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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. This in Pride Month?
  2. Continued on , the second tweet in the first picture is so true !

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  3. I feel for him <3 Jack Harlow being nominated is the perfect allegory for straight white people taking up SPACE.
  4. They invite him to perform to secure the ratings and controversy but fail to even nominate him once. The decision is idiotic.
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  5. That's shameful. We still have so long to go.
  6. This and also the fact Jack Harlow’s momentum arguably started from his Industry Baby verse which is Lil Nas’s song ….

  7. Explain yourself gay boy sjsjsmsms
  8. Deleted. What was this?
  9. To play devil's advocate though, if Lil Nas was nominated for a BET award, it'd solely be because he's Black. His music is basically pop. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the R&B and Hip-hop crowd BET caters to don't really listen to his music.

    The VMAs and AMAs is more Lil Nas X's realm, if I'm being honest.
  10. There's a Pop/R&B category at the BET awards though, so this doesn't make sense. It's a blatant, unfair snub.
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  11. Yeah, there’s a pop category (Doja for example was nominated in both pop and hip-hop categories), so there’s really no good reason for the snub.
  12. Also he's literally a rapper. His album is a mix of many genres including hip hop so let's not. I don't see how he's any more pop than someone like Drake or Doja Cat.
  13. I stand corrected. I forgot there was a pop category; it's been a while since I watched.

    If Doja was nominated, he certainly should've been. Now if he ignored BET and all them going forward the way Black networks try to ignore him, I'm sure Black people would have an issue with it.
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  14. Previewing his track with YoungBoy that's coming soon. Sounds like another smash.

  15. Sounds like a smash!
  16. I fucking love him.

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  17. Ah yes, who can forget all those female pop stars that stripped off their football uniforms and got fucked in a locker room shower.
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  18. God I love him but fuck that he has to deal with all this
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  19. Oh this sounds like a hit to me

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