey, Utopia, runrocketboy, Vixen, flapjack-, Number)
Lowest Score: 3 x 1 (Call My Name)

We bring it all the way back to the beginning for this elimination, it’s the debut single! Released in July 2008, roughly a year after the band was formed, it reached number eight in the UK charts and has sold over 115,000 copies. The song notably samples the signature synth riff from amazing ‘80s Yazoo hit “Situation”, which producers Cutfather and Joe Belmaati originally made use of in their remix of the 2005 Sugababes song “Ugly” before the idea was fleshed out into a whole new song with writer Ina Wroldsen. It has been performed on every tour, and was mashed up with “Moves Like Jagger” on the All Fired Up! tour, probably because the girls were getting a bit bored of it as it is!

2014 calls it “a great debut” and adds: “love the production and all their voices are brilliant here, particularly Rochelle’s,” and runrocketboy is of the same mind: “I’ve always loved this song, and this was seriously the most perfect debut they ever could have asked for,” while Jacket says “what a debut,” though adds it’s “not the highlight of Chasing Lights, but a brilliant way to start their career”. Philllll is another who thinks it’s a “great debut” and also says: “Everybody gets a shining moment and the video is always a pleasure to watch. The Moto Blanco Radio Edit is super fun”. Indeed.

tylerc904 says: “Liked it at first listen, loved it after a few. Reminds me of how excited I was when they debuted,” and Pim-Em-Elle ended up loving it too: “I wasn't too taken with this song in the beginning. And yes, you've guessed it, it grew on me now I'm in love. Absolutely love the colours of the video, seeing as this was probably the third or fourth music video I've seen from them”. Deborux likes the song, but drags Mollie: “Such a strong debut and I’ll always have a soft spot for it for that reason but it was my first introduction to how much Mollie’s vocals would annoy me in their career. The nonsensical lyrics don’t bother me at all. The chorus is such a high, as are Vanessa’s adlibs in the final chorus,” but thankfully GhettoPrincess shows up to pick up the pieces a bit: “I absolutely adore their debut, Vanessa's adlibs are divine and probably one of the best things she's done vocally. The chorus is amazing and I feel like the song isn't appreciated as much. The only thing I don't like too much is Rochelle's middle 8 although Mollie's whispering over it does make me giggle”.

A couple of you decided to compare it to other girlbands. Uh oh. “Great sample, was quite surprised to hear this as the first offering from a brand new girl group - it's definitely a weak debut single when compared to the likes of Overload and Sound of the Underground but a nice mid-tempo electro bop nonetheless,” says that boy is a monster, and Totto thinks similarly: “It’s not the best 1st single from a girl band, but that doesn’t mean it’s not very good. It’s a nice introduction, so we knew there is more good to come. This includes one of my least favorite Nessa’s ad-libs, it falls under the Nessa category Unnecessary High Pitch Over exaggerated Shriek ad-libs”. I suppose that wasn’t too bad, but I’m so used to girlband stan wars ending in carnage, so forgive me for fearing the worst!

phily693 also thinks it was a fine choice for a first single: “I stanned so hard for this, but I guess I was just so hungry for a new girl group at the time, especially one who embraced pop and colours like they did at the start, and the fact that two of them were from S Club Juniors. It’s just a very good pop song, and a very unremarkable one at that. A good introduction to them actually. Vanessa’s voice is almost unrecognisable in parts,” and DJHazey reminisces, and mentions some random: “Although it took songs later on in their career to really make me start stanning for them, this was their first song I ever loved. This song is all about that Rochelle/Una prechorus, when they plead their case and defend how honest their love is. I was really into Dutch pop singer Elize's music at the time, and the synthline reminded me a lot of her single "Lovesick"...just a bit slower and smoother”. Who?

Shockbox says it “hasn't aged that well but is still a catchy bop,” and it’s never made much of an impression on WhenTheSunGoesDown: “I never skip this one on Finest Selection, but also hardly ever specifcally choose to listen to it. It's fine, but I never really connected with it”. Mikey1701 also thinks time has not been kind: “This just hasn't aged well. It feels tired, dated and unexciting and it pales in comparison to much of their discography- and everything else on this album. Maybe it's the Yazoo sample, or maybe its just not a great song. Either way, it's one of their weakest,” and Guy thinks it was released at the wrong time: “As much as I love this song, it really was a very odd choice for a lead single. The creepy, stalkerish lyrics could have made for really fun, campy single campaign/music video had it been released later in their career. Frankie leading the chorus really is an album highlight, surprisingly. Rochelle's middle 8 is the only part that really brings this song down, the falsetto just sounds so annoying and out of place”.

Call My Name is just mean: “With this as a debut single, it’s hard to believe that these girls are still going strong (on Popjustice, not the charts) all these years later. Weak production, weak vocals, shit video,” but MrJames gives us a nostalgia trip to cheer things up: “I know the girls themselves hate this, but I find it pretty undeniable myself. My lasting memory of this song is it being played relentlessly in the arena as we waited for Girls Aloud to arrive in 2008,” and Entropy has some Mollie love to bring even more joy: “I instantly fell in love with The Saturdays after hearing this song. I know it’s not their best, but I really like the production and it just brings back fond memories. Mollie’s “When you open up your eyes am I there?” is one of my favourite Mollie moments. I sometimes find the chorus a bit too shouty but that doesn’t hinder my enjoyment too much. What a brilliant debut single.”

Midnight thinks the song holds up very well: “The very first single and already touching the subject of stalking? Wow. The things you get to know thanks to the forum! There's no point in highlighting any vocal piece, because it's catchy and solid through and through. Really good melody and production choices. It might be seven years old already, but it doesn't sound bad at all. Good,” and Vixen finishes up with this: “What I love the most about the song is probably how it manages to sound like an 80s number without necessary going through obvious disco undertones. Granted that’s purely because of the very clever use of the Yazoo sample, but even throughout the vocals and the melody, the song manages to keep that throwback vibe without ever feeling ‘dated’ or ‘properly disco’ per say. The chorus sounds so lush with the girls harmonies on Frankie's lead ; it's bliss! Although, I have to admit that it is the last chorus when those glossy synths hit you even harder and Vanessa’s ad-libs emerge that is the highlight of the song. It might not have been as brilliant as some of the other girl groups’ debuts, but it’s definitely better than most of their discography at the end of the day. #Oopsie”.

This rate is not good for my rage. Golden Rules, Gentleman, Don't Let Me Dance Alone, Issues all out over dreck like 30 Days, Missing You and What About Us.
If This Is Love holds such a special place in my heart (I'm actually attempting it remix it as we speak, how strange.)

Rest in peace, iconic electro-pop debut.
Love "If This Is Love" and "Missing You." YES VIXEN! So happy to see so many 10's. I feel like the track gets too much flac for being a mid-tempo since they followed up with up-tempo's and bangerz. It's such a brilliant landmark and track. Still think "What Are You Waiting For?" should be out. I would have given it a much lower score. Darn!

We should do another one after the next album.

This rate is not good for my rage. Golden Rules, Gentleman, Don't Let Me Dance Alone, Issues all out over dreck like 30 Days, Missing You and What About Us.


Absolutely yes.

Deleted member 3416

If This Is Love is amazing, how it's been beaten by some of the crap left is rather annoying. My Heart Takes Over, Wildfire etc.
I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I feel liberated.

I don't want you, you can go...

Leave my keys and close the door...


21. Denial


Score: 7.964

Highest Score: 11 x 1 (Entropy), 10 x 13 (Vitamin, Sweet Music, CasuallyCrazed, GhettoPrincess, Shockbox, Pim-Em-Elle, JamesJupiter, Deborux, runrocketboy, Jam, Remorque, Blob, Number)
Lowest Score: 3 x 1 (imaduck)

What even. Since WHEN do people have such an astounding adoration for this song?! Like, in my entire time on this forum I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone even mention this song… and now it’s just shy of your top twenty favourite Saturdays songs?! I am in disbelief. I will say that the strings that crash in for the final chorus are incredible, but for me the chorus just doesn’t pack enough of a punch, and just comes off as shouting with no tune over a dramatic instrumental. And if anyone thought Rochelle sounded strange on “Issues” then what the hell is Una doing on this?! “Ahdowahyoo”… sorry love, what?

Firstly, Vixen puts me in my place: “Daniel will fucking deal. It’s amazing and definitely one of their best ballads. All the girls sound decent on this, even if Frankie’s attempt at a high note isn’t exactly the best. I love the middle-8 especially (Vanessa’s voice and these backing vocals!) and the amazing ad-libs that follows. Those too could give life back to Jesus, most likely. (Yes that happens a lot, but what can I say?) Let's take a moment to remember Una's husky and raspy tone, shall we? The combination of her voice with Mollie at the end is gorgeous,” and GhettoPrincess has similar views: “Oh I love this one, always been one of my favourite ballads. Love the vocal arrangement and how it's not a typical ballad. Vanessa's powerful vocals on the middle 8 are gorgeous and I love Mollie's soft contrast to that, the combination is great. I've always hated Frankie's whiny vocals on her part”.

Deborux goes as far as saying this: “Their best ballad, in my opinion. Rochelle and Una sound particularly great. The chorus is such a high, with the pounding pianos and fast-paced vocals with the incredible harmonies. The song, the production, the lyrics and their delivery is full of emotion. Vanessa’s adlibs after the last chorus are godly,” and runrocketboy says this: “This is literally one of their best songs ever. Love at first….listen? I guess…? Gorgeous and full of lovely Mollie/Rochelle/Frankie moments”. JamesJupiter also thinks it’s outstanding: “Epic. Probably my favourite Saturdays ballad,” and Entropy even gives it their 11: “This is easily my favourite Saturdays ballad. It’s just so wonderful, I think mostly because I’ve experienced it before so it has a place in my heart as it were. I really like Rochelle’s vocals in the beginning, so smooth with a tinge of sadness to them. It’s kind of pop RnB isn’t it? “I know I’ve been blind but I have opened my eyes” is probably one of my favourite moments from the girls. Surprisingly too I really like Vanessa in this one (I’m never usually a massive fan of hers). Terrific stuff”. Still not getting it!

Pim-Em-Elle calls it “the best ballad on ‘Wordshaker’,” adding: “Vanessa is working the ad-libs like a goddess. It's got that something extra special,” and CasuallyCrazed (“The ballads on Wordshaker are criminally underrated and Denial is one of it's crowning gems. Mollie's finest vocal hour.”) and phily693 (“The post-chorus is lovely. A highlight of the album and one of Mollie’s shining moments”) both think it’s one of the best on Wordshaker, and at least I can support some Mollie appreciation, if nothing else! Guy points out the middle eight: “I find myself listening to Frankie's verse over and over. One of her finest solos, for sure. Vanessa's middle 8 also deserves some serious recognition,” as does Jacket: “The middle 8 is one of the highlights across Wordshaker,” and Midnight: “What a magical middle-8. And what an ad-lib to finish it! The melody is rather weak and the production doesn't exactly take it further. Its sister track, three songs further in the official tracklist does is better. Not this time, Ina, not this time…” Even that’s not amazing, and if I can’t count on a good middle eight then what is life?

Totto obviously wants more of her: “Such a catchy song. Needs more Rochelle, although she already kinda kills her part. My favorite parts is when Mollie sings and then Roch and Nessa fished it,” and munro backs him up: “Rochelle is the highlight in this pretty dull track”. Finally, some sense! Mikey1701 continues to spill some truth: “A bit like If This Love, this has aged. It sounds like a mid-00s R&B flecked ballad that wouldn't be out of place on the last Spice Girls album and that isn't something anyone should aspire to record. The chorus is flat, despite attempts to be something more. I know I'm likely to be torn apart for this, but I really, really do not like this,” and tylerc904 calls it “Lies 2.0” which I’m taking as a criticism too.

that boy is a monster rightly doesn’t earmark it as essential: “Vanessa sounds great, which can't be said for certain other tracks on the album. A lot better than I remember every time I actually listen to it, but ultimately forgettable,” but we’re back to more praise as Blob calls it “amazing” and Phillll says it’s “beautiful”. Shockbox is feeling more fond of it now than before: “This has become a favourite of mine recently,” DJHazey has a karaoke session: “A forgotten gem. "All that you did, and all that you didn't..." is such a rush! The way the whole chorus is composed in such a top heavy manner is genius...making it's fun to sing along to,” and WhenTheSunGoesDown has it down as an anthem of sorts: “The anthem for all of us as they're "not breaking up" and "just on a hiatus””.

Now. The thing is, I don’t actually hate this, as my comments might lead you to believe. It’s a 7. It’s pleasant. It’s nice. Just not #21 nice! But alas, the people have spoken, so who am I to deny you~