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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

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  1. Sadly it has already started by insecure rappers

    Makes me appreciate Kid Cudi’s endorsement the other day even more.
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  2. I mean, are they ignoring this though? You don't get the kind of streaming stats and zeitgeist defining hits like he has without having at least some straight men consuming your music.

    Yes, there is overt homophobia he is encountering, particularly within the hip hop community, but I think his commercial viability across broad demographics has been proven over the last 12 months.
  3. He had a big first day on streaming, landing 5 songs in the US Spotify top 10:

    1) Industry Baby
    2) That's What I Want
    6) Montero
    7) Scoop
    9) Dolla Sign Slime

    Most of the album placed within the top 30.

    On the Global Spotify chart, he has 3 songs in the top 10:

    2) Industry Baby
    3) That's What I Want
    4) Montero

    A smash!
  4. These grown ass men are JEALOUS and shaking fjdjbd
  5. I cannot believe how incredible this album AND his success are - had someone told little 15 year old gay me all those years ago that this would one day be possible I would not have believed it .. He’s just the most incredible trailblazer and his incredible success is a joy to behold
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  6. That’s great but I need Tales of Dominica to sneak in the top 10. It’s perfect.
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  7. I’m hoping Industry Baby might be able snatch number 1 on Billboard next week such a bop .

    I have to admit as well now Jack Harlow ate his verse .
  8. It was a bizarre choice to not use the extended MONTERO as the opening track. It’s superior in every single way.
  9. Sorry to be that person but I'm curious about where people are with the album's individual songs a day or two in
    Top tier:
    "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)"


    "ONE OF ME"
  10. Miley, Doja and Megan? Iconic.
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  11. This is sick

  12. Here's an interview roundup from the last couple days for anyone who hasn't caught them

  13. INDUSTRY BABY broke the record for international song with the most streams in a day in Brazil with nearly 900,000 streams.
  14. Ok but we need the people to stream Thats What I Want the most as it needs to be #1.
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  15. Scream. I don’t know if he can do this since it’s on the EP, but I’d live for the stunt

  16. Fingers crossed Scoop is gonna be made into a single eventually!
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  17. Do it king! Add Holiday too.
  18. Whew. There are no duds on this album for me. No gimmicky or novelty tracks, a nice blend of genres. He really put the versatile in vers bottom.
  19. Quick, drop the deluxe and CDs. I can't believe both Halsey and Lil Nas X got blocked by Kanye and Drake.

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