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Lights - The Listening (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. This deserves its own thread. Because it's amazing. Finally released (after an EP months ago), and it's all I can listen to. And it's out there, floating around. Released in Canada now, soon in the US. Don't know if it'll get a UK release, but it should. It's terrific. Veers on the precious side, clearly the musings of a woman just entering adulthood (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am not a woman just entering adulthood), but nevertheless it is striking a chord with me. Maybe it's because it's so honest. Maybe it's the synths. Maybe it's the melodies. This is an album you should listen to. I can see it falling under the radar of many and this would be a tragedy.

    Ice has been changed slightly from its EP incarnation, a little more "ravey" now, but I like it. Pretend is just stunning, as it the reprise. Second Go is the kind of delightful, no bullshit synth pop that I can't get enough of. Everything else is lovely.


    1. Saviour
    2. Drive My Soul
    3. River
    4. The Listening
    5. Ice
    6. Pretend
    7. The Last Thing On Your Mind
    8. Second Go
    9. February Air
    10. Face Up
    11. Lions!
    12. Quiet
    13. Pretend (Reprise)
  2. brynmars

    brynmars Guest

    I really like this album. I listened to it through once last night and instantly loved it. I need to listen to it more to really gather my thoughts but at the moment it is a definite "wow".
  3. I'm listening to this now. It's all rather lovely.
  4. AustenT

    AustenT Guest

    very good album. can't wait to buy it next week.
  5. I've just listened to this through on the way home from work. LOVE. IT!

    Thank God for Popjustice (and of course sushimuffin!), otherwise this would have completely passed me by!

    Has there been any singles from it??? I've never heard of her / them!
  6. If anybody is interested, it's on Amazon (USA) with the release date being October 6th. It's also on Amazon (UK) with the same release date.
  7. I've just listened to this again tonight, paying a bit more attention to the lyrics. Pretend nearly had me in tears! I'm such a big girl...
  8. I saw that earlier too! I can't wait to buy it and support her.
  9. I'd just like to reiterate my love for this. It really is beautiful.

    Threads like this, which allow me to discover new music which I would otherwise have missed, is what I originally loved about Popjustice.

    Glad to see that amongst all the forum madness, I can still do this.
  10. I love this album...Saviour is brilliant.

    I was watching the video for it on Youtube yesterday and was surprised the singer was so young. I can't put my finger on who she reminds me's like Lene Marlin with a slight sugar boost...?
  11. Hardly very original, but still compelling. And in February Air she does a more convincing "short frock in snowstorm" than either GA or SC7. That would be a northern thing, I guess. As is that planet, with only one cold pole.
  12. AustenT

    AustenT Guest

    I saw her live in August 2008, and I bought her EP directly from her.

    I had no idea who she was at the time. I should of said hello. :(
  13. Her voice reminds me on Donna Lewis, especially on Saviour.
  14. Album is out now on US iTunes. Comes with lovely bonus track "Up up and Away," which in typical Lights style seems fairly unassuming at first until it wins you over completely with how sweet and unassuming it is.
  15. I've been listening to this a lot. Beautiful album with absolutely no bad tracks on it. Love her.

    Officially in my top 5 albums of 2009.
  16. Best album ever.
  17. Lights - 2010s icon?

    Now that The Listening has been released in America, it seems inevitable Lights is going to become a megastar very soon. I've been a fan of her since February 2008, when she was almost unknown, and I've met her twice. She's such an amazing person and such a talented musician and deserves to be at the top way more than just about anyone who's there right now.

    I think we're gonna hear about her all the time in the 2010s. Hopefully we'll hear a lot about Owl City too. Good music is making a comeback!
  18. Charley

    Charley Staff Member


    She looks really odd on the back cover of her album... Like a dark haired Daisy De La Hoya!
  19. So I got the album last night, finally.'s basically aamazing. I was kinda disappointed because of how many songs I'd already heard, but that doesn't detract from the quality of the album obviously! It's wonderful, my favorites right now are Quiet and River. Great album!
  20. I just heard Saviour on sounded really good.
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