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LIGHTS - Skin & Earth // Acoustic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. The acoustic version of skydiving has been put up and it's beautiful

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  2. 'Until the Light' has been put up

    I'm in love with the fact that she recorded in locations that are referenced in the comics.
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  3. Love Me is a BOP. I'm so mad I just now found out about this.
  4. Love Me has gone gold in Canada - and Skin&Earth Acoustic is out! Some really stunning renditions on here.

  5. I'm enjoying this so far, it's always great to hear a reword of some of her strongest tracks. Of the new ones, Down Forever stands out, it's beautiful.
  6. We Were Here and Kicks have become absolutely beautiful.
  7. Skin&Earth Acoustic comes in at #2 on the Canadian iTunes chart. Mum stays winning.
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  8. I'm in LOVE with every track, which is no surprise because I could listen to this woman for the rest of time without getting tired of her.

    Of the rerecorded tracks, Savage stuck out to me the most, followed by Until the Light. I held off listening to anything other than Lost Girls until the album release and I was not disappointed. Of the new tracks, Down Forever is the track that I think I'll get a lot of replay value out of it. It's something everyone can relate to and I really just love her voice on it. Such a good release, I'm so happy for her!
  9. Well, that's my evening sorted.

  10. Love Me finally went top 40! It's peaked at #38 so far.
  11. She's out out a beautiful little throwback track. I adore her so much.
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  12. Such a great throwback for her fans. I love the reference to her first acoustic EP artwork too!
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