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Lil Nas X - Old Town Road + 7 [EP]

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by slaybellz, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Not Kevin "I would beat my gay son" Hart playing dumb, I cannot.

    When he said, if you're really from the hood you should know, that shut him up real quick though.
  2. It's funny you say this as #RIPKevin is trending on twitter.
  3. Lil Nas was so great though. I'm starting to like SUPER stan?
  4. I just can’t with Kevin. You can literally sense his blood pressure rising rapidly as soon as he hears the word “gay”. He’s just a boring cliché of people who think that anything that has to do with homosexuality is the same thing as flaunting your sexuality. It’s truly embarrassing when you’re a man in your 40’s and you’re acting way less dignified than a 20 year old. Lil Nas X owned that moment even though he probably felt really vulnerable being (I presume) the only gay guy in the room.
  5. I love how he handled himself against all those men, who were ready to shoot him down. I am so stanning him to succeed!
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  6. in less than 20 mins
  7. From the interviews I've seen he's not much of a talker, and so to see him own that moment I say that's my baby and I'm proud.gif

    People who say "nobody cares anymore/who cares?" when it comes to LGBTQ+ are dangerous. I mean, we been knew Hart is a piece of work but to expose yourself like that time and time again? The clown college graduation jumped out.
  8. Skai Jackson!
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  9. I wish the song was longer. It feels like both the song and video are leading to something and then just never quite take off. But he's certainly serving budget and looking cute.
  10. Now that's how you wisely spend Fiat money. Take notes, Ava Max.
    Wait. Is the appearance of Skai Jackson Lil Nas X shading Azealia Banks? Or am I reading too much into it?
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  11. A few thoughts:
    1) Budget!
    2) The video being full of brands and him still making them work. Ellie take notes.
    3) The video being a mix of Ne-Yo's One In A Million and Star Wars is... unexpected.

    I really hope Azealia reads it that way just for the reaction.
  12. Ddd it’s kind of a kii that we waited so long for such a short video, but I can’t help but stan at this point. I love him so much.
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  13. nn Well it turns out that Azealia has nuclear takes on Lil Nas X and Hart. She basically defends Hart while calling LNX talentless and lacking sex appeal. The second story is too long and too small for me to read so... yeah.
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  14. Is there a successful black performer she hasn't shat on?

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  15. Azaelia girl, get a Wordpress account. or don't
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  16. What a great lil video. Serving Blade Runner/Tron: Legacy fantasy.
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  17. Azealia is so exhausting at this point. To quote the legend herself.
  18. Ok now I was able to read it. She's just so... ignorant.
  19. Azealia's tinfoil hat has enveloped her whole body, sis is a goddamn Chipotle burrito
  20. I don’t even understand her tangent about homophobia
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