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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. I've yet to listen but excited to press play. The reviews are really great too. Why no vinyl though??
  2. Oh, Blue, I love you too
    But today I'm gonna run away from home

  3. That shower scene (again!) tho.

  4. This is fantastic. I really wish I'd have someone like him growing up. He's doing so well I'm so proud.
  5. BTG


    Ready for Lil Nas to take the BPG rate by storm.
  6. SMG


    Tales of Dominica is so good.
  7. That's What I Want made me a bit emotional on first listen (and that video had me sweating). I can't even imagine how impactful having a voice like his will be for a generation of gay kids. Particularly with the amount of homophobia that's always been present in hip-hop, the entire album feels truly monumental.

    The best part is that all of the work is top-notch. The album is smooth as hell, jam-packed with potential hits, and in the midst of all his clever lines, sonic switch-ups, and massive choruses, there's a ton of heart throughout all of this. He walks the line between brash and vulnerable remarkably well. My one issue is that a handful of the songs feel like they could use more room to breathe (an extra 30 seconds here and there), but generally the runtimes aren't that much of a hindrance. In short, I'm going to run this album into the ground. I'm so glad that it lived up to the impeccable rollout. I feel so lucky to be watching him do his thing right now.
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  8. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    BPG rate 2021 is a must teebs.
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  9. Just finished my first listen but this is so great; a true BPG moment.

    Does DON’T WANT IT sample Mockingbird by Eminem? Bop.
  10. Promote that safe sex king! #fuckdababy
  11. I totally forgot the short version of 'Call My By Your Name' existed. I've not listened to it once since the far superior extended version was released.
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  12. Imagine being so effortlessly funny in just about everything you do. Like, only a former stan Twitter user could do this

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  13. Honestly, wow? Like, what an incredible artist.

    The legacy he’s already built with a debut album is just phenomenal.

    You can just tell how much involvement he has had with every aspect of this campaign. It’s so much fun, so imaginative, and just so damn enjoyable to watch and enjoy.

    And to be doing all of this as a queer, black man? We love to see it. What an incredible artist for a whole generation of young queer people to have to look up to.
  14. It’s a total blockbuster from start to finish (both and the album and the campaign and I’m sure we’ve much more to come on the latter) and boasts all the ridiculousness, cheek and fun that great pop music should have a little bit of but also (maybe surprisingly) it’s full of heart and conviction too. Sun Goes Down is my favourite. It’s a heartbreaker.
  15. jtm


    I think my favorite is Life After Salem. Even knowing the album teaser I didn‘t quite expect something like this.
  16. Wait am I month late in wondering why HOLIDAY wasn't included? Has he given an explanation?
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  17. He said before he was likely including it on the deluxe
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  18. The melody on Tales of Dominica is absolutely spellbinding, the one-two of it into Sun Goes Down is such a satisfyingly warm mood shift.

    Scoop confirming that it's impossible for Doja to make bad music. Another smash in the making!
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