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LIGHTS - Skin & Earth // Acoustic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Following on from the glorious Little Machines and accompanying acoustic album, Mrs. Bokan has been deathly quiet about her music and last night, she tweeted this...

    Maybe I'm jumping the boom-boom gun, but I'm feeling confident that new music is coming next week.
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  2. Wouldn't it be her fourth album?

    Excited nonetheless!
  3. I never know whether to include acoustic albums, so I've changed it to "New".
  4. I love to support Canadian music, but I could just never ever get into her stuff. I was sort of glad that she disappeared for a while, honestly. But I met her at a Blue Jays game a few years back and she couldn't have been any nicer.
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  5. I'm perched but I don't trust her to put out a good first single after Up We Go.
  6. I need to listen to her more. For me she's been a "I'll check her out at some point" artist for about three years years.

    From All Sides is so gorgeous though.
  7. I've only ever really liked the first album and My Boots. I'll see what this one's like...
  8. I'm not sure we should really be putting a thread up based on that, but I've seen one opened for less. Of course I'm here for any new music from her.

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  9. YAS.

    I read it more as a countdown, like seven days/weeks until an announcement, rather than seventh release? Technically it would be her eighth anyway, EPs included (unless she's pretending the first EP didn't happen).
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  10. Hmm intrigued.
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  11. One of my faves coming to save 2017! This is so exciting!!!
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  12. I'll be watching closely. I'm confident in our LIGHTS. I want The Listening with beefier production and more melodic moments. That's asking for too much yes I know!
  13. Oh god, YESSS! Her last album was one of my favorites in 2015 and I can still listen to it without skipping songs.

    The acoustic album was also absolutely stellar. I still get chills listening to Muscle Memory.

    When I feel the chains of a thousand words
    And I speak your name like I know you heard
    I can feel you there, I can hear you move
    And it moves me too
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  14. What we do if we ever got something similar to Second Go?
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  15. Die of happiness.
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  16. I'd love some more along the lines of Portal or From All Sides, I think those more "mature" vibes suit her voice better than the likes of Meteorites and How We Do It.

    But honestly I'll love whatever she puts out unconditionally anyway so bring it on.
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  17. Ding ding ding.
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  19. Lemme ignore the crystal and focus on the wine but yeeesssssss.
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