Lil Nas X - Montero

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Where is the Vinyl?

Having my first listen right now and I just have a big smile on my face. I don’t know, didn’t really have a lot of expectations but I think this album has so many wonderful layers and a there’s a lot here to enjoy. And his ear for infectious pop hooks? Him effortlessly exploring different genres of music with ease? I love it. Such a fantastic debut.
I pressed play and went to make coffee and when I came back the album was at Sun Goes Down dd. The best things really do come in small short packages.

Also this is a great article

Like Lil Nas, though, Gaultier never sought to provoke simply for the sake of it. Both men — who publicly identify as gay — use homoeroticism to undermine staid societal norms surrounding masculinity, for instance, creating inclusive content for their diverse audience.

Not because it gets a rise out of establishment blowhards (that's a bonus), but because it's an organic expression of their own identities.
Everyone should be falling over themselves wanting to work with him and his team after this. A triumphant campaign, ran with absolute precision, always feeling more fun than it does calculated (and that’s mostly thanks to his irresistibly charming personality). It’s the Big Pop Girl extravaganza we’ve all been thirsting for, and the fact that it’s an unapologetically queer man makes it all the more special for our community.

The fact that the album is its own little pop juggernaut, laced with hooks upon hooks, boasting crisp and bouncy production, and pretty much delivering everything you could want over its 41 minutes run-time (the beats, the bops, the ballads, the vocals, the collaborations)… Well. He really did that.

Also he’s just so fucking hot
This word get’s thrown around a lot, but i feel this is 100% accurate here.

What a time. It truly feels like this is what the world was waiting for, for a long time coming.


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