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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I can still bop to it, but I know they have better, can do better, and I expect more from them. It sounds like a little fun album track towards the end, not a greatest hits LEAD single. And to be honest, they deserved that #48. For the song, and for their current rising ability to be the laziest promoting pop stars ever.
  2. I don't know what score I gave 'What Are You Waiting For' but it came on my journey home today and I LIVED.

    An under-rated gem in their amazing discography. Really should have been huge.
  3. "FYI", Move On U is fabulous and deserves top 5 placing.

    My favourite thing about What Are You Waiting For? is how each girl sings a line in the pre-chorus (if that's what it's considered? "tonight we're on a massive attack / yeah baby I'm a party freak"). It's also careless fun. My only issue with it is Vanessa's slightly shrill "cuz the party ain't over til we party THROUGH" which totally kills the momentum each time.
  4. MollieSwift21

    MollieSwift21 Staff Member

    Devastated that Last Call is already out. It's gorgeous and in my top 5 from them. I love Mollie's part on it. Sad that Missing You is out too. One of my favorites.

    Move On U still being in is disappointing. It's so generic and faceless.
  5. Missing You really was done so wrong.
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  6. Could not agree more.
  7. I think I love you
  8. Haha love that I'm the lowest average scorer for the Finest Selection era.
  9. Not something to be proud of.
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  10. Definitely not something to be proud of, go to jail immediately for this crime.
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  11. Mollie, the Nippleless Chanteuse on that cover.

    I have grown to enjoy What are You Waiting For? but it isn't that upsetting to see it go. Love Wordshaker though.
  12. Amen.

    I've been jamming to "Move On U" so much lately; I love that they got to write such a hot dance track. I think what what sets it apart from other "DANCE!!1" music is that it's more so about a female pursuing a guy and making a stance of female autonomy and sexuality without being afraid of it and it also slightly addresses the way women are "supposed" to respond in social situations. The eerie synths at the beginning and that small synth beat throughout the song are so minimal and so amazing. The harmonies on the track are A+ (beats are flo-o-owing..) and I love how it's one of their bests and it lacks Vanessa in every single capacity. It shows that the band are "The Saturdays" without her being the core. And they wrote it. What don't y'all like about it?!

  13. Can someone explain to me what happens when they are in a live setting to their harmonies? I was watching some the other day and I couldn't believe how off the high harmony is on a ton of the choruses.

    Not to throw shade or start a Sats war, but who is that?! Not Giving Up and Higher specifically....
  14. Frankie has been doing the high harmonies on every single song since years now.

    Mollie (and Una if she's not singing the lower ones) help out from times to times, but Frankie being a soprano is far more suited to it than them.

    Can you point out to a particular performance? Frankie's high harmonies sounded lush in their Live Lounge performance of 'Higher', so I wonder?
  15. I can't remember specifically - but a lot of them were from the Greatest Hits tour.

    * Listening to Live Lounge version of Higher, and they are much better. I am assuming because there is no choreography or anything and it's acoustic, so it doesn't have to have as much bombast with the full track.
  16. They don't really do harmonies. There's usually just one member singing at random over the backing track and it sounds off because the vocal probably is supposed to be a part of a group harmony that none of the others are doing.
  17. The vocals are never mixed properly in fan videos, so it's a rough guide. Certain cameras won't pick up on vocals because of how they pick up sound in general. There are performances where you can't hear a member sing a solo line, watch another video from the same night and you hear it clear as day. Mastering, mixing, and layering vocals are a huge thing with harmonies as well.

    Look at some different videos for some live performances for each night and you'll notice some pretty cool stuff.
  18. Going so early? It shouldn't have even cracked the Top 20.
  19. Missing You being top 20 instead of Issues? Good God...
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  20. Drag it, Cameron.
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