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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. 'Missing You' is beautiful. It was released at the perfect time and remains such a chilling feel good track. 'Missing You' made me a full Saturdays stan.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It IS "I just want you to bleed", at least in the second chorus. They definitely sing BLEED in the AOL session.

    Oh, and FUCK YOU ALL. Fucking 20?! That's it???
  3. "Missing You" is amazing. I love how they executed it on tour.
  4. I adore Missing You, it's a weird track that feels like it doesn't quite know what it wants to be but the emotion and the lyrics make up for any other misgivings.
  5. I was just remembering the same. The cover for Missing You is the only thing I like about it. Flawless.
  6. More?

    Your heat has turned me on...

    I bet that all night long...

    We go like...

    19. Wildfire


    Score: 8.071

    Highest Score: 10 x 14 (Daniel!, munro, Mikey1701, Pim-Em-Elle, Mr. Humes, runrocketboy, Red Coat, flapjack-, Aester, Jacques, Totto, Blob, Conan, Markus1981)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (Sweet Music)

    Our first song to crack an average score of 8 is also our final b-side to leave. Written by the girls and The Alias, it was originally released with “Gentleman”, and went on to appear as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Living for the Weekend, and was performed in that medley on the Greatest Hits tour. What a brilliant track, I couldn't quite believe just how good it was the day it premiered, and I promptly placed it on repeat for the rest of the day. I just about burst when I saw it live, since it was probably one of the last things I thought they would perform, so thanks girls!

    Unfortunately, a few of you might despair at its top twenty placing, like Jacket: “A bit overrated but I use,” GhettoPrincess: “So overrated on Popjustice, it's a good enough b-side but hearing it on tour it was so flat,” and tylerc904: “Overrated on here. They have far better b-sides”. Vixen also thinks it’s regarded a bit too highly: “Overrated, but good. It’s all about Frollie. (Isn’t it always? Yes.) I'll admit it's a bop, though. GET ME STARTED HOT LIKE FIYAH,” but Mikey1701 has something to tell all of you: “YASSSSSS. This is NOT overrated as some claim. This should have been a motherfucking single. I will take this bop over What About Us anyday of the week. Take my willing body, Sats- I am yours”. That’s them told.

    Pim-Em-Elle also let’s their body talk to this song: “this song makes me feel sexy when I'm actually not. It's a great song to do sexy stuff and it's lush”. How steamy! CasuallyCrazed calls it “one of their greatest b-sides,” munro says: “One of the catchiest songs to come from The Sats and it should be recognised as such,” Totto thinks much the same: “One of their best songs. One of the few songs where there are Rochessa ad-libs,” and Jersey likes the tropical flavour: “Island pop is always reliable, isn't it? This further provides to that sentiment”.

    Some were glad that it was used as a reliable bop after the ordeal of Living for the Weekend’s standard tracklist, such as runrocketboy: “actually amazing and epic. A true anthem and perfect closer to this album,” and Deborux: “this is a lot better than most of the tracks on the main album”. 2014 isn’t that big of a fan, but still thinks it stands above a lot of the album: “Do not get the love for this, average at best. Far from the worst of LFTW though,” MrJames has a kii: “Lol at the b-side being better than half the main album,” but Entropy wasn’t pleased by its inclusion: “Never got the major love for this. It’s okay. Definitely deserves the B-Side status it has. It shouldn’t have been included as a bonus on this”.

    DJHazey likes it, but feels there might be something missing: “And the girls own the club again; nobody in the business has it on lockdown quite like they do. I love this song, but it's not as memorable as some of their other dance anthems for me,” as does WhenTheSunGoesDown: “This would get full points if they did something with the final chorus, but as it is it just kind of… ends. Still worth a 9 though,” and Midnight thinks it could be better: “I can't get fully behind it. The male vocal hook and the irritating beeping synth are masking much of positive impression. Still, there's some charm to that chorus. Something familiar about it. Something quite throwback. I can't name it... This melody reminds me of something good”. What kind of shade!

    Philllll is a tad extreme (Although not as extreme as that 0 from Sweet Music!): “I like the first 15 seconds and then it all goes down. I literally don’t understand the adoration for this song, it is awful,” but Guy is here with the truth: “Somehow, I knew just by the title I was going to love this song. I always think this song is overrated among fans, but then I listen to it and realize it deserves every ounce of praise it gets. What a song”.
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  7. NOOOOO. I'm not feeling well (19 is a fair position, though).
  8. Yes, you're right, it is "bleed." I remember Una talked about people mishearing it in an interview before.

    Also, Wildfire doesn't deserve top 20.
  9. Fuck off! Wildfire is Top 5 Sats. Still, I'm somewhat pleased that it placed higher than Missing just about everything You. I'm both happy and pressed as fuck.

    This rate is so exhausting.
  10. I miss (listening to) Missing You, sometimes. It's not my favourite single and I'd give it a 7.5. I also wish it went somewhere like it felt like it was promising. The alternating Una-Vanessa-Rochelle chorus is amazing though.

    Wildfire (my score: 8) was so flat on the tour (though it was exciting when I first heard they put it in the medley); I don't think it should've been their top bside (as I've said before) however Frankie/Mollie's "get this started hot like fire" are amazing.

    Glad my 11 has survived another elimination despite the shade many of you are throwing at it.
  11. But where is the D, so to speak?
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  12. If it's What About Us I will need your address so I can mail you your voodoo doll.
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. It is not.

    What About Us is amazing and you will deal...

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  15. Good riddance to Wildfire, it is way too high here. Not shocked though.
  16. A What About Us/Higher/All Fired Up top 3 would be perfect.
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  17. GORL NO.
  18. Daniel you're editing is BEAUTIFUL.
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  19. I think both Ego and Higher will miss Top 5.
  20. Missing You should have been top 5. I'm sorry for your loss @Deborux but at least your taste is exceptional.
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