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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Travelling or sending video I wonder?
  2. He’ll be in London for the Capital Jingle Ball so he’s most definitely performing live on Graham Norton.
  3. Cute!

    This made me scream

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  4. Gave the album a listen this weekend and he should be so proud of this body of work! He really heard all the haters tell him he was a one hit wonder and said fuck that, I'm a star. I'm hoping post-holidays we get a strong push for That's What I Want cause it deserves a #1!
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  5. A second album later next year and a big pop girl tour/festivals in 2023.. let's manifest that.
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  6. That's What I Want really does deserve to smash as hard as the other singles from this era.

    Then we need Scoop as the next single.
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  7. "DEAD RIGHT NOW" deserves single status.
  8. I just want a Scoop video with Doja before the era is over.
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  9. He's all but confirmed they already shot a video, so I'm not too worried about it not having a moment.
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  10. *cries in Emotions*
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  11. This is so good? Official release please!

  12. I want to go to there.
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  13. Now add Pon de Replay in there too!
  14. The editing on that video though. I’m obsessed.
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  15. Doja in the background looking directly into the camera is sending me, she looks so good too!
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  16. I love that they’re friends.

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  17. Love that he has the #1 song of 2021 for NPR! Homemade granola eaters found having taste!
  18. Doja performed “Scoop” with LNX last night

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