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LIGHTS - Skin & Earth // Acoustic

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. I wonder what this j-pop/anime girl pic has to do with her very western-looking, Marvel/DC-esque comics thing.
  2. That concept is giving me very Halsey Badlands vibes but I trust Lights' ability to actually execute this well.
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  3. I remember first discovering Lights when she released Ice back in 2009, and I've loved watching her evolve as an artist (and as a person) ever since. I even remember spending actual days ensuring I could learn the fast spoken middle eight in Ice. She's never let me down yet, and although I've got no interest in the comic, I love how unique this sounds but July feels so far away.
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  4. 360


    Sounds like quite the fascinating project! A new and interesting direction for her for sure. I think she marketed this really well with the countdown too, so consider me very interested. The audio snippet from that teaser sounds pretty amazing, it's giving me Portal vibes from Little Machines. I take it it's a snippet of the lead single? Also when can we expect the first single to drop? July?

    I'll definitely be watching this with interest. It's a fresh and new direction for her, and also a fascinating one.
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    Checking her Twitter it looks like Skin and Earth as an album and comic is simply "coming soon" with no firmer release date outside of that. Was hoping we'd get the lead single soon.
  6. Nice idea but some music would be nice please. My fear is there's so much effort put into the comic that she has to compromise on the songs to make it fit and we end up with a confused and underwhelming album.
  7. Within Temptation did this once and the music was stunning in conjunction so I'm not too worried.

  8. Basically, on this instagram, various locations on this map are tagged with different accounts with more visuals, some of which link to even more accounts. If you want to adventure and find the snippet, be my guest, but if you don't, also be my guest.
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  9. It's such a brilliant idea. One of my favourite things about her is how much she invests on a personal level in her campaigns.
  10. Oh my God that sounds so good. Scalp me, Lights.
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  11. Dddd, I haven't listened to either of the "Machines" albums yet, but I LOVED her debut and her sophomore was solid. Lemme catch up real soon!
  12. Go straight to Running With The Boys. CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!
  13. New snippet from the scavenger hunt. This is sounding good.
  14. I've pre-ordered both Covers A and B for both issues so far. So excited for this! The music she's teased has sounded great so far too.

  15. (I think I hate that single artwork nn)
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    So June 23? Right on my birthday then. Awesome news. Looking forward far more to the new music as opposed to the comic concept, but I guess we should have seen this coming as far back as Saviour in 2009 when the video showed her drawing comics back then. Must be a passion of hers.

    Hope the new single is awesome and signals some great music coming from her.

    Loved Siberia and Little Machines. Looking forward to Friday.

  17. Low-key not sure I'm here for Lights living out her cosplay fantasies in music videos but at least the song sounds like it might go off a bit. Come through please.
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  18. I mean, knowing her is it that surprising though? I figured a visual concept like this might come along someday and I'm okay with it to be honest. It very much feels like it's something she wants to do and she is passionate about. The song sounds like it is coming for skulls. Drag me away, queen!
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  19. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy for her that she's getting to do something she's clearly wanted to do for a long time and have no doubt the album will be fantastic. I just find the whole My First Comic-Con feel to it a bit... cringe. Selfishly, I'd rather that was left in the comic.

    Totally ready and willing to be proved wrong though.
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  20. 360


    I love Lights but this doesn't echo the effortless grace of videos like Toes, which was fashionable and cool (as was the entire Siberia project come to think of it) and this does seem a little, well, cringe. The visual aspect should have been confined to the comic, though I guess she needed a visual idea for the music videos too and here we are. That said the track sounds like it has a chorus to conquer worlds so I'm still looking forward to tomorrow.

    She's definitely a fascinating artist that's for sure. More excited for the music as opposed to the visuals however.
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