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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. To be fair Nicki's been really busy researching the Covid vaccines.
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  2. And Drake is busy with telling people he got it despite being vaccinated. Booked and busy researchers!
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  3. Well this is fucking phenomenal!!!!
    That’s What I Want has to be massive, wow. He’s just getting better and better.
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  4. Since I can't buy any physicals for the music, I just got this cute tee instead:

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  5. Also, can The Montero Show be an actual show where our favourite pop girls countdown their fave videos with King Nas X as the host because I would watch it.
  6. Everything about this campaign has been five stars, Big Pop Girl level shit. The fact the album is great too? We really can't ask for more apart from vinyl.

    We'll be seeing repercussions of Nas simply existing over the next few years as labels realise that – wow! – suddenly openly queer people can be viable popstars and are worth investing cash in. This guy is probably the most important popstar that's broken through in our lifetime in terms of changing the industry, and I will continue to stan.
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  7. I bopped, I teared up, I danced like my rent was due, I laughed, I reminisced about life. This was an experience and can’t wait to overplay the shit out of it.
  8. This is phenomenal, it will be up there as my AOTY.
  9. This needs to be a poster or the centrefold of the booklet.

  10. VOID going into DONT WANT IT

  11. If they don't push That's What I Want HARD as a single.

    'Cause it don't feel right when it's late at night
    And it's just me in my dreams


    and feeling very validated in saying it, Lost in the Citadel, and Life After Salem would be the highlights
  12. Literally the only complaint is no physicals (yet). I’m sure they will announce them soon but it’s baffling that they didn’t have CDs at a minimum for release week.

    I’m rooting for a number one album/single debut even though this whole experience is far more important than chart positions.
  13. SMG


    This feels like such a seminal release already.
  14. K94


    We've had some great albums this year but I've been waiting for one to really pop off and this is it - AOTY easily. The way he combines pop, R&B, pop punk etc. with such seemlessness and ease; and this is only his debut!

    Also I don't think his songwriting gets enough praise - it's really strong across the board. The highlights are the singles (That's What I Want is perfect pop - one of the best choruses of the year), Void and Scoop absolutely bangs. I'm so pleased that it's this good on top of being so important - not like it matters, but I'm sure it will shake off some criticisms of him being gimmicky. This is clearly someone who cares about their craft.
  15. He just is the moment.
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  16. That's What I Want effortlessly blends his wit with his sense for sharp hooks and with the vulnerability he started to show on Sun Goes Down. I think it might be his best song yet.
  17. On my second listen and this already feels like a classic?!
    How does he create these infectious melodies and beats, one after another. They just STICK.
  18. So where are my 'Lost in the Citadel' stans at?
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