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Lily Allen - 5th Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. My favourite song from No Shame, absolutely amazing.
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  2. Her albums are all top tier. Even Sheezus (which people love to hate) is enjoyable and better than most of her contemporaries' efforts at the time.
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  3. It is her worst album but it is not a bad album.
  4. Sam


    Queen looked phenomenal last night at the Met

  5. She looks the best she ever has honestly.
  6. The outfit is a bit Monsoon 2008 but she's glowing. That daddy d!!
  7. Hope this isn't against the forum rules, it's genuinely coming from a place of concern - I had a look at her reestablished insta and she looks painfully thin in some of the photos. I really hope she is physically and mentally fine.
  8. She keeps talking about how happy and sober she is, maybe she just lost some excess drinking weight.
  9. Oh that's great to know, thanks for the reply.
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  10. Is she still working on music? I haven't kept up to date with what's going on. I hope we get something new from her soon.
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  11. URL Badman and Our Time were great single though. I even really like Hard Out Here.
    For me, it's the 'lovey-dovey' stuff that doesn't quite work - tracks such as As Long as I Got You and Life for Me just feel a bit too ''twee'' for Lily. She's better when she's being smarter about her love life (L8 CMMR).

    Air Balloon also never felt right because of how she openly dismissed it as being crap at the same time she was meant to be promoting it. I still enjoy the record though but completely understand why some don't or consider it her weakest.

    I also think it was a shame nothing came from the Bridget Jones musical tracks as some of those sounded pretty fun and could have kept Lily's popularity up there for a while longer.

    I have no doubt she can reconnect with audiences again though. She seems quite chameleon-like with her music and as she often writes about current events it's quite easy to engage people, I think. If greatest hits were still a thing, she'd have a pretty solid collection wouldn't she?!
  12. So it's being reported (by the Mail Online so I'm not linking it) that's she scrapping the album detailing music industry people and starting fresh. Welp.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised but also I wouldn't be surprised if they just made that up.
  14. Just give me Party Line for now please.
  15. I need something from her, a good collab would be fine too. Something for summer x
  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I'm kind of not surprised as those songs have been held onto for nearly 3 years at this point.
  17. I also dunno how that concept would actually work as a whole entire album? Do we even know if that was true in the first place? Not super surprised to see things change.

    I also remember worrying that the delay in the release of No Shame would mean that we wouldn't hear the full length versions of songs she was teasing snippets of pretty much right after Sheezus, and then she wound up releasing either her best, or second best album. So she's one of those artists I trust to put out the right stuff in her own time.

    But I do hope we get something soon, seeing as I think originally she was waiting to be able to tour so that she could recuperate costs, and touring is fairly feasible at the moment.
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  18. Listening to No Shame and remembering when I saw her performing in Manchester and EVERYONE sang all the words along to the songs and what a moment it was.
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  19. I regret not seeing her on the No Shame tour SO much.
  20. Sam


    No Shame was honestly one of the best tours I’ve seen. The part 1 tour in Glasgow too tbh. She’s just so special
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