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Lift It Higher: The Saturdays Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Daniel!, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Missing You being released... Good God!

    I actually don't mind it that much. They have far worse, ha.
  3. I'd love Missing You if it wasn't for the heavy auto-tune
  4. They have Lose Control.
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  5. In my head, they don't.

    And it's better that way.
  6. This song is right to be scared to fall, as its time has now come.

    You make my heart beat...

    16. Faster


    Score: 8.259

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (JamesJupiter), 10 x 8 (Mikey1701, Mr. Humes, Utopia, flapjack-, SophiaSophia, leewallace19, Conan, imaduck)
    Lowest Score: 4 x 1 (Sweet Music)

    A loss for On Your Radar, but it still has far more left in the rate than any other album! This sweet, uptempo love song was (kind of) rumoured to be the fourth single, and was the only album track to be performed on their Album Chart Show special.

    To start us off, JamesJupiter gives it his 11: “Just sublime. So gorgeous and bittersweet, I fell head over heels on the first listen. Should have been a single,” and MrJames thinks the same thing there: “I love when the first album track of an album is an absolute banger and could easily be a single. It starts things off incredibly well,” as does tylerc904: “Single worthy, had the campaign lasted long enough. Who's baby got in the way of it??” Heh. Guy also would have seen it as a single, though does have issues, issues, issues with it: “I love this song. It's so clever and unique and would have been a great single. Despite the obvious layering and "studio magic", Frankie's pre-chorus is a real battle cry for her. My biggest issue with this song is how Frankie's second pre-chorus has that dance beat behind it. It cheapens the whole song for me”.

    A few pinpointed it as their favourite album track, such as Mikey1701: “Everything. This gives me everything. The production, the lyrics, the vocal delivery, the melody. Come through Saturdays!! The bridge to the chorus is amazing, the chorus is seductively simple and the middle 8 is sublime. Their best album track by a long shot. Slay me holy queens,” 2014: “Their best ever album track, Frankie slays! It’s amazing and I will always love it,” Mr. Humes is really loving it: “The best On Your Radar album track - I'd even go and say it's their best album track ever. It almost got my 11. I'll be always gutted it wasn't a single! Ugh. What kind of perfection is Frankie Bridge's bridge (HA)? The harmonies are absolutely flawless and, off course, we got Rochelle shining during the middle eight.”

    Midnight thinks it’s the highlight of On Your Radar: “A garden full of romance! Its beautiful flowers open up fully when Frankie's bridge sets in. Without a doubt, the brightest track to come from On Your Radar. So lively, so vibrant. Vanessa's second line could do with Mollie's harmony, that appeared during live performances. Oh, and with this middle-8 we can go only higher,” Pim-Em-Elle also enjoys Frankie’s performance: “I'm in love with Frankie's leading in this song. And the lyrics are really good. I remember it was one of the songs that I was so eager to hear in full from the snippets in their 'unlock snippets' thingie. One of the songs I wasn't adverse to at the time because I really didn't like club-by songs way back when,” and Entropy thinks it’s the only thing of note, and is just a bit meh towards the song itself: “A very middling song for me. It grew a little bit as time went on but never really sparked much love. Frankie’s pre chorus is quite good though. It seems like something Alexis Jordan would release in terms of production, it reminds me of one of her songs”. I wonder which.

    Vixen takes a risk and comes for Frankie’s shining moment: “Okay this is going to be an unpopular opinion and I’m pretty sure it’s going to go against pretty much all the other comments on that song but the weak point for me in ‘Faster’ is Frankie’s chorus (or pre-chorus, whatever). I always thought she sounded whiny and that’s probably why this one is not getting a 10. It’s a shame because Rochelle’s note in the middle-8 is great (again, maybe better live, just like Mollie’s bit in Notorious). You gotta love Mollie’s « faster, faster, faster » as well, right? Right. (Mention for Una's quick appearance ; she sounds good!),” and Deborux thinks it actually derails the whole song: “I know everyone raves about this but it’s nothing special. I really think Frankie’s vocals completely ruin this. She’s painful to listen to,” while Jacket doesn’t hold back either: “I am not a fan of Frankie’s vocals generally, and she completely destroys the chorus melody”. She can never catch a break! I do kind of agree though, oop.

    Some were a bit dumbfounded by the fanbase’s love for the song, like phily693: “This is a fan favourite, right? Am I missing something? It’s just okay,” and DJHazey: “I'll never understand the fuss over this one. I hope "faster, faster, faster" isn't hooking's nothing special,” and Call My Name thinks it simply serves its function and nothing more: “A bit basic, but it fits in the context of the album”. Philllll took a while with it: “I remember this song taking a while for it to really click and be amazing, but once it did…Faster, Faster, Faster,” and things aren’t quite fitting together for WhenTheSunGoesDown: “This song is a 10 to me, until the weird plodding dubsteppy middle 8 which doesn't completely work for me. Everything else about it is wonderful to me though,” but munro thinks it’s “an absolute gem”.

    Totto writes a mini-essay on you know who (again): “Second best Rochelle vocals. Her ad-libs her big note, WOW. Her best vocal live! This song also played a big role in how I started to stan for Roch. I’m sure like to hear it: I remember watching the reaction of the YouTube video, before I even watched the performance, they were all like “Oh Rochelle is so good, she should be the lead singer” all kind of deserved Rochelle praise. I skip trough the video to see what they were talking about, I didn’t hear anything, I obviously skipped Roch legendary big note accidentally. After weeks I came back and to listened why Rochelle was so special in this song, my wish was always for Rochelle to do a big note but I thought she was never capable, but then I heard it”. Good for her. GhettoPrincess is much more brief: “Lovely song with some slightly iffy vocals. Rochelle/Mollie/Una sound great,” and lastly CasuallyCrazed gives some consolation to those who wanted it as a single… sort of: “Great blueprint for what 30 Days would become”. Something tells me not many would agree!

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  7. Well, I expected that one to beat 'Move On U' at least.


    But top 20 is well deserved.
  8. It should have been kicked to the fucking curb a long time ago i.e. so much fasterfasterfaster. This is 13 spots better than Forever Is Over? What parallel universe have I been dropped into?
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  10. Hey how did you know I got my life to Demi's "Frozen" this morning? It clearly didn't help though...
  11. Don't be mean, Daniel. I'm pretty sure @DJHazey wishes he could turn back the page.
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  12. Una looks hot with a moustache.

    I can't at My Heart Takes Over still being in. It's a lovely song but sometimes that chorus is a bit too shouty.
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  13. Not that I have a problem with Faster being eliminated around this position as it's quite a good time for it go but there's a few quite rubbish tracks left. TUT TUT!
  14. Haha, I wanna how many times you rolled your eyes at my commentary?
  15. You've been asking for this...

    Beats are flowing

    Looks you're throwing

    Get the fire up inside of me!

    15. Move On U


    Score: 8.286

    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (Blob), 10 x 13 (CasuallyCrazed, Utopia, Fascination, JamesJupiter, runrocketboy, Philllll, flapjack-, Jacket, Jacques, Remorque, Guy, Totto, that boy is a monster)
    Lowest Score: 5 x 3 (GhettoPrincess, Lost In Japan., Number)

    Not a good day for On Your Radar, though it’s still in the lead, album wise. This sexy banger was written by Una, Mollie, and The Alias and appears as a bonus track on the album. I love the squelchy, throbbing production under each bridge, it makes for a perfect build-up to the chorus when paired with those addictive stuttered lyrics.

    Entropy also likes the production, and thinks it deserved a better place on the album: “Mmmm there’s something so euphoric about the production of this one. The vocals are a bit too edited but it’s not too bad. Should have been on the standard edition instead of The Way You Watch Me. A sexy little song,” and many more of you were surprised it was shunted to the very bottom of the tracklist, like WhenTheSunGoesDown: “How is such a good song buried at the end of an album?”. Deborux thinks the same: “too good to be a forgotten closer. Could easily have been a single,” and does Jersey: “Deserved a spot on the album, without a doubt. For shame, The Saturdays team,” Jacket: “Why the fuck was this a bonus track?!” runrocketboy: “Iconic-should-have-been-a-single-but-was-a-bonus-track JAMMMMMM,” and Guy: “This is so stupidly catchy. What a bummer that this was relegated as a bonus track. Move On U does everything a 2011 The Wanted single tried to do, but better”. That fan demand!

    DJHazey is another fan of the production: “The production, especially during the chorus, makes this an instant club anthem. I love how the girls start by essentially saying "don't worry about them other chicks, they got nothing on this" and proceed to back up their talk,” and Midnight is also grooving: “Another good song. It also used to be one of my favourites from the album. An amazing fling between the bass and synths. There's something captivating about the way Una pronounces "when the lights go down". The 'ooooh-oooh-oh-oh' hook is the highlight of the track”. JamesJupiter calls the song “saucy,” and phily693 (“Brilliant. Nothing ground breaking but fits in on the album so well and is very catchy”) and Mikey1701: (“Ibiza-lite rave anthem. A great end to a brilliant album. Slay”) both thinks it makes a great album closer.

    It was a grower for Totto: “It really took me a while to get into it, but once I did!” and Pim-Em-Elle took a while with it too: “another song I kind of overlooked and kind of just had it there for a bit because it was too dance-y but then I kind of just got into one day and the rest is history. Another 'makes you feel sexy' song of the theirs (With Get Ready, Get Set in the top obviously). The 'U' bothers me still,” (You must not be a Prince fan.) and Vixen is also feeling sexy: “Bop and a half. I love a filthy and slutty anthem every now and then. "I'm working up a sweat, dripping down my neck. I got you right in my sight." Yes Mollie, yes”. Yes indeed. CasuallyCrazed is a bit shady if you ask me: “would have smashed in the era of Taio Cruz and Derulo,” hmm, and munro isn’t impressed: “just your average filler track, nothing amazing”. Can’t please ‘em all.

    Philllll almost gives it his 11 (and praises Mollie in the process, good show): “If Not Giving Up didn’t exist, this would probably be my 11. I totally preferred the demo version with Mollie [listen here], I feel like they should have given one of those Rochelle verses to Mollie. Regardless, the beginning is chilling, the effects are well placed and this can be on repeat for hours without realising,” but Blob goes all the way: “My extra special song. The album as a whole is just stunning. Cohesive, full of bops, each song different enough to stand on it's own. But Move On U should not have been a bonus track. This song right here is The Saturdays at their absolute best. Sexy, sultry and making me beg for more. The album takes you on a journey though and if Say OK was omitted then it would be like the start of a night out right to the club closing”.
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  16. Should have been about 70 spots higher better Forever Is Over.
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  17. In no parallel universe is Move On U better than the flawless Faster.

    And what is up with Vanessa's stank face on the Move On U artwork above?!
  18. Not here for this On Your Radar cull. Move On U is that bop and the production is sublime. Here's to the rest of On Your Radar dominating the top spots...I may be an On Your Radar stan (it is arguably their Magnum Opus).
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  19. Well, I wouldn't want to upset you.

    Another reveal coming a bit later... what do you all think it is?
  20. It's her reaction to Move On U getting this high in the rate or....

    It's her reaction to Not Giving Up becoming a single.
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