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LIGHTS - "Prodigal Daughter" + The Clinic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Apr 28, 2021.

  1. Last night, Mother Poxleitner-Bokan released her first solo single since 'Lost Girls', and it's a beauty.
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  2. Glad/surprised she moved onto a new Lights song so quickly after her little side project EP.
  3. What a beautiful song. Lights always finds a way to create an atmosphere so effortlessly. Can't wait for more from this new project.
  4. I'm assuming she did this herself as it sounds very bedroom.

    It's a little frustrating (to me) because I think it has the foundation to be a truly phenomenal song but it sounds kinda one note or half baked. Wish she reworked this into something a little more magical.

  5. She's coming!
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  6. The way she goes in on her album campaigns is why she's one of my favourite artists.
    The Skin&Earth campaign was so much fun and I'm excited to see what the clinic will turn out!
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  7. So it looks like this album will be a continuation within the Skin&Earth-verse.

    And a 13-track album, with 'Prodigal Daughter' as track 3.

  8. I haven't listened to her regularly in a long time. But i'll have to check this out when it's out.
  9. I love LIGHTS. Beside Myself was perfect. I hope she creates that soundscape throughout!
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  10. Can't wait for this. Skin&Earth was a serve. Her album campaigns are always so interesting and well thought-out which is a breath of fresh air in today's music landscape.
  11. As others have said, Lights campaigns are always great. I'm excited for this, it's been great having her do so many features and side projects of late but a real album to sink my teeth into is going to be awesome.

    I know she's been working on producing things herself as well so I wonder if she'll solely create all of this or whether she'll get others in. I'm, very much, perched.
  12. Issa bop
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  13. Waitttt-- holy shit this sounds amazing and she looks amazing
  14. Video out now!
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  15. The video is cute and she looks incredible as always. The song is also STUNNING. She never misses.
  16. Oh, “Prodigal Daughter” is an absolute bop from start to finish. I need to catch up on her discography. I haven’t properly listened to her since the Little Machines era.
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