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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

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  1. 'Thats What I Want' is so amazing, I hope it's huge.
  2. Does Industry Baby have a shot at going number 1 this week? It's been number one on Spotify for days.
  3. Can you go No 1 if you're not Drake or BTS?
  4. It looks like he’ll be #2 behind B**b*r, but on the plus side he’ll have 3 songs in the top 10 including a top 10 debut for That’s What I Want.
  5. Some cute clips in here. The slide where he’s singing in full pop-punk voice… kind of slaps. I’d love a full length documentary about this album.

  6. K94


    That little falsetto he does on 'Lost In The Citadel's pre-chorus

  7. Not having a single physical out in time for the release is such a dumb choice for an otherwise flawlessly run campaign, I don't get all. Especially given most of the album leaked a long time in advance anyway.
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  8. He mentioned he was still working on it a week before it leaked, so it makes sense why it wasn’t sent out to plants back then. Likely still getting all the features lined up and finalizing the tracklist. I’m guessing that’s why it wasn’t released in July like he had initially planned to begin with. I’m sure he’ll be fine in the long run, though. Hopefully the physicals come when he drops the deluxe. It’d be nice if he ended up peaking again at number one.
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  9. Let's face it they were probably confident he wouldn't need them, like most rap releases but guess what.
  10. The people that had his album early mentioned back before the cover was revealed they had seen mockups for physicals, so I just think it was a matter of poor timing, honestly.
  11. RMK


    They probably undermined Drake's third week or didn't know he'd be releasing when he did too. 120,000 is a solid number.
  12. Yeah, sadly I think this is tea. It's a shame because it'll probably have a really long shelf life in both the US and UK either way, but it'll just be one of those bizarre "wait this didn't go to #1?!" albums, when they really could have probably easily snatched it.
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  13. I think people knew it was coming, but I don’t think anyone had a solid date until the week it dropped and those billboards popped up, because it had been moving around for a year already.

    Also, I fully believe this will have a similar trajectory as Planet Her and could possibly still go number one, even though Doja’s team flopped not dropping more physicals when that chance came and they missed out. Hopefully he’s more prepared than they were when that time comes.
  14. So this album is fantastic. That's What I Want, Void, Sun Goes Down, Tales From Dominica, Lost In The Citadel and the Miley collab are all incredible tunes.
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  15. I could also see them wanting to try for the number 1 without any physicals for the headline in way. Cementing him as the template for future pop stars but the reality is most don't have the range to pull of this type of campaign
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  16. Basically this. Of course he has a machine behind him, but the focal point of all this has always been his personality and ability to navigate social media in a way that only a former Twitter stan could do. This isn’t some campaign thought up by some old men in a boardroom. It’s literally a black gay kid living out his pop fantasy. None of this would work without him being the brains.
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  17. Plenty of albums go #1 without physical copies, though, so it wouldn't be a headline. Neither Kanye nor Drake had physicals available with their releases. Cardi didn't either when Invasion dropped. I'm sure the list goes on, those just come to mind immediately.
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  18. You’re totally right, I guess it’s the unique nature of his stardom existing in both hip hop and pop where as a pop fan in used to the deluge of variants. Ultimately I think it was a missed opportunity but I am confident he’ll get to number 1 and do it in his own style
  19. Old Town Road is already the biggest song of all time ever. If this album doesn't go #1, i'm not bothered by it. There are other ways to measure the success of it... although i'm sure people obsessed with chart performance won't agree with me on that one.
  20. This was the event for his release in a cute music venue in Amsterdam (previously a church).
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