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Lil Nas X - Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. I love the thirst that had resulted in this potential remix, but at the same time, I wish everyone involved wasn’t so stats-obsessed and they could just enjoy this song’s standalone success
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  2. I'm sorry but Mariah finessing her way into extending her record further after 23 years would be ICONIC
  3. Mariah scoring her 19th number one with this and then her 20th when All I Want For Christmas tops the chart this year on its 25th anniversary? Can you say legendaric?
  4. It is high-key hilarious that he was Nicki's biggest stan, sitting on Twitter trashing Cardi and Mariah for likes and now he not only refuses to acknowledge Nicki's existence, but he's aligning with all of her enemies. The Cyrus family, Cardi, and Mariah? It's the biggest gag. This is why we need more messy gays in pop!
  5. I'm so ready for Lil Mariah X.
  6. I can actually see her do this as a gift to Dem Babies.
  7. I want the Mariah remix to be the most ridiculous song released this year. And I want to see her kinda breaking her own record, delete Bieber and Despacito from history and make Nicki mad.

    Also I wonder if Nicki is gonna drag Lil Nas X in some kind of way if that's the case.
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  8. Why would she help someone beat her record? This is why I don't like artists being added to songs after their release to boost streams. If Mariah is added to the song and it stays at #1 or another few weeks and it overtakes One Sweet Day, does that mean she's now got the record with Lil Nas instead? Even though she wasn't even on the song for the first 14 weeks?

    While I'm loving the fact Lil Nas and Billie Eilish are having long running hits, it's a bit unfair how other established artists can just jump on to the track after a few months and get another #1 credit when the other artist has done all the work promoting it until then.

    Really messy, but whatever, as long as it's not Bieber at #1.
  9. She simply would be helping somebody else breaking her own record, which, let's not forget, she's currently sharing with Justin fucking Bieber. Also, it would be her first #1 this decade, which would bring some cool stats too.
    Eh this is a bit more difficult to analyse. We know that neither Billy Ray or Mariah would get a top10 hit on their own in 2019, but it's also true that an older, established act brings a lot of publicity to a remix. It's a win win for both the main artist and the feature.
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  10. I mean, for me I just feel like if Mariah was added to the song for a verse when it's on it's 15th week in the chart, it shouldn't really count as 'her' record? If she was on the song from the start then fair enough but it's complete bullshit if I'm being objective. I don't like this trend of artists just jumping on to popular songs to boost their own stats, it just downplays the success of the song and cheapens it's record when it ends up being nothing like the original version and all people remember is the endless remixes and features.

    I didn't realise she shared the record with Bieber though. I always thought she was on 16 weeks and Despacito was on 15. Funny how Bieber has now jumped on to the song that's the closest competition to Old Town Road's record though.
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  11. She could have her record broken or have it broken by her remix and get a new No 1. I know what I would do.
  12. Well the tactic to add features along the way to boost the sales has been pretty common for 20 years now (maybe even before but I don't have much knowledge to prior years). She might as well top the charts for just one week but it's just like what @Vasilios just wrote. She would have something to gain anyway.

    Also, to be completely honest, Old Town Road is a song born almost as a joke that got initial popularity as a meme. I don't see how the artistic value can be cheapened.
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  13. Is it really any different than when Mariah(‘s label) was paying radio stations to play her, discounting her singles and/or giving them away for free, and releasing remixes in the 90s? Mariah practically invented The Remix. I can’t think of a more poetic way for her to get another number one.
  14. I can’t express how much I need this to happen.
  15. I think it's going to happen.

    Mariah loves #1s.
    Mariah loves memes.
    Mariah loves remixes.

    This is the perfect move and she knows it.
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  16. No one is going to count this as 'her' record.
  17. ..the scam.
  18. Really into the idea that every song that threatens her record, she hops on it last minute to extend her reign as chart queen teebs.
  19. Sorry I misread the post earlier as basically saying Mariah would rather make a new record with Old Town Road and get another #1 than potentially lose it to him otherwise. My bad.
  20. If Mariah hops on the remix then her team better do everything in their power to make All I Want For Christmas go number 1 this year.

    The lambs need to be fed.
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