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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. To channel the good sis @Daniel!
  2. Hmmm
  3. If @Jacket has indeed chosen My Heart Takes Over as ha 11 then heaven awaits.
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  4. I know nothing about Denial except that on the Headlines tour at one of their gigs there was only three (or two?) members singing the song as the others were ill/ran off stage to puke.

    Move On U and Wildfire to go next. Please.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    My 11 is probably doomed. I hate y'all's taste.
  6. Aside from a couple of songs maybe, that top 20 is pretty damn good. Very strange that Denial made it as far as it did. I gave it a good score, but I had no idea it was so popular.

    And anyone calling for My Heart Takes Over to leave needs to sit down before my fists start taking over.
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  7. I didn't even realise Wordshaker was still in! It's one of the worst on the album guys... That and Move On U need to get gone, stat.

    The ideal top three would be Ego, What About Us, My Heart Takes Over.
  8. #justiceforwork. At least it's (rightfully) managed the top 20 somewhere.
  9. Babe.
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  10. 808 MISSING THE TOP 20.

    I'm done. Goodbye. At this rate 'What About Us' and 'Higher' will miss the top 10. I will sacrifice Vixen's blood for one of them to win.
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  11. You'll do nothing of the sort...especially for those to win...
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  12. I'm struggling to remember what my 11 even is.
  13. Good point, it needs to go soon
  14. I'm surprised that Get Ready, Get Set is still in, I always forget that it exists until I listen to On Your Radar and I am always amazed by it.
  15. This is so opposite to how I feel. My 11 is one of my favourite songs ever. I'm gonna be crushed and devastated when it leaves at #20.
  16. I actually think it could be a shock winner
  17. If All Fired Up or Not Giving Up doesn't win, I would be VERY surprised. They seem to inspire borderline-fanaticism on the forum (quite justifiably).
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  18. Pretty sure none of my 10s have exited yet and my 11 is still surfing on its very own wave of awesome.
  19. That's a pretty amazing top 20.

    The Sickdays.

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  20. I'm laughing so much at the guitar (?) popping out from behind the stairs every couple of seconds
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