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Lights - Saviour (New Single from 'The Listening')

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by marktheperson, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Lights' new song "Saviour" has been sent out to Canadian radio stations and premiered on her MySpace yesterday! Her debut album "The Listening" will be coming out in a few months....

    What do we think guys?
  2. It's pretty good. I quite like this girl. For a first single, the song could be stronger. Kind of wished the title and chorus of the song didn't carry so much Christian overtones. But overall very nice. I look forward to her debut.
  3. EP now on US iTunes. Includes "The Listening" title track. You can also hear it below. It's really quite lovely, like everything this girl has released. Wonderful stuff. "Saviour" has grown on me immensely as well.
  4. the album sampler is available in all the right places. it sounds rather brilliant.
  5. I hope the album has more uptempo numbers like "Ice". I love her slow songs, but I'd like to see more energy.
  6. "Ice" is definitely my favorite song of hers. I listened to that song so many times this past winter, dodging puddles of ice and snow.

    As I mentioned before, "The Listening" is amazing. Seems like a nice middle ground between uptempos like "Ice" and her slower songs like "February Air."
  7. ops


    Album's out, they ruined "Ice" but overall it's decent.
  8. The video is currently showing on "The Box". I hope it's a hit for her because it's a beautiful song and album. You can buy "Ice" on UK iTunes now too.

    "Saviour" is released here in UK May 9th.
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