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Lil Nas X - Montero

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. More like the programmers and DJs are the homophobic husbands of that lady.
  2. He's giving Purple Rain teas in the Ugg campaign, but damn if their Pride shoe line isn't an act of homophobia
  3. No that's C7osure his other emo banger.

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  4. This post smells.
  5. Love "Sun Goes Down", nice change of pace
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  6. Oh I love this. It's a nice chill emo bop, and I love his voice.
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  7. What a beautiful song. I’m surprised it’s the follow up to Montero but hoping he can nab a cute hit with this one too.

    It’s time for an album announcement though.
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  8. K94


    Another homerun which would sound even better in the context of an album. Again, it could do with another 2 mins added; but it's still stunning and obviously means quite a lot to him.
  9. Sam


    This is so devastating in the best way. I just want to drown in the vocal production
  10. As the authority on songs about suns going down... I love this. It's beautiful.
  11. I can’t stop playing this. Incredible.
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  12. Sun Goes Down is absolutely lovely.
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  13. This is an instant favorite. Both the video and the lyrics hit hard, and the full package showcases his versatility in a way that makes me even more excited to learn what else he has in store for the album.
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  14. This is so gorgeous. The lyrics are fucking me up, especially the one about strangers making you feel loved.
  15. This is an unexpectedly brutal listen. I find the tactic of this following Montero quite interesting, I don’t think this is the song to further push into the album but I really welcome the light and shade he’s shared. I think he emotes it all very well in a style that is becoming all his own.

    Though I do feel the track length feels noticeably like it wanted to be longer, Montero fit it’s short length nicely but this would have hurt even more with a another burst.
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  16. I just love how he's the gay kid singing about gay kid stuff to put it simply. It's a nice evolution from 'Raise Your Glass you Beautiful Disasters *throws glitter*' and that sort of queer pop message that came before.
  17. It currently has the biggest gain on Pop radio. Give it a couple weeks, it'll move into the top 10. It's at #17 right now.
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