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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Wordshaker needs to go.
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  2. Out of the top 20, I still have a 9.5, (2) 9s, and an 8.5, the rest are 10s and the 11. My one 9 would be top 5 I think.
  3. I'm still perched for more tracks like "808" and "Walking Through the Desert."

    "808" has this tribal vibe and pumping synths- speakers so hot blowing outer space. The whole concept of writing the song around a drum machine is a perfect premise for what is a perfect song. Vanessa's opening verse is so seething and glorious. The chanting bits are also superb. I find it having the punch "All Fired Up" and "Get Ready, Get Set" have. It pushes their existing sound into a direction that sounds natural and uses past and current elements of their music. Team Sats can sacrifice all the non-believers and chant "808, 808, 808, 808" (echoey chanting style from song.)

    "Walking Through the Desert" in itself is the same thing; a perfect song following a perfect title. A desert reaches unbelievable temperatures at night, obviously has much less rainfall, and covers vast amounts of land. The metaphor of becoming a lost soul who's not only endured that but is now (obvs) dead and trapped in that same landscape of emotion. I think the broken thought process the lyrics have and the shouting/screaming delivery of "night" really hit it home. The eerie echoing vocals they use as a synth/instrument at parts is amazing. It reminds me more of an ""indie"" song. Something very experimental for The Saturdays. Props to Frankie, Una, and Mollie for their roles in the song.

    Ugh- I was so busy when this was being done I almost didn't get my ratings in let alone the commentary- these thoughts just so obviously~ need to be thrown into the world.

    (I'm just strongly opinionated on pop music)
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  4. I feel like Wordshaker's stats must have gotten mixed up... Can we double check those scores? It has no business being in the top 60, let alone top 20.
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  5. @flapjack- That beautiful 808 essay. I might cry!
    I'll be overusing that gif forever from now on.
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  6. I'm quite shocked Wordshaker is still in too. My Heart Takes Over needs to be the next single to go. What a dull song.
  7. We need justice for "808." How do people think "What Are You Waiting For?" is better? Such a bubblegum pop gimmick.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    .....I gave What Are You Waiting For? a 10. An underrated racket.
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  9. It's plain inappropriate that it's still in. Absolutely inappropriate! People will see in time the cracks in it's disguise.
  10. Some of you seemed very sure your 11 was going next...

    So who was right?

    What's it gonna be?

    Where's the pain when you walk out the door?

    20. Missing You


    Score: 7.982

    Highest Score: 11 x 4 (Midnight, Deborux, runrocketboy, Conan), 10 x 9 (GhettoPrincess, Pim-Em-Elle, Call My Name, elektricblue, Jacket, Jacques, SophiaSophia, MollieSwift21, Remorque)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 2 (Mikey1701, Guy)

    Just scraping its way into our top twenty is this sneaky little thing. Released in August 2010 as the lead single from their Headlines mini-album, this is the only Saturdays song to have reached the top spot on the airplay chart. The song also hit number one in the midweeks, before being infuriatingly knocked down to number three come Sunday by Flo Rida and David Guetta's “Club Can't Handle Me”, and Eminem and Rihanna's “Love the Way You Lie”, marking the second time Flo Rida had beat the girls to the top, after “Right Round” bested “Just Can’t Get Enough” in 2009. The promotion for the single was documented in their first television series, The Saturdays 24/7, and they released an acoustic version of the track during release week as one final push for victory, and an official rap remix featuring Professor Green exists but was mercifully never officially released. The girls are also fond of the Cahill dance remix, performing it on Alan Carr: Chatty Man and then four years later on the Greatest Hits tour.

    Predictably, the auto-tune raised some eyebrows, Pim-Em-Elle says of it: “I HATED the auto-tune intro in the beginning because I perfectly knew Frankie was capable. But then I just felt indifferent towards it. I do love the song though, I feel so much passion and it's so angsty that I love it and a mid-tempo ballad no less. And Rochelle's middle eight just gives me feels,” and DJHazey also finds it jarring: “This song is quite lovely, despite those over-autotuned "miss, missing you" cut-ins you hear during verses. The chorus is beautiful and my favorite moment is Una 'begging to get back together" right after the second chorus,” while WhenTheSunGoesDown finds the auto-tune funny, and actually wants the girls to do less dancing: “I always laugh when Frankie sings and the autotune gets cranked up to 9000. And what's with the intense dancing in the video to this soft midtempo? Calm down girls! It's not 2003 anymore”. We take what we can get!

    Mr. Humes is very irritated by the vocal effects: “Frankie's robotic 'I miss missing you' gets old really fast and it's all over the place. It's enough to turn the song into a annoying experience,” though Jersey can overlook it: “A little robotic for me but it does the job,” but Guy is simply not having it: “On a good day, this song is pretty catchy. A shame its semi catchiness can't save it from the autotuned mess it really is. I'm so happy this song wasn't their first number one, because this really is one of their least deserving singles. I'm glad the girls don't seem to really care for it anymore either, seeing how the just threw this one into a medley for their tour”.

    phily693 also mentions the auto-tune, and thinks the song needs more energy: “I wish there was more of a ravey part or dance breakdown or something so it had a big pay off in the final chorus, it’s still great as it is. Maybe a little dated, and the overuse of the autotune is unnecessary,” and Blob says: “It just doesn't go as far as it should into a Dance tearjerker; think 'Show Me Love' etc,” but Jacket can attest to the contrary there: “Crying on the dancefloor realness. I have actually cried on the dancefloor to this and it is not nearly as romantic as it sounds. Alas”. Amazing. that boy is a monster also thinks it should have popped off a bit more, though: “This was frustrating at the time because it felt like it was leading up to a big Gaysplosion at the end that never comes, I've grown to love it for what it is,” and CasuallyCrazed yearns for something a bit more banging too: “Would have been a 10 if there had been a poppers o’clock single mix,” while Hudweiser only wants it as a banger, and slashes his score in half for the original: “I limit myself to the Cahill Remix, which would be an 8”. The girls might actually agree with you there!

    Shockbox says: “Sometimes I love this and other times I'm just indifferent,” but Mikey1701 grabs it by its sun-kissed locks: “Absolutely woeful. There is nothing to recommend about this. The production is cheap, the vocals are flat and the entire debacle is a non-event of epic proportions. This almost caused me to hand in my stan card,” but Vixen is much gentler: “I know I may have sounded like I hate this song, but I don’t. I do believe it’s highly overrated though. Like HIGHLY. It’s definitely one of their weakest singles and it’s not even polarizing or anything like ‘Gentleman’, it’s just…not that good. Still, on paper, it shouldn’t be bad, but the execution is a bit disappointing. I don’t believe Una or Rochelle’s take-over on the chorus are particular standouts to be honest… Nor do I believe Frankie's verse is great ; in fact, it's really dull and it's dragging for so long for something that has barley any melody to it. But anyway, it’s not completely awful,” and Totto rallies to support her: “I actually only like the divided Nessa-Una-Roch leading choruses, they never do it live unfortunately. Vixen has the right to hate this song and you shall not judge her”.

    2014 may have found that painful to read: “I love this so much and I’m baffled with the hate it receives, it is so much better than My Heart Takes Over, for instance. They all sound impressive too, but in hindsight maybe it wasn’t the wisest decision to have it as a lead single,” Red Coat thinks it’s “amazing,” and MrJames says: “I've really rediscovered this recently. It's just beautiful”. Entropy needed time for it to grow: “Was not too sure about this song when it first came out. I was expecting something very different and was quite taken aback by what came. Over the years my love for it has grown though and it is one of my favourite singles. The opening “I miss missing you” always breaks my heart. The chorus does lack some sort of oomph though,” and GhettoPrincess likes how different it is: “This was my favourite single up until Notorious, it's so different from their usual tracks and I've always enjoyed it. Frankietune sounds great. The chorus (especially Una's lead) sounds great and emotional. The lyrics are great. Vanessa's adlibs are great and it's always a track I can listen to and I do think it's one of their best songs still”.

    Another great fan of the song is Midnight, who was the first to give it an 11: “Oh, the gem. The very first (instrumental) track of the Saturdays that I heard. I just can't help but reminisce... This song will always keep a bit of my heart. The melody got an instant pass from me. Starting with dreamy vocals and soothing intro, I was expecting even more good to unfold itself. And when the chorus hits the spot, it's like a massive waterfall of nostalgia. I love it when pop songs get it so right with 'longing'. The producers had a great idea to have the B-section of each chorus led by another girl. Oh, and the ad-libs... The last minute, in particular, is such an epic moment. The last chorus combined with the Franesshelle (Frochessa?) outro, form together the finest moment in the girls' discography. Just untouchable. The song has its slight imperfections, but the sentiment and the highlights mask them completely. Overall, the champion of the rate!” Not quite, dear.

    Deborux also awarded it her 11: “to be honest, for me this is their finest moment and it should have done better for them. Frankie’s auto-tuned verse and intro takes away from the rawness a little bit but they still sound amazing. I love the slow, downbeat melody over the fast-paced beat and production and the “miss missin’” build-up to the final chorus. There’s something so frantic about the production that just adds so much to it. Una's second chorus is my favourite moment in their whole discography. She knows how to take something already amazing and take it to another level.”

    And lastly, runrocketboy climaxes: “godddddddddddddddddddd this song makes me feel so much. Vanessa’s “I JUST WANT YOU TO BLEED!!” Mollie’s iconic verse. The miss missin, miss missin. GODDDDDDD. This is their best ever song and I could write literal essays about how it exploded into me when it came out. I love it so much”.

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  11. Vixen will be happy, surprised she wasn't lowest scorer. Such a good song, I'll always love it.
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  12. Missing You should not be out now for me it's top 10 worthy. I hope My Heart Takes Over exits soon I can't take such an average song beating brilliance like Missing You.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Missing You is amazing. Glad it got top 20.
  14. Nooooo! My poor underrated 'Missing You'.

    I'm pleased it's got this far though, I've been expecting it to leave for a while now. Nice to see it just made the top 20!
  15. Reported.
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  16. Is the lyric really "I just want you to bleed"? I always thought it was "I just want you to be, to be stuck in this moment forever".
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  17. It is. Mishearing lyrics seems to be a theme with @runrocketboy. I should edit it to save him any embarrassment, really.
  18. I think I'm rooting for 'Get Ready Get Set' now.
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  19. Missing You is such a weird track for me. I hated it for years (although the Cahill remix has always been an absolute bop). Then 6 months ago it clicked with me massively and I loved it. Now I'm indifferent to it.

    I'd forgotten how much I love the Missing You artwork though. I remember being so excited by the fact that they went back to their original logo when I first saw the cover.
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