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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. His skirt coming undone on stage... Oh my. This man needs some help with his lower half attire!
    Also, I feel like you can see his bits in the video of it he retweeted. Maybe i'm just crazy.
  2. It really was the iHeart Radio Superspreader Ball.

  3. Do they even still have a lineup at this point? Just cancel the whole thing jesus christ.
  4. Recently leaked collaboration with Iggy Azalea:

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  5. Are we getting another single from Montero? It’s all gone pretty quiet since the album was released. I guess this is the issue with the 2nd single still smashing in the US, the rest of the world has to wait for them to catch up.
  6. We’re supposed to be getting a deluxe at some point, and he’s hinted at there being a video for “Scoop”. I imagine things got more quiet recently though since he wasn’t able to travel to the UK for promo, and then he got COVID before the holidays.
  7. Is there ever going to be a vinyl for this?
  8. Industry Baby and That's What I Want are both top 10 on radio and Industry Baby is still top 5 on Spotify, so he has time to let those singles ride it out for a while. Scoop being pushed would be very welcome, though. I wonder if the plan is just to drop a new single with the deluxe album, though?
  9. He said there’s one coming. But he didn’t actually turn the album in until a few days before it was released, so we probably won’t get it until the summer at the earliest.
  10. Heard "That's What I Want" in a restaurant yesterday and I'm still amazed that it wasn't like a huge multi-weeks #1 for him. It's just so massive and euphoric and sounds exactly like something the GP would eat for the ~early2000 Throwback Vibes~
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  11. I think it was mostly a case of Industry Baby cannibalizing it. It's still at nearly 300M plays on Spotify, but Industry Baby is on its way to 1B plays and has been a smash on radio and streaming for months.
  12. How is That’s What I Want doing on US radio? We’re sooooo slow here I could see it coming back up if it gets another push, it’s just SO GOOD
  13. It's #10 right now, and Industry Baby is #9. I think at this point they'll move on to something new soon, though.
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  14. Wow! I didn’t realize it was doing that well on radio too! It may not be the world conquering smash I want it to be but he already got two this era. And we got that video! Scoop isn’t my favorite song left on the album but probably makes the most sense single wise and I’d love to see what him and doja do together
  15. That's What I Want is my favorite of the singles so I'm hoping it can manage to sneak into the top 5 on the Hot 100 before it's all said and done.
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  16. Aw. They're literally the same person.
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  17. No one's posted in this thread in 2 weeks. He hasn't tweeted or posted on TikTok or Instagram since the beginning of December.
    Umm.. Where's he at? What's happening?

    Edit: Oh I saw he had Covid? Is he okay?
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  18. Okay well at least he appeared.

    Maybe he's taking a social media break. Hope he's good though.
  19. Doja posted a video a couple weeks ago of them texting dd

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