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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. I wish “Scoop” was longer just so Doja had more time on it, because her verse was excellent.
  2. I don’t mind the shorter song lengths generally speaking on the album because they all feel fleshed out (with the exception of Call Me By Your Name) but yes, I really do wish we got more Doja on Scoop. Even just another 30 seconds would do it really.
  3. Effortlessly great debut album, not a dud in sight. He's so gifted at balancing and blending genres, very #vers. Lost in the Citadel took me straight back to eighth grade dd. The back half of the album is insane.
  4. Life After Salem already forging a path forward for him into something slightly more ominous and sinister was an unexpected surprise late in the album. I'll be playing the fuck out of this but it's even more exciting to hear that his debut album is giving him room to grow and continue expanding his sound.

    Get yourself an Adderall
    And throw me up against the wall

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  5. I hope 'That's What I Want' debuts at #1.
  6. Ugh I love him. He can have fun with his lyrics, but then some stuff is so vulnerable and emotional... Had me tearing up hard. And that just means it means something, which makes the album all the better.
  7. Iconic if you ask me.

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  8. They told us in sex education to never bite a condom wrapper, Miss Nas wasn't listening x
  9. NME giving 5 stars to Solar Power but 3 to Montero... homophobic, dark sided, deranged!
  10. I don't know if we're ready for this tea, but a friend of mine used to work there and apparently they only hand out good scores for artist that agree to shoot a cover for them (which Lorde and many others did).
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  11. The decline and desperation!
  12. The album of a generation. Dicks up, lil Monteros.
  13. Void is…wow. He really has the range.
  14. This is excellent. Some tracks suffer from their length, like That’s What I Want (how could you not repeat that chorus one more time?) and Scoop. But wow - what a great body of work. Meg demolished her verse on Dolla Sign Slime, and Dead Right Now might be my early favorite. Maybe it was due to the general lightheartedness of the first two singles, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how introspective he is throughout. The vulnerability here is commendable.

    I also can’t get over how gorgeous the album cover is. Truly stunning.
  15. I need a vinyl pre-order!
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The impact this album will have can't be stated enough. I mean the millions of streams this will get, an unapologetically gay Black rapper detailing his relationship with his parents, thoughts on running away, lust, success. It's making me emotional to think about how many people need this album and will resonate with it.
  18. Miss Nas probably didn't get proper sex education in Georgia dd.
    (I know you're joking, just ... Americunty things <3)
  19. Lizzo using his copypasta dd

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