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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Today I'm obsessed with how the choir is utilized on Dead Right Now. He spends the first half of the song reminiscing on his own path to fame and how isolating that journey was only for the second verse to pivot into "Hallelujah, how'd you do it?" as this present time moment of clarity bringing everything into focus. It may not the album opener but it does a marvelous job of introducing the album's themes that he fully unpacks later.
  2. Probably cuz the score itself is an arithmetic average from the staff team and then the review is only one person, or at least that's what stan twitter likes to share.

    The album is such a revelation isn't it? Not every song feels like "IT" for me, but I'm still happy he managed to create something so absolutely Queer and Expressive. It's gorgeous.

    I really hope he'll snatch the #1. It's what he deserves. The momentum is here.
    I'm just praying for some sort of "exclusive CD sale" before friday. Hell, throw a Digipack just to bump it.

    If it's a lost cause, then... bring on the deluxe.
  3. I'm thinking they finished the album too late to get anything properly prepared for physicals? He mentioned that he reached out to Drake to be on Dolla Sign Slime just a few weeks ago, so I imagine Meg's verse was completed super recently.
  4. CDs and tapes literally take a few days to get printed though.
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  5. Yeah, CDs take like a week–10 days to print. Doja had CDs for Planet Her ready and she had been shuffling her tracklist around up until the very day she announced it.
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  6. Can he throw up a preorder with a digital download version attached to it? Would that help boost numbers? I want a vinyl too but we know that won't be coming anytime soon.
  7. RMK


    I don't know. I'm streaming and hope he reaches the top spot, but it really is his camp's fault when they would've easily been able to shift ~10,000 physical units. Especially when the alternate covers were sitting right here..

    you just know selling the last one would warrant so much publicity (nn)
  8. Yeah physicals would have helped out so much, it’s a miss on that front for sure and whoever decided it should be sacked ddddd.
  9. ... I would buy 2 copies if those were both of the covers for them. Not gonna lie.
    I'm honestly surprised he didn't go for any physicals at all. Not even any merch + download bundle? Just the Gautier collab. First album is no excuse, he could've done some of this, and someone on his team is to blame!
  10. A bundle of a CD with an A3-size print of the second one would have flown off the digital shelves.
  11. I wonder if it would be worth trying the below like Doja did since there are no physicals. It wouldn't even require any effort but may get a few sales.
  12. The album shoot is so good, he could honestly release the high rez photos as "covers" and do this same thing and people would definitely buy it if only to objectify his bod.
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  13. As much as I... enjoy those photos, shall we say, they feel like iconic poster inserts or something. This Lovesexy moment would be my choice for an alternative cover.

  14. The butterfly ones would be cute as, like, a trifold for a digipak. I did think they'd be great alternate cover images, but he's since posted some nicer options like the above and:


    The imagery is honestly really gorgeous.
  15. I think the actual album cover is the best choice. But all the imagery is gorgeous.

    These two images would make a great old school double sided poster that gets slipped into the album jacket.
  16. Oh yeah, we were just talking about if they had sold alternate covers on his store in addition to the original. Basically to get people to buy multiple copies. Feels like such an easy and surprisingly missed opportunity.
  17. The highs on this album are exceptional. The influences are blended so smoothly and his delivery has star quality. It's overwhelming to witness such an amazing display of popstardom from another gay man but it also gives me that 'why did it take so long for us to see this' feeling. Overdue, well deserved and historic.

  18. I won’t lie, a lot of the GT insta updates make me severely depressed at the state of the world but this is HYSTERICAL.
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  19. Scoop and Lost in the Citadel should be the next singles. I don't make the rules.

    tiktok does
  20. I think he's just found a name for his fanbase. Are people still doing that?
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