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Lil Nas X - Old Town Road + 7 [EP]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is a great example of this. You will absolutely never see his name mentioned anywhere on these forums (which is expected) but you will also never see his videos on TV, hear him on the radio or see him in any sort of media or at award shows yet his album went to #1 without a CD release or any hit singles promoting it. Hip hop and rap artists have huge fanbases online who will Spotify/YouTube the shit out of mixtapes and albums. They don't need any traditional methods of promotion to be a success.

    People are talking about Lil Nas and his place in the pop industry and how he might struggle for another mainstream hit again and how he might end up as a one hit wonder but whether or not he gets into the Billboard top ten again with a single or not, you can be sure he'll be racking up millions of streams and YouTube views in the background. He's not just going to fade away and never be heard of again.
  2. Why did "she's not walking confidently" kill me?
  3. You're essentially admitting then though that past hits were artificially inflated to seem bigger than they were because people didn't have democratic channels to listen to music. This would mean Old Town Road being a hit for so long is even more impressive than all the previous record holders because it dominated in a time of true choice.
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  4. There’s a video of him doing choreography to “panini” and I.... whew

    Also I wonder if Nelly is mad his country rap never took off like this haha
  5. Where can we see that?

  6. [​IMG]
    People is me, cause I really hated the song at the time. But it kinda snaps in hindsight.
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  7. He has a lot of humour and personality in his social media presence to me, and his music is pleasant enough. I don’t think he’ll be a one-hit wonder.
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  8. It was on his story
    i remember thinking it was so corny
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  9. 18 weeks at #1 confirmed.

    Panini is really dropping on YouTube and iTunes and even Spotify it's almost out of the top ten. Come on Nas!
  10. I wouldn’t put too much stock into how the song is performing without a music video or promotional push, but now that they’ve got the record they may as well get a move on the next one.
  11. Oh definitely. I'm not worried at this stage because it's not had a push yet but I always find it strange when songs show promise and hang around the upper parts of the charts for ages but the labels wait until the hype is gone and it's out of the top 40 before they bother pushing it. The video really should have been out by now and the song added to playlists.

    EDIT - I see it's already been on Radio 1's A-List for a month. So it will probably get dropped just as the video comes out!
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  12. 4:35 - he's recording a Christmas song!

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  13. What are you on about? “Look Back At It” was literally all over Urban/Rhythmic Radio for months.
  14. #19 weeks at #1. I wonder how much longer he can hold on for - surely his only competition now is Senorita?
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  15. Camila found marrying.
  16. Panini is now Platinum in the US.
  17. The video for Panini is out.... week.
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