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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. No cd for Montero album ? Why ?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. RMK


    Sun Goes Down is also really such a beautiful song and video. The main singles have been bops, but that release fully laminated my stan card and revealed his potential. Definitely feels more indicative of the entire album in retrospect when a lot of these lyrics are more dark and he's sitting in emo-rock influenced production.

    If the project wasn't self titled, Sun Goes Down would be a great option.
  4. The intro of DEAD RIGHT NOW sounding like one bar away from Mambo Italiano... his mind!
  5. rdp


    All the music videos for this campaign have been excellent in all aspects. The creativity, the standout technical aspects... but even then none of it would work without his incredible charisma. Best visual campaign for a single album ever methinks
  6. This feels is so, so sad. I can't stop listening to it.
  7. K94


    Industry Baby feels like even more of a moment on the album - his Stan Twitter ass knows you have to eat on track 3
  8. WHAT A RIDE! King did not let us down, he is everything.
  9. BTG


    Void is stunning.
  10. DEAD RIGHT NOW lyrics about his parents... devastating.
  11. I believe he said his dad is singing on this track as well.
  12. RJF


    What a fucking debut!!! I'm gobsmacked. It's like it was made by someone who thought they were never going to get to make another album, so they weren't going to leave a single thing to chance. He's really thrown his whole soul into this. It's... blisteringly confessional and uncomfortable and agonisingly close to home at times, which I wasn't expecting at all. And all without sacrificing pop sensibilities while also dipping into countless different genres?

    I'm honestly completely besotted. It's the album of someone who has had the exact idea of what he wanted to do for ages, and it has been executed with the joy of finally seeing all that come to fruition. So much of the album and most definitely the era and the visuals feel like a feverish Stan Twitter dream, which makes sense considering that was the fire that forged him.

    Potentially album of the year. What a fun, affecting ride it is.
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  13. This is fantastic! Although I feel like I won't return to the singing songs as much as the rapping ones.

    Scoop is definitely the one! Dolla Sign Slime and Dead Right Now are also huge. Doja and Megan bodied their verses. Call Me By Your Name and Industry Baby still pop the fuck off, even more so within the context of the album.

    Also thank god the collab didn't happen but is he really surprised Nicki didn't respond to him after he denied being a barb throughout the entire Old Town Road press circuit? Obviously we know why he did that now but we know how petty she is. Add the fact that he collabed with Cardi right after dd. Anyway, truly a blessing in disguise.
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  14. I’ve always loved Lil Nas the person but didn’t care a lick about his music until Call Me By Your Name. This album has cemented him as a modern great. It’s wildly confessional, a lot more somber and introspective than I was expecting, but still big and camp and ridiculous the way good pop music should be.
  15. Holy shit every song is so good. This is giving me a type of 90s nostalgia for when albums were so anticipated and huge! Or maybe I'm just as excited as when a kid.. either way, we're gonna need some serious poster prints and vinyls to live with cos this album is gonna have legs!!
  16. Everything just sounds and looks so good. It's so solid and I'm so happy to have him around and being so unapologetically gay and himself with his music. It's so nice to see him break past the whole "one hit wonder" everyone expected him to be. The fact that he has only kept challenging himself and what he puts out since Old Town Road. My only gripe is... he/his team need to drop some physicals/vinyl preorders!
  17. Megan’s verse cleared my god damn skin today. I love when she gets super animated with her vocals. The ‘category in porn’ line is everything.
  18. I love this album. That’s What I Want is going to dominate the rest of the year and is 100% going to become my favourite song by him. What a video too, every singe video he releases makes me appreciate him more. Lost In The Citadel & Void are the early standouts also. Industry Baby continues to pop all the way off too.

    Please release a vinyl soon.
  19. It's an odd, new feeling to feel so proud of an artist, not for beating the odds and reaping the rewards of their talent and hard work (as we do with so many pop girls), but for just being queer, and being so in such a glorious, unashamed way, and everything that means for us and our society. The album is so rich—glossy, funny and clever bravado and a starkly honest account of the insecurity, loneliness and pain behind that. Above everything, the way he's literally manifesting the whole universe he dreamed for himself is awe-inspiring. What a thrill to witness it.
  20. R92


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