Lil Nas X - Montero

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nn yeah Pitchfork seems to rate pretty much every pop girl-adjacent album on a 6.5-7.9 scale. I guess any lower and they'd get dragged by the stans, but they seem unable to go any higher either.
I feel like a 7/10 is a pretty solid score. I'd probably give it a little more, but I'm also not a publication avoiding the stan mentality listening to different types of music every day.
I think Lost In The Citadel is the one for me, too. His ear for melody is incredible. I do wish Doja's verse on Scoop was longer because the two of them work so perfectly together and I'd love a whole song where they just play off of each other, but it's a hit nonetheless and I'm using the hell out of it. Dead Right Now has also been on heavy rotation and I love how he touches on the many different types of relationships in his life. I was hoping we'd get to see a little bit more of his background and who he is and I'm not disappointed. I've also loved Sun Goes Down since it came out a few months ago, and it's even more hard hitting in the context of the album. He's put a lot of work in on his voice over the last 2 years and he sounds really good. Can't forget about Void and Tales of Dominica, either. This is definitely an album where my initial favorites end up being damn near the entire album so I'll spare everyone the rambling for now.

The whole album slaps, honestly. Watching him blow up and become the biggest "it" artist right now while maintaining quality is really exciting. He could've gone in so many directions after Old Town Road and I'll always be just amazed at how completely he has taken his career and his artistry into his own hands and refused to be compromising in his vision. He's here to stay. I keep remembering that this is only his first album which is insane, honestly.

Last night I was talking to an old friend of mine that I grew up with that struggled with accepting his sexuality in our tiny little town and he was almost in tears talking about how he wished he had Nas and this album when we were growing up. Beyond the fun, the jokes, the bright colors, the flashy videos and the spectacle performances (all of which are sublime), this is an incredibly important piece of work that's going to comfort and carry so many people. Artists like Nas are truly once in a lifetime and I'm thankful to be here now to see it all unfold.
The Pitchfork review is weird cos they are super positive and have nothing negative to say at all and then they only give it a 7.
He's #1 in the UK Mids but with very low and disappointing figures (just 4.8K), probably Drake will catch up (sadly).
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