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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Jesus Christ people, get taste!

    #BuyTheCow forever!
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Not Missing You beating If This Is Love (my score: 8) - it's a low key bop (didn't really take them seriously until I heard Up) but the thirst for a new girl group was there because I still played this song to death.

    I'm sad that 808 (my score: 8.5) has gone; it's better than a lot of stuff left over (*continues to side eye Wildfire*). I love Rochelle in it, she was definitely in her element!

    I admit I never really enjoyed Denial when I first played Wordshaker, it's a standard ballad. I guess when I saw them perform it live on the Headlines! Tour and hearing Vanessa doing the adlibs well at a time when her voice was still struggling was magical to hear (my score: 8.5).

    My 11 lives another day tho.
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  5. I'm more shocked about 'Missing You' being top 20.
  6. Taking notes from my commentary, I see.

    (Also, amazing artwork for the top 20.)
  7. I am so confused by Denial making it this far. At least with Missing You, it has the single-status to explain the inflated scores.
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  8. How Denial managed to go further than freaking If This Is Love is beyond me.
    Missing You, Wordshaker (what the hell is it doing here?) and My Heart Takes Over to go next.

    Am I the only one rooting for What Are You Waiting For? Top 5 material. No, I'm not sorry.
  9. Wordshaker is fab; I can't with this negativity. To me it's what kicked off the repeated use of the word "Baby" throughout the album (I like to think Rochelle had a bet with the girls to see how many tracks she could get it into).
  10. Love the gradient!
  11. The Saturdays' love for colours and my love for gradients make a perfect match.
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  12. My Heart Takes Over needs to be the first to go. Besides that, it is a pretty phenomenal final 20.
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  13. So happy my controversial 11 has made it to the top 20. I think its days are numbered, though.
  14. What an amazing top 20.
    Mine is definitely going next. Sad days ahead for us sis.
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  15. Perhaps the same 11! I've been expecting mine to go any time
  16. Reported
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  17. My 11 better be top 10.
  18. Oh, slightly funny thing that I forgot to mention @Deborux. My MacBook's autocorrect seemed extremely determined to call you “Deborah” every time I typed your username into the commentary, to the point where I have now added “Deborux” to my computer’s vocabulary. Your impact!

    And I can exclusively reveal...
    ...that you and @Jacket do NOT have the same 11. Fight amongst yourselves for dominance.
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  19. Mine is so going next. It seems to be maligned amongst the basic participants of this rate. It's obviously still so ahead of its time. No matter. I'm content to be the indie chanteuse.
  20. Deborux's 11 is most likely Missing You.
    I'm thinking Jacket's might be What About Us.

    EDIT : Wait, maybe not.

    Jacket's is 'My Heart Takes Over'.
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