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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Well, this is fucked up. It's sad this will be brushed off as some sort of stunt. BET has been messy, so it's not necessarily surprising, but it's also 2022... like, legitimately asking if he's a devil worshipper?
  2. The fact that Jussie Smollet was there while they completely paid Lil Nas X dust is tragic.
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  3. Ddd I fully forgot this song even dropped. It's... not it.
  4. I always find it embarassing when a diss song isn't very good.
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  5. Yeah, fuck BET, fuck BET, fuck BET
    Yeah, fuck BET
    yeah yeah, ayy, yeah


    Lick it all up (mhm, mm)
    Slurp it (mhm, ah), make it sloppy (okay, okay, okay, okay)
    Look at how I top shit, bitch
    I just put like three up in the top ten

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  6. It's not too late to release Scoop!
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  7. Or a Montero vinyl!
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  8. Sam



    edit: ddddd not him deleting as soon as I posted I hate him
  9. I swear half my camera roll is screenshots of his and Doja’s tweets because they love a tweet and delete moment
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  10. There was no need
  11. It was something fun, for the fans, summer clap back and laugh! Time for Scoop song of the summer followed by a vinyl release!
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  12. RMK


    It just didn't land very well at all, and the song is beneath his normal quality. In the end, he just gave BET more promo.
  13. I am obsessed, mesmerized, and parched every time he posts
  14. He previewed (and deleted) the track he's sending to Azealia and it's good. If this works out it'll be incredible.

    It won't.
  15. Again? or are you referring to a few weeks ago?
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