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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Yeah London > Barcelona in November is probably 25 quid return dd. Same with the eurostar and you could be back the next day.
  2. (I saw 46 quid for stalls in London?)
  3. How did I get charged £120 for a bog-standard stalls standing? Were Ticketmaster doing some sort of surge pricing bullshit on this? I'm so annoyed.
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  4. Did you get Early Entry Package sis @bestinase
  5. If it's inside a 24 window you can cancel them (that's if you can find the cheaper ones), do they still do that? I managed to get my Madame X refunded this way because she announced Lisbon a few hours later.
  6. "Ticket prices may fluctuate, based on demand, at any time."

    No shit. 140 now.
  7. “Ultimately, when you look at what a ticket is—a license to sit in a specific seat at a specific time—and recognizing how much the value may fluctuate, it lends itself to a marketplace approach.”

    Ticketmaster's Sean Moriarty in 2008.

    All I want to know now is is if Lil Nas X is profiting as well.

    Also I feel sick.
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  8. What the fuck is Ticketmaster doing LOL. Is that... legal?
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  9. Can't cancel by the looks of it but I'll have to throw on their resale platform instead and hunt for a standard price. Ain't no way I'm paying double and legitimising this surge pricing thing.

    What a disaster! I hate Ticketmaster. Is this the first UK show we've seen doing this?
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  10. Have you checked this?

    Yeah it seems they're trying out the US way, terrible.
    I'm in Brussels right now and the ticket for his show here are €38 and the city is gay heaven.
  11. I was on the actual Hammersmith Apollo website and the tix didn’t show up as available until maybe 2mins past 10 and by then they were all sold out.

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  12. The presale was pretty annoying as it did not load anything, but a new tab did bring me tickets. So I got them and 3 for my friends too.
    He increased Amsterdam from €44 to €50 and I think it sold out, while it's been on sale since today, so well done to him. I did not expect him to be this big, but the LGBTQIA+ community is growing up and getting disposable income too so it'll be a good party.

    Queer Rights for my lovely southern neighbours!
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  13. that Ticketmaster thing is just scandalous. Just made me close the app.
    Did get through on Eventim eventually, a Row X ticket (£46 also) which would usually be disappointing but feels somehow apt for Lil Nas.
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  14. This should be fucking illegal. I seriously do not comprehend how they get away with it.
  15. Just got it for 50 in Barcelona. Hopefully I'll still live in the city by then *looks into void*
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  17. I tried to warn y’all

  18. He's just so good at it!
  19. He’s going off on Twitter about being wrongly snubbed at The BET Awards.

    He’s deleted the tweets now but the fact Jack Harlow could get a nomination and Nas couldn’t after the year he had last year is very telling …
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