Lil Nas X - NASARATI 2 (Mixtape) + 2nd Album

Idk girls, all I see is a slay. I also don’t think it’s something tired because the whole Montero (album) aesthetic/Visual was very… diverse. He did play with the concept during one song (!) but everything else was pointed towards other things. And this time around it feels much more… serious?? It looks like 100% committed to the aesthetic and not just “twerking on Lucifer setup!”.

I guess that’s the price you pay for being iconic! Some troops are evergreen.

The snippet reminds me of Iggy Azalea - Sally Walker help
Me not even being a Lil Nas X listener like that but cheering him on every time he does something to bait the Meghan McCain's of the world into having a meltdown on social media:

I don't care about riling up Christians (let them get mad or whatever). I just want the new song inspired by God to mean we get a nice choir moment ala Goldwing or Like A Prayer.
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The song is bopping a tad but it’s also a sound we’ve heard over and over again with Humble, Sally Walker, Money, etc. That combined with the imagery we’ve also all seen before. It’s leaving much to be desired.
He definitely still has the same pulse on social media culture, but I think there's been a real shift during the time between eras. The last two singles (specifically Fuck BET) falling short is probably playing a role too, but things have been pretty under the radar with him for the past year. People are only human, like of course take a breather from being chronically online, but then if we're headed toward some sort of ~comeback arc, they should have made a bigger deal. He did land as one of the biggest popstars of 2021. Teasing this around the holidays with some troll tweets when you've also got bigger names drumming up their return isn't landing the same.

Maybe it's another buzz single situation ala Holiday, but by then you had people buzzing over the snippet of Call Me By Your Name and it was going to land. Hoping the material is solid.
When he released the Montero video he kept saying that the fake outrage was not really about the devil but about him being a queer black men. He's proven his point now that, even if he "chooses Jesus", idiots are gonna be mad anyway.

Also the narrative that only dumb conservatives are gonna be offended by this is a bit dishonest because we all know a good portion of our god-obessed pop girls are gonna feel some type of way about this too.

And at the end of the day organised religion is just a tool of control of the masses and oppression towards minorities, so he can do this forever for all I care.
Christian imagery is a well artists (of all kinds) have drawn from their entire careers since the dawn of time, so I’m really giving a side-eye to criticism of him rehashing the same reference points. There’s also enough to differentiate the satanic Montero stuff with what he seems to be doing here - it looks more like a dialogue with/response to the visuals and surrounding discourse last era. Which, you know, is what a good pop artist does. Sometimes approaching the same theme from a different angle is just as interesting as covering new ground entirely.

I’m not saying this is definitely the case because we don’t have the material yet, but there’s a good chance he’s threading a through-line from one era to the next, building on what’s come before and broadening the scope of his artistic vision. Maybe! Let’s see.
I think he’s Internet aware that the song probably isn’t even blasphemous and mentions God in a “Born This Way God makes no mistakes” kind of way, which will be taken out of context.

The funny thing is the most memorable uses of Christian imagery in pop music reinforces Christian teachings. Like A Prayer’s music video, for example, for all its ruckus was about a woman finding strength in the Church and her faith to speak the truth about a crime. Catholicism preaches clearly against bearing false witness against your neighbor.


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I think that, considerably as Black people, but specifically as Black gay men, that religion still has such a chokehold on reconciling sexuality and virtue just as it does for women (Madonna) to navigate themselves. Religion for Black Americans was ultimately a hallmark of our endurance through slavery and how we fashioned identity in postbellum times. There's a reason why the concepts of intense spirituality and acknowledged suffering are so present in Black Christianity and other religions that characterize our communities. I grew up Baptist/Pentecostal (my GOD today) and for me, my path was ultimately leaving and physically distancing myself from it all. That's my ministry. But that's different for Nas but also absolutely fair because our individual navigation of absorbed trauma has to be 'ours' for our own liberation.

That's really all it is honestly, it's part of where he has chosen to be artistry-wise, and if anything like his previous work, it'll all make sense in the end as far as the message that he'll ultimately convey across the span of what's to come.
I just know he will bring the bops, can't wait.

A few pages on the imagery fine. The bops will bop and that's what counts.

Kinda looking forward to the documentary too.