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Lil Nas X - Old Town Road + 7 [EP]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Me listening to Rodeo and realizing it's a potential Cardi career highlight:

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  2. It's Cardi's best since I Like It.
  3. Rodeo does nothing for me so i'm happy they're going with Panini next.
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  4. You can start hating on him because he is a feature on the new song by XXXtentacion. He used to bash him on twitter but you know money talks.
  5. Panini will not be top 5 but I understand why they didn’t want another feature.

    Rodeo will be his second #1
  6. If they weren’t planning on features then I just wish it went on for another minute. I bop and then BAM it’s over.
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  7. Thanks for being our moral compass x
  8. Ew, if that xxxtentacion collab is not him talking about pissing on his grave, I might have to unstan.
  9. Xxxblah would hate the fact a black, queer artist is guesting on a track of his after his death and so for that I'm assuming Ms. X knows exactly what she's doing. We love taking cheques from dead homophobes!
  10. Is it even a 'proper' feature? It looks to me like it's just one of those fan created remixes.
  11. No, it's official and it will be on the album. It leaked.
  12. All this.
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  13. Yeah, I'm gonna take my ass to the xxx grave
    I'm gonna twerk on it 'til I can't no more

  14. Hey xxxini
    Stay in your coffini

  15. My king.

    I had to
  16. Miss Hart being pressed, ignorant and unbearable in just a few seconds? Groundbreaking.
  17. Miss Hart is right where she belongs.

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  18. that part.
  19. I don't wanna say karma but also half of my school bullies died before they finished high school. Drugs, motorbikes, both... we stan!
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